January 26, 2018


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Welp, I built myself a wee house in the Wastelands. 39615815892_9b064bdeab_z

We had Giftmas in the Wastelands recently, it was very nice. We got presents and built a dirtman and oh it was ever such fun. You should live in the Wastelands, it is the best place in the Second Life game and I am not just saying that because I live there.


January 18, 2018

Goats and Poop (Poop and Goats)

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Run yes RUN to the Poopseum to purchase this Truly Amazing poop plushie for just 1 (one) spacebux! And while you are there pls to explore SL’s premier (that means “bestestest” in French) goat playground (goats only, no humans or children allowed on the equipment)!

Mr Poopyface is my first blend of the year (2nd since, err, last April maybe) and is 2 Land Impact (after many ages of removing edge loops man that was tedious and annoying) and plus he is super-cute as you can see. He is a poop, but you can hug him because he is not made of poop.