December 5, 2012

A free thing!

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ads - freeharnessthing

This thing is free at the main store in Clockwork. Just a bit of steamnonsense, really. But it’s important that free things happen. Because, err, reasons.

Also added another corset, but that’s not as exciting as FREE! STUFF! is it?

Today’s been quite a productive day, really. I did a lot of Blending and Photoshopping and whatnot. This will hopefully make up in part for those days where nothing goes to plan. I even successfully weight-painted! Ermahgerd!



December 4, 2012

New Mesh Clothes at Chav’s

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ADs - shortdungarees brown ADs - curset purple

So I made some more clothes, you can get them at the “Main Store” in Clockwork. Corset is available in 4 colours, 100L each. Two colours of the overalls/dungarees, 200L each. Four standard sizes — XS to L.  Also you should see about hitting up the Midnight Mania machine and maybe seeing if the Lucky Chair has your letter on it. Oh, and TRY THE DEMOS FIRST, I can’t do refunds on No Transfer items.



July 9, 2012


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Today Chav is dressed to match her magic trousers that I made and forced her to wear. Shirt is Mr Poet, skin be Curio, shoes from Shiny Things, hair is Lamb.

February 19, 2012

Still a clown

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Man, it turns out to be hard to find clown make-up tattoo layer things in Second Life.

Boots: DECO, Tops: Contraption, Trousers: Bare Rose, Hair: Dura, Skin: Glam Affair, Make-Up: Over The Top, Ciggie: Shel’tter.

Also I have been walking about in my old urchin AO, which is so old it is mostly static and some of the animation shops don’t exist anymore. It was fun but challenging assembling that AO back in the day. It’s got easier to find less sexual AO poses, I’m pleased about that.

Man-clothes are great for being scruffy/urchiny/doll-like, because they are too big even when you size them down a bit. I should experiment further with this new-found way to be adorable.


February 14, 2012

Oh, look, it’s clothes!

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I’m kind of surprised that when I ask where to find steampunk frocks people don’t say “Destiny’s Designs.” They say BlakOpal or Curious Seamstress or whoever, but I like Destiny’s best. They’re kind of fun, is why. She also sells a lot of Star Wars clothes, so worth popping by if you’re looking to cosplay. (If you can’t find it in Search try Karmas Destiny’s Picks. It’s in the south-east corner of Hanbok, if that helps.)

This came with glasses, but I was already wearing the KAZE goggles so it seemed like eye-related overkill. And speaking of eyes, I am wearing mesh ones from Izzie’s. Mesh eyes have the advantage of higher resolution textures and also of being mesh so that about 30% of the SL population will just think you have creepy toruses for eyes, which I count as a win.

Hair and hairbase are Truth, skin is from Curio. Not seen in pic — undies from Ooh La La, and boots from Lassitude & Ennui at the Back to Black event.

February 11, 2012

Babbage Once More (And Mesh)

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Sooooo… I have moved back into Babbage, on a small plot in Academy of Industry sim. These words are the SLURL. It was going to be a house to live in but what with the primminess of the actual build it’s become  a shop for mesh furnishings. All your vintage/steampunk needs, etc. Here is some pictures:

So basically old furniture and random themed clutter. BUT IN MESH! Mesh is new(ish) therefore cool. At some point I should put these things in the Caledon shop as well. It’s all low-prim what with being mesh and me trying to be fairly careful in amount of detail in the mesh. I have so far sold one (1) desk, which is enough to put towards a pair of shoes. Oh, Marketplace, you are so 90% of my sales. (I know some people don’t like the Marketplace, but I use it all the time, so.)

It’s nice being back in Babbage, it has a consistency and hardcoreness that is missing in Caledon. Not that Caledon is horrid or anything, but I think Chav is a bit less posh than it is. I mean she’s not the Duchess of Homestead, put it that way.


February 5, 2012

New Shop Exists

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So I went and put a shop back in-world. It is here, in Caledon II. It’s just a place to keep my stuff together because frankly I forget what I’ve made half the time. It’s steampunk clothes and accessories, plus the small range of kid/urchin clothes, some Doctor Who clothes (ya rly) and there’s furnishings and the like upstairs. There’s a few things that didn’t make it in, but they’re on the marketplace along with me sculpts and so on.

Also, I made some things.

They are available at the above shop or on the Marketplace. 150Ls except the bird skull on is only 50Ls. All are mesh or partial mesh, so viewer blah blah etc.

I like making meshes, in some ways they are easier than sculpts, especially on texturing. I don’t know how many people can see mesh these days, but I assume it’s a lot more than it used to be.

In other news, I’ve moved back into Babbage. Not commercially, just to have somewhere to lay my virtual hat in the city that never sleeps. Got to get my build approved first, it’s a bit more basic-looking than intended even though it’s like 90-something prims to fit a (double-prim) 512 plot. I think I’ll have a lab, I still have all that lab stuff I made last time. Laboratoire Paderborn, if you will.


December 18, 2011

Falln Frock

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Went to Porto to take these pics, which seems to be some sort of art installation about death. Anyway, dress is from Falln, and go to the actual shop where it is 110 Ls cheaper than it is on the Marketplace. Which I didn’t think people are allowed to do? Anyway. Hair is from Clawtooth, skin is Curio, and glasses are some Lady Gaga style from the Marketplace.

Oh yeah also make-up from L.Fauna and exciting mesh boots from G-Field at the Four Corners event.



August 6, 2011

Frocks omg

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Here is some new dresses what I made. I seem to be in dress mode at the moment, hmm.

Excitingly! I have made dresses and outfits 150L on the Marketplace and in-world, so feel free to visit Chav’s and give me your spacebux. Pretty much all clothing is half price now, but furnishings and accessories have stayed the same. Though possibly new things will be cheaper, I don’t know yet. I think that is quite cheap for a dress but I am terrible at pricing things. Mostly I saw a couple of other shops made me look expensive and I don’t like feeling expensive it makes me worry I am ripping people off somehow. Still cheaper than certain other shops though. I won’t name them in case they get angry like I said they were too expensive which if you look closely I did not ever say.

I wish I knew what the “buy this no matter what” price was. Probably less than 0L these days. I used to buy lots of 0L or 1L stuff but then your inventory gets full and you have to stop doing that. Anyway, the Steam Hunt is coming up so I will be getting inventory fullage from that. I still haven’t finished sorting the stuff from Steam 3 and this will be Steam 5.  Should I hide the gear well or make it giant with a big arrow pointing at it?


July 19, 2011

Bloomin marvellous innit?

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Today’s outfit is based around these epic bloomers from L’Abel. They’re part of the new “country” collection and I admit they are all I got from that but then I don’t really go pastel very often and anyway FOCUS ON THE BLOOMERS.

The hair is from Truth and the top is Pixeldolls only I think it might be retired for good now because I picked it up in a 10L sale a while ago. So you possibly not can has. Skin is Atomic, boots are Gos.

Pictures of late have been taken in various Babbage locations, because I like the textures there and it has a certain… not uniformity as such but it all goes together pretty well because of the fairly strict building code there.


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