June 24, 2014


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Yeah, Dust is no longer on Kitely because they changed how worlds worked and tbh I don’t know how it works anymore I just know they don’t do metered anymore and that’s what I was using. Sigh. Somethings about Kitely are great, like the Market and no upload fees (the latter admittedly fairly standard for OpenSim grids) but then there is the lack of humans and the confusing pricing structures. I *think* not being Premium means I can’t go anywhere now? Or does it? I shall discover and get back to you.  And yes, one is told that there are plenty of people in private worlds but if they don’t go anywhere public then for most of us they may as well not exist.

InWorldz I have been neglecting out of lazy, and really I haven’t been going anywhere much. Land is still too expensive for me in IW, which has no mainland parcels available so you have to rent from a landlord and inworld search is a bit pants.

I don’t really know. I would like somewhere I can have a sim cheapish and yet there are people around to talk to. That doesn’t seem to exist.