May 31, 2009

Insert Clever Title

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Today I have been chillin’ in the Long Knit Parka from Bare Rose. It comes in like four colours and has a wee hat. A hat! In what I think is a feat of immense clever, the logo on the top is on the jacket layer, so you put on a shirt layer of the colour you want and then pick a design or leave it blank for extra classiness.

Hair is from Curious Kitties, which either had a sale or is relatively cheap, which conclusion I base on having a quite a few in inventory that I don’t even like that much. But I like this one. The shoes are the Asuka boots  from Lassitude & Ennui and are from the days before sculpties. I am quite in awe of people who can make nice shoes out of regular prims, since it’s v hard and most people (self included!) tend to give up and go to “cut cylinder, tapered cube, tapered cylinder heel.”  Sculpties arem’t easy but they do they  seem to have made it less hellish to get the basic shape of a shoe. Anyway, these ones are Actual Proper Prims and I love them anyway so there.

And I have a new skin! It’s “Zhang” from H. I. Appeal, which took me a while to track down and en route I ended up in a sim full of campers. But I got there in the end and got the one with least obvious make-up. I’m not that keen on the painted-on eyelashes which look slightly like my eyes ate a spider, but other than that I am liking it.

Poses – Torridwear


May 28, 2009

50% off sale at Zaara

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I did not have much Zaara stuff before the sale, only stuff that was free and so on. This failure has been addressed. Zaara is scarily good at making spaceclothes, with sculpties and everything. I like that she does Indian things, bringing a bit of diversity to SL fashion and it’s plunging gowns. I got two pairs of jeans, some pashminas, some dresses, a sari, a couple of tops… yeah, I have a lot less spacemoney now but oh these things are so beautiful. The sort of thing I would buy just because it’s lovely.

The textures are lovely and full of details, which always makes things nicer. Unless those details are penises, in which case maybe not. But there are no sexual bits on these clothes. I don’t know if that will put anyone off. I hope not. I think I may cry at how nice the sculpted pashmina thing is.

So I fought the crowds and crashed only three times and obtained things I have coveted and things that I did not know of to covet.

Poses are ones I picked up for 60L each at Tuli. They have a nice suggestion of movement and casual poise.

Skin -Tuty’s (Elixir)

Hair – Gritty Kitty (Hello Goodbye)

Shoes – Shiny Things

May 26, 2009

new skin happened

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I got skin! It is “Drama” from Tuty’s. I got another one as well which was my third choice after this and one that I couldn’t actually find in the shop. I like the slightly miserable look it gives my avatar. She is emo about something, which means she is deep and understands the pain of the universe. She is like Morrissey, in a way. Tattoos are from artilleri because tattoos mean you are cool and hard.

The clothes are from Pixeldolls. I have so much Pixeldolls stuff I have to folder it by category, and there is  bunch I’ve never even got round to wearing hence this. Actually the corset is “Lovelace” which I believe is some sort of collaboration? With… Launa Fauna? I think? Anyway I stocked up on corsets a while back, as they can pass as steampunk or casual. The jeans are called Trouble and there is a top that goes with them that I am not wearing because I am cool and edgy like that. See me mix and match, bitches! Not very mixy, but a bit matchy. Can you wear jeans with a corset? Is that allowed?

The shoes came from somewhere called Cassedy that had a 99L shoe sale. They are sculpted (oooh!) and change colour to about a billion possible combinations. Obviously I made them black out of laziness.

Hair is from Truth, I think it is a man style. I am not sure, I find Truth hair wonderfully androgynous in that regard.

May 23, 2009

Post #3

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Today I am feeling rather blingtardy in a polo dress from Armidi. I don’t quite understand how they get that sort of following, given that the stuff is well-made and not slutty. Maybe people wear them without the tops? Just the prim pieces? Anyway I have a few dresses from Armidi, via the medium of their website because going to the sim is just horrid. This dress does not have a “third buttock” effect that certain Armidi dresses have on my avatar. I don’t really know why they sculpt the skirts on this style of dress, but who am I to question that choice.

