September 30, 2011

Mesh Dress

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It is red and not awful. I don’t know what to do with it, but I like it.


Mesh Chav

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Today Chav is wearing lots of Mesh stuff. The boots are from Slink and they go all the way up your legs but obviously you can’t see that in this picture. The weird smocklike dress whatsit is a mesh I made today out of cubes in Blender. It took a while and it’s weird but I like it. I feel like I accomplished something. I hope someday I will make something nice enough to sell. This thing has puffy sleeves and a collary bit and it looks a wee bit Lady Gaga if she were a bit more steampunk. Or something.

Hair is from Elikatira or whatever ETD is called now, skin is Curio.

LOOK AT SINISTER CHAV. Of course in-world she looks like an invisible body with blobs on her to most people, but that is the price we pay for having mesh things fairly early on.


September 28, 2011

A Meshy Business

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I’m trying to learn mesh clothes at the moment, it is very intimidating. I made some jeans that looked okay but I didn’t rig them properly so they have a weird lump on one thigh. I think I may have to learn that weight-painting thing. Boo.

September 19, 2011

Back again

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I haven’t really been in SL doing much for a while, but here’s a dress I got from the new Paper Couture collection. I like it because it makes me look like a sequin. A dazzling shiny in the snow. Even when there is no snow. I love Paper Couture, I know other people have caught up with them a bit but they are still great and one of my favourite shops in the game. Sorry, I mean Virtual World. I will never call it a game again, I’m so very sorry.

HERE’S MAH FAYCE.  The skin is Curio’s Jasmine which I have all the make-ups of because I love it so, and the hair is from Elikatira or however you spell it. I’ve always been sad about not having a nice bob hairdo in SL but now I can has one. Whee!