February 23, 2015

such poncho

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:52 pm by Chav Paderborn

poncho-ad-green poncho-ad-brown

Yeah, I colour in templates now, colouring in templates is cool. There are a number of excuses, the one I like best is “every other bish is doing it, so why can’t I?” I like to pretend I add some value with my amazing art skillz, but mostly I like to put dirt on things. (The original is Meli Imako and actually quite pretty.) Mesh It had a sale on, so I have stocked up before they retire all them things. MOAR SPACECLOTHES YAYE.

Also it provides Chav with an extensive wardrobe textured to my specifications. Mostly I just colour things in that I want and then put them in the shop to try and recover expenses/for lols. The dirt stuff seems to be helpful to other people as well, so I feel moderately nice now. Ha ha.

I am thinking maybe I should not put words on the ads, as the words are mostly stupid. I just feel like I have to take the piss somehow, before anyone else does.