The hair is a freebie from Kin, labelled as man-hair but cutely butch on a woman. It is in brown rather than my usual black because that’s the only colour it came in. Still it is nice to occasionally see the textures on hair rather than a black blackety blackness of black. These are nice textures, I wish to touch them.

Boots! These are awesome boots! They’re the Bad Boy Scout boots from [CIVVIES], which are  among my favourite SL shoes. You can find them at the Plunder airship mall which I like for the quirkyness.  These boots have stuff roped onto them like a medal and a pack of cigarettes. I believe you can buy them in male or female sizes. You need these boots, they are special and amazing. They do not have bling or Sexy Walk, though.

Skin is Alaysia from Skin Within, with red and gold shiny eyeshadow. Like most skins it looks a bit like someone punched it in the face from the side, but that’s so common it’s hardly worth mentioning. I think it might be that it’s hard or impossible to provide enough facial shading without getting that effect?

May 20, 2009

Oh, Vanity…

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PD etc

Ah, SL clothes, how fun you are.

You can’t quite see the full win of this hair from Truth because of the colours I chose, but parts of it change colour and there is a wee bow that you can recolour or hide as I have done.  It (hair not bow) is called Willow and it is that “scene hair” that the kids these days are so fond of.

The top is from Pixeldolls which I got with a store card I bought ages ago and then forgot about. It is worn with shorts from Second Wave Apparel, shown here in black but I also have them in leopard print for giggles. Boots are from Shiny Things and the snazzy sunglasses are from HoC and do a range of tinty things. I think everyone has these boots, which is only right and proper as they are wonderful.

Skin is (as usual these days) Mei Li from Adam ‘n’ Eve, enhanced with an undershirt layer of tattoos from artilleri.

It would be a good outfit for hunting vampires, I feel, killing them as they drop-down a request to bite you so they can add your soul to their collection. I once met one who was paid 50L a soul by his “master,” and I understand the whole thing basically works as a pyramid scheme with blood and souls and black clothing from RFyre. Triangular men with goatee beards. They are much less mocked than furries and furries don’t even try to convert you to the ways of furdom and cover your soul in a pre-sculpty fursuit.

May 19, 2009

I Will Eat Your Still-Beating Heart

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First blog pic omg

I have long wished to blog SL fashion, and I did get a “job” at Shopping Cart Disco but alas I didn’t buy enough new stuff and thus failed to be of any use to that blog. So here is my own blog where I can write about anything and use as many swears as I so desire.

So I have decided to show what I was wearing when I got ejected from a Gorean sim and “reported [for] being a bitch.” Lovely people, I’m sure.

Bonus geek points if you recognise that the Chav is dressed as Leela from Doctor Who. So it’s a bit of a cheat since the clothes are ones I made myself (I may put them out supercheap somewhere at some point). But we can focus on the boots. I love these boots. They’re sculpted knee boots from HoC and they have colour-change to match the rest of your outfit. Best part is they’re only 30L out of hubris or something. I think I have most of the shoes from HoC, which are all equally cheap.

Hair was also cheap, from the Discount section at Celestial Studios. It’s called “Streamer” and has an attractive slight messiness to it. The discount section ate my spacebux with hair and clothes and all that good stuff.

Finally the skin, which is Alaysia from Skin Within. The name is like “Asia” with “lay” in it, which may be significant or may not be. Who can say? It’s a special Chinese skin for the Asians and SLAsians among the population. I like that Skin Within does all sorts of “ethnic” skins, since it adds a bit of diversity to a skin market dominated by “three shades of pale and some eyeliner.” Which is understandable since most avatars appear Caucasian, but like I say it’s nice to have something different if that’s what you’re looking for.

I don’t know how much my outfit contributed to my woes in Gor. Maybe the roleplayers were stunned into anger by Chav’s lovely thighs, maybe they were confused that all the sexual organs were covered. Again, who can say?

This concludes my first fashion blog post. I hope it is not the last.

May 18, 2009

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!