July 19, 2011

Bloomin marvellous innit?

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Today’s outfit is based around these epic bloomers from L’Abel. They’re part of the new “country” collection and I admit they are all I got from that but then I don’t really go pastel very often and anyway FOCUS ON THE BLOOMERS.

The hair is from Truth and the top is Pixeldolls only I think it might be retired for good now because I picked it up in a 10L sale a while ago. So you possibly not can has. Skin is Atomic, boots are Gos.

Pictures of late have been taken in various Babbage locations, because I like the textures there and it has a certain… not uniformity as such but it all goes together pretty well because of the fairly strict building code there.



November 6, 2009

Underwears as Outerwears

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I got this skin a while back and have not been that good at finding looks that go with it. But I feel I have achieved with this “fell out of bed and went out into the world” ensemble. It is the underwear bits from a Paper Couture dress (old collection, look upstairs for it now) and the Gattina hair from Tiny Bird that I picked up back at the Hair Fair. So don’t worry I didn’t buy any of this on the day when I am supporting creators by depriving them of the spacebux they need to make tier. 🙂

The skin is from lis_noir, where there are two lines of lovely drawn-looking skins. I like looking slightly less than real, it makes SL seem more fun somehow. Not that there’s anything wrong with photorealism, I totally wear photo or hybrid skins a lot of the time. Just that I have always wanted something along these lines and the FD/NO ones have never quite suited me (though stay tuned for if I ever blog the one FD skin I found that worked on the Chav). This look aims for “I just woke up, this is what I look like under all the make-up.” This is helped by the hair which speaks of hobo hairdressers in Calleta. Though nowadays they live on Hobo Island, but there is an old school vibe to me that makes me think of those glory days of a sim that crashes every five minutes.

Oh and the shoes, which I lusted after for ever such a long time before finally buying them. It’s that they don’t really go with much that I own but still I wanted them because they are beautiful and made me weep with their gorgeous. They are also from PC, you need to own them so you can feel like a magical princess.

September 20, 2009

Rotten Toe, Apparently

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I don’t know why you would name a shop after Johnny Rotten’s feet, though clearly what we have here is a punk foot-fetishist. I’m not judging, just sayin’. Here I am modelling a variety of styles, from “homeless hooker” to “super-kawaii loli.” (Black undies are an old Shai freebie, so as not to reveal anything Mature.) I like when someone has gone to the extra effort to make something look old and broken, it makes SL seem more sinister and perverted than it… okay, it is sinister and perverted, I can’t lie about that. But the point is that most things look new and I like occasional old-looking things. Blame my Hobo roots and Arcadia Asylum’s builds.

These things were very cheap, so possibly I got lost in a discount section, but either way I am not complaining. I need to save my spacebux for the jewellery and skin fairs, yo.

SLURL time!

Shoes are from Canimal, skin is Pixeldolls,  black hair’s from Kin, pink hair is a group gift from Rotten Toe, which was totally worth one of my 25 spaces.

June 2, 2009

HI Appeal Zhang Skin

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Here is the skin I was wearing in my previous post. It is Zhang from H. I. Appeal which I had never heard of before. Still, it appears to be a Legitimate Business, with many skins in various tones of ethnicity. The skin was 700L each, if you’re wondering.

I was a bit unsure about the big drawn-on eyelashes, but they haven’t bothered me like I thought they might.  Shape alteration for this skin was in the form of embiggening the lips slightly.  I am a wee bit unsure about the heaviness of the shading on the torso, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. I think it’s a hybrid, though I am not very good at spotting such things. Certainly parts of it were once photographs, but I don’t find the overall results too Uncanny Valley.

Mostly I wear skins that were made specifically Asian rather than just a tone of a skin line, so it was nice to find the demos for this one while I was browing XStreet. As you can imagine it means I don’t buy as much skin as I otherwise might, due to looking for a niche. Is this the case with darker skins as well? I really don’t know.

Hair is from Truth, lovely undies from artilleri. I love artilleri undies because they actually cover your bits. If you want sensible underwear you should totally go to artilleri.