November 28, 2016

templates, kitely (hypergrid)

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:51 pm by Chav Paderborn –> these are some full perms mesh templates what you can buy from the chav now. i forgot to mention them before, oops.


chav shop on the gcg

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Yes, Chav Shop is what I am calling it, it sells clothes I made (mesh and “classic” system layer things) on the Great Canadian Grid. I kind of just wanted a place to play shop that wasn’t *too* commercialised and terrifying. It seems like a nice grid so far, I am having fun there. Here is the SLURL for Chav Shop: hop://

The above picture is the first attempt I did at making an ad for some sort of virtual magazine which alas I can’t remember the name of off-hand. I went with a second design which was I hope better and for sure has less boobs on it.

Anyway, that.

November 26, 2016


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Joined up to the Great Canadian Grid, which seems very nice so far. I attended an event by hypergridding from Kitely and then joined the grid properly the next (?) day.

Kitely has been being my main OpenSim home, I’m building a dystopia in the sky on my sim (Dust — be sure to visit!) but there’s a lot to be done there even though I think I’ve finished all the exterior stuff.

And in SL my avatar was 10 years old on the 18th. For once I actually remembered to log in on my Rezday as well.