June 20, 2013

Awaiting Meshy Goodness

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InWorldz will be getting mesh “soon,” apparently. I am super-impatient waiting for it. A lot of people say we don’t need mesh, but it’ll help make some kinds of content easier to make (no more sculpting a torus into a cube, innit) and it does make some stuff possible/better that wasn’t before. Since there’s an official InWorldz viewer I’m hoping people will actually be able to see it. Cos yeah, probably the main annoying thing for me about OpenSim grids is how few people can see mesh because they’re using most likely Imprudence. For various reasons it’s more normal to build with standard prims on OS grids than it is in SL, and there is a certain resistance to mesh when people are barely using sculpts anyway. My own Secret Bunker build on Metro contained but one sculptmap among endless normal prims, and nobody thought this was odd or unacceptable in some way. Which is good but also suggests a lack of progress from the users rather than the technology. Why don’t people want mesh? I know it’s a scary thing at first, but by this stage it’s probably an annoyance to see so many people half-invisible.

(Don’t get me started, though, on the attitude some people seem to have of being somehow superior because they can’t see your hair.)

I do hope mesh doesn’t kill texture clothing like the craze kind of has in SL (mesh bras? really?) and I expect to be seeing flexiskirts for some time to come, but dammit I wants mah mesh. Since it’s “soon” I’ve started making some stuff that I can upload when the time comes. Nothing spectacular, but a few learning experiences that turned out pretty neat even if I do say so myself.

I suppose there is the question of whether mesh is a non-essential “shiny” like materials seems to be (I could be wrong on that, natch) but I am these days firmly on the side of the possibilities of mesh and the relative ease of working with it compared to Bloody Sculpties. I can make actual shoes with mesh, can’t with sculpties, and never could with real prims. So there has to be something to say for it in terms of not being  as bloody awful as the alternatives can be.

In the photo Chav is wearing sculpted earrings and torus hair. Yes.



June 5, 2013

Inworldz as well?

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Snapshot_018 Snapshot_019

Pics are of Chav at SF Design (who you may know from SL) and in the welcome area place that my home is set to.

I signed up for Inworldz years ago (March 2011, apparently) but I’ve only really spent any time in it the past day or so. Basically it has a currency and I only just felt like dropping some realbux to get the spacebux to properly explore the world in an avatar that doesn’t look like shit. (No offence to Inworldz, everyone has shit-looking starter avs as though to encourage you to get out there and buy/copy stuff.) So shoes and a jacket from SF Design, hair from Damselfly (another SL oldbie), skin from Pulse, and the rest of clothes I just uploaded. Uploads are free, which is nice. Very nice, actually. It means I can keep Chav in textures.

You may notice that it looks better than most of OpenSim, which I sadly suspect is because there’s money involved, but fear not it has its share of places that look like shit as well. This is a world that appeals to SL people who enjoy shopping, clubbing, etc rather than necessarily building. And why not? There is a place for all of us. I myself made a shop in IW for lols and to see if people do actually spend much there. It’s nothing serious, just some clothes I made fast and from my own templates of older stuff. As we all know, I was shit at commerce in SL, so I expect it to go pretty much the same way here. No big deal.

I hear rumours of Terrible Cliques and so on, but I haven’t met any of that yet. These things are all cliques anyway, right? Small grids, small number of admins and so on. I should be fine as long as there’s not a repeat of the OSGrid disaster (btw Metro is still cut off from OSG on the Hypergrid. Sigh.) Oh, there’s no hypergrid here, which is probably because moneys or something. I can see people not wanting their bux-making stuff to end up accidental freebies on another grid, so fair enough.



June 4, 2013

Chavtopia, The Project Continues

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safe dogburgers Puzzled

This build is excellent fun to make. The question of what I will do if I ever finish it is not one we shall dwell on. I need to put in more lolsy bits, but that should come with the detailling after the actual architecture is finished. Which could be a while, I ain’t sure. Stuff is quite spaced out so I’m not sure how much more I need to place to make it look semi-inhabited.

Look, at least it’s not another Linda Kellie mall, okay? (I *heard* that someone did a Linda Kellie Apocalypse sim, but I never actually saw it.)

When it’s done I’m pondering that if I have a lot of prims left (hah!) then I could put in a texture shop rather than just some unsorted boxes that annoy people. I’ve made a lot of textures for this project, I may as well hand them out to anyone what wants them.

Oh, man, the dogburger stand. That’s old, I built it in SL years ago. Can’t quite remember when or why. Possibly back when we have Wollstonecraft Place in the Maske sim? I downloaded the textures for that and the Urchin Food Franchises Stall, which is even older and was made when the Hobos were still in Calleta. Whatever, they look fine.


June 2, 2013

A Blank Sheet of Paper

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Is it possible to build the remains of a city with less than 7000 prims? Let’s find out!


I cleared most of the Hanamachi sim, leaving just the Secret Bunker, so that I could build something like a ruined city. Here you see my minimal progress thus far. I’m determined but not especially hopeful. So far I’ve spend more time making textures than actually building, or so it feels. The problem with building old/abandoned things is that the nice clean textures you find about  the place don’t really work for it, so you need to at least grunge them up a bit. As you can see the place is mostly empty at the moment. I have all these plans, you see. Plans!

