February 2, 2011

More stuff

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Here are pictures of the things I made most recently, which are now available on the SL Marketplace. Necklaces and a pair of goggles, as you can see. I like making stuff, it saves me having to buy things that are similar in nature.

I also made a bath, for some reason, but I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do with that. My SL house is more of a workshop and it’s not like there is dirt floating about settling on avatars.



May 6, 2010

a posh day

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Today the Chav is dressed up fancy with a dress from Veschi what has a big bow on the back. I am pleased to see people still doing good with the system skirt, that maligned but useful clothing layer. This is about the perfect length for the system skirt, I reckon. Also the bow will help hide how huge it has made your arse look, if you worry about things like that. I believe Veschi has some sort of sale on at the moment, I went and bought half the shop like a day before that but I don’t regret it. (Though who else just waits for the fri.day sales these days? I know it can’t just be me.) IT HAS A GIANT BOW ON THE BACK! How can you resist that, eh?

Also check out these smashing sunglasses from JE*Republic that cost less than I had feared/expected. What we need is more bits of metal stuck to our sunglasses. At least I think that’s bits of metal. Whatever it is it looks lovely, you should have these so you can feel like some sort bes.  s person hiding your identity from the plebes.

Hair is from Lamb. I am sort of in love with Lamb hair lately, I like the updo thingys. They have a nice look to them. I need all the hair, I needs it like meat needs salt, only more so. It is not right that I am deprived of it. Shoes are Paper Couture from a bit ago, skin is Tuli’s Sayuri which I should get around to blogging about one of these days.

August 28, 2009

Acid & Mala

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I went to Acid & Mala to get this nifty “Glam Punk Necklace” and ended up with that and also this supercute minidress which is I admit moderately slutty, but I think the cuteness overcomes that. It is amazingly short and has stockings, hurrah! It is available in a variety of prints, and as you can see I went for forest camo because that’s pretty hardcore. There was also a sort of frilly prim breast adornment, but I left that in the folder due to it not being a perfect instant fit and me being too lazy to attempt adjustment.

And look! Hair from Damselfly! I had never been there before but saw this one blogged erm somewhere and went and got it and another one that caught my greedy eye.  I totally broke my own rule about the amount of alpha I will accept in a hair. I am also starting to break out of my fear of sculpted hair, so many new adventures surely await me in the world of prim hair.

The boots are from J’s, they were a group gift at one point so may be unobtainable now, sorry.  Skin is Redgrave.