March 15, 2010

Two birds, one stone

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This post will be serving as both “Omgfashion” and “see what I made!” since I just shoved this coat on over what I was already wearing, which was stuff I made myself. This is terribly lazy of me and I should try not to do it again.

So hay, I got this coat from *DP*yumyum or wherever the *s go. It is a complex sculpted creation and I discovered near the end of photo-taking that because of the construction you can remove the body part and wear it as a cute short jacket. I do wonder how the coat looks on an avatar taller than the Chav, but that is not of great concern to me since I am not those avatars.  Basically it is hella cute. As usual I am wondering what I can say that isn’t obvious from the picture. How do people manage to SL-fashion-blog?

Hair is from the same shop, where they do a lovely black that doesn’t just look matte on my screen. You know the sort, the ones that come in four shades of completely pitch black. The hair bow obviously makes me look exactly like Lady Gaga, but slightly more pixellated. I mean, she is almost real and Chav is just an avatar. It is unfair I feel to compare us.

Yeah I was lazy and didn’t bother to make an outfit, so I am just wearing a top and skirt that I made for Ugly Doll and was still messing with at the time. Isn’t a large part of making your own spaceclothes about saving money by having to buy less stuff? Yes, yes it is. I hope I have not besmirched the good name of *DP*yumyum by thus associating myself with the awesome, and I promise that in future I will try to separate posts about what I made and what other people made.

Skin is Rockberry, shoes from HoC. Note to self: change shoes soon.


February 24, 2010

Everyone else is wearing it, why can’t I

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Today’s proof of the power of brown is the combination of Izzie’s corset dress and the new Moite jacket from Nyte’n’Day. I like to think the jacket makes the dress less… erm… well, look, it’s very short and because of that I am a bit ashamed of how much I like it. But don’t worry, even steampunks are allowed to skank it up every once in a while! The dress and coat are everywhere on the feeds and I like to see them as an example of how you can, indeed, shop mainstream and still come out steamy. There were some layering issues as is so frequent in mix’n’match but I hope I got something together at least for photos. Anyway, I think either bit of clothing is cute and well-made, and would recommend them to people if anyone ever asked me about such things.  Together I am a modern steampunk business woman, ever alert for the call to initiate the hostile takeover of a rival pie factory.

The boots? Are pre-sculpty.  Yah, rly. I got them from Lassitude & Ennui back when the only way to make a shoe involved part of a cylinder. You can now pick up a full set of these boots (Asuka) and platform shoes for like 60L or something, and they’re frankly a lot nicer than some of the stuff people have done with sculpts so they’re worth at least a look-see. I really like these boots, because they make me look tall.

Skinwise I am rocking the Rockberry (Luan in natural). I dropped the spacebux for a fatpack of these because they’re so pretty. They also come with a cleavage option which I am not wearing because I thought that would be a bit much for this look. I mean, pretend I ever bother with the cleavage option and that I made a wise decision to avoid it in this case. Luan is available in four tones and six make-ups, so you have some options to choose from.

Hair is from because I forgot to change it, lols. Poses from Get Bent, eyes are my own.

December 9, 2009

look of the erm day?

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O hay, it’s that jacket from Kyoot! Which I love, I cannot lie. It’s just so nice and has that demented collar. You can get it in a dark brown for free if you find the wee book in the shop that’s for the Down The Chimney Hunt. I reckon that hunt is worth doing, there’s some good things in it.  Tank is a freebie (group gift?) and the trousers are ones I picked up the current sale. I admit, I did indeed see them when they came out and thought “I will wait for the inevitable sale.” stuff is not exciting as such, but they do make very good basics. It’s just sometimes you stand in that half-empty shop wishing for a bright pink dress with bizarre sleeves. Since that shop is run by alts I a wee bit wonder if someone who makes mad stuff wanted to make fast spacebux with stuff anyone would wear because it’s so standard. In any case the frequent sales (not as frequent as Cupcakes sales, but what is?) are a good place to pick up standard pieces like jeans and denim skirts and tank tops.

For shoes I was a bit stuck and went with this slightly odd look which is the lower half of the Bad Boy Scout boots from [CIVVIES]. Those boots were probably one of my best SL deals since I wear them an awful lot. Sadly the top half and the prim cuffs couldn’t both exist so I had to compromise.

I thought about wearing sunglasses but decided that would be Too Much.

Hair is from Tiny Bird, skin is Adam n Eve’s Mei Li II.

September 4, 2009 sale

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O yay, a sale at! TFI… no, wait, everyone’s already made that pun. Never mind.

Today’s outfit includes stuff I bought in said sale, being a jacket, some denim shorts, and some hair. I have made an outfit out of this by adding shoes from HoC, a top from Pixeldolls, and err well the stockings are just ones I made myself (which you can get for free here). Skin is Tuty’s Elixer and the bangle is just a random thing I made. Oh dear, it has turned into me having made things. Still, that does happen.

Things are under 100L at the sale, in the Friday sim, so it’s worth going to have a look. I had been craving this jacket for a while but was too cheap to buy it.

August 25, 2009


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I’ve been away from SL from a while, one consequence of which is having accumulated Ls to spend on spaceclothes. Woot. I’m still getting back into it all, reading blogs and visiting shops that I like. My big purchase has been this coat from Slink, which has a lot of prims attached to it, but not so many that I get claustrophobic. In this post I am not wearing the “skirt” prims that make it ankle-length, but even with those it’s a lot less slutty than I feared. Maybe it would appeal to a stylish dominatrix. I am not one of those but I like the detailing and the shape.

I have made it into an outfit using some jeans from Zaara and a pair of calf-length boots from Paper Couture (one of the old collections, is probably upstairs in the Tableau shop). The boots are one of those items I bought after trying out on the Beta Grid, back when it had shops and was therefore fun. The sunglasses are from artilleri, worn to give the impression that I am someone who has to deal with the paparazzi.

Anyway, I’m back, from outer space, you just walked in to find me here with that… oh, never mind.

Skin -Adam n Eve Mei Li

Hair -ETD