Hadn’t been in Metro for a while, realised I didn’t really want the Japanese style place with all nice plants and stuff. Whatever, most of it is in inventory in case I ever change my mind or need a project. (The textures, btw, are available in the Chavland Shopping sim.) There is the vague possibility that I might add another sim next week if I still feel the need. They are pretty cheap even hosted. Certainly it’s not in the triple figures like in SL. It amazes me that there’s so many islands in SL, it really does.

Must focus on not doing details until I have basic structures in place. That’s always a tricky bit.


April 9, 2013

Metropolis Gets A Geisha

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geishafront geishaside

Remember what I said about having to make everything yourself? Not entirely true, but true enough. After a few rigging disasters I finally got a mesh kimono to work (the sleeves were the problem, if you’re wondering) and made some shoes, hair, make-up, etc. Not out anywhere yet but if you see me and want any of this just ask. Not perfect, but it’ll do for now.

I’m finally building a hanamachi in the Hanamachi sim, so the name becomes less random. There’s quite a few geisha in SL, but I’m not aware of any in Metropolis yet and there seems to be one dead group over on OSGrid. Perhaps we shall get some, who knows. The build itself is just normal prims, mesh will be in the details and decor.

Perhaps I will be able to build up a new roleplay character, or perhaps I will get bored and move onto another theme next week. Who can say?


March 21, 2013

The best and worst thing

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Designing a sim in Metropolis (or OSGrid, or etc) means you end up having to build it all yourself depending on what your theme is. This is bad for me because I’m not good at architecture, which has to be in place before I can start on the detailling. It’s just lack of content, really, which will improve as more people move to those worlds, and as people already there keep building stuff. I’m thinking it would help if I placed a box with the hanamachi (latest project) textures somewhere, and set as much as possible to copyable.

On the plus side it does force you to build stuff you’d probably just get lazy about in SL. Your stuff will match because it has the same builder and the same texture sets, which always tends to improve a sim’s look. It’s good for builders, I reckon, and opensim seems to be mostly builders (probably because of the relative lack of content compared to SL).

Know what I miss though? Decent hair. Places like Truth, Clawtooth, Lamb, Exile, and so on. I can’t make hair so I’m stuck with whatever I can find which doesn’t tend to be great, sorry. Well, it’s not up-to-date, put it in those terms.

February 11, 2013

Meshin’ around

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I know only about three people on the grid will be able to see it, but I made a wee mesh coat. It is urchin-sized.

Actuallly it’s been a bit bothering me how few people can see mesh and whether that is going to hold things back artistically. Imprudence is still a popular opensim viewer, and it can’t really do anything that happened in the last couple of years. I love mesh, mesh is easier than sculpts and that makes it good. Mesh clothing is horrible difficult but can work very well if you can make it work properly. Anyway, I will just look a bit invisible to most people. This affects how I build, like how I am making the Secret Bunker be real prims and a single sculptmap so  that absolutely anyone can see it. It’s actually harder in some ways than building with mesh, but quite fun.

It would be nice if there was greater opensim adoption of mesh viewers. I used to worry about mesh but then it turned out okay so then I stopped worrying about that so much. I mean, prims and avatars are a kind of mesh, right? Or something, I don’t really know technology. Mesh is probably The Future and the longer we hold back on it the less cool stuff will get made.

February 8, 2013


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As of time of writing, hypergrid connections have been cut between OSGrid and Metropolis Grid. The cited reason is someone in a child av “taunting” OSG admins, along with people (unnamed) soliciting people for a move to MG from OSG. Various reasons exist to be a bit uncertain about this, but that’s what they said and so we’ve been cut off from OSGrid. If true it seems quite OTT to cut off the entire connection, no?

So we are all a bit bemused. Don’t really know what will happen, whether the grids will ever again be connected to each other.

February 7, 2013

Urchin Tiem Nao

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I only really did it out of spite, but I have enjoyed being a kid avatar on Metro grid enough that I’m probably staying on for the foreseeable future. Urchin Chav is quite inspiring to build for with her “story” of Hoboness. All the wee crazy accessories and odd builds that she totes needs somehow.

Some thoughts!:

– It places a distance between avatar and typist that is quite interesting, it’s like roleplaying all the time. Of course, one of the downsides of kid avs is that they (like furries, vampires, etc) kind of force other people to go along with your RP and that’s not really great but I can’t think of an alternative.

– The best thing, I reckons, is that you don’t have to second-guess people’s motives as much. There’s none of this “Is this man only talking to me because he fancies my av?” or “Is this woman after my pants?” At least one potential friendship on OSG ended up like that (many on SL) and it’s always a mixture of annoying and sad.

– I’ve made a skin with basic undies on it, so that she can never be accidentally nekkid. I think this is the best plan for kid avs, especially if you’re having trouble finding a good skin and can just mod an Eloh psd to get something useable. A certain degree of paranoia comes with being a kid avatar, because you don’t want to be interpreted as doing anything that is Not Good. Luckily it’s (as far as I know) not a very sexual grid. (Unlike… well, I’m a bit worried about the recent changes on OSGrid and the proximity to power of the BDSM peeps there.)

– Chav has started talking in her own way, see above about roleplaying all the time. I’ve never been any good at rp, so seeing a character develop as though by her own charisma is quite interesting to me. I suppose this is how it’s supposed to work?


February 4, 2013

los manos grande

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Isn’t perspective weird? This makes Chav’s hands look even bigger than they actually are.

Anyway, made some new urchinclothes because really they are required for urchinhood.


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