December 30, 2013


Posted in Uncategorized at 2:35 am by Chav Paderborn

Still building stuff on Metropolis grid.

Today I went to Craft World, but it was a bit empty at the time and I got annoyed when I found stolen hair. I will give it another go soon though. Actually I think I want to talk about hair. Hair is interesting in content terms because it’s a lot harder than it might appear to make it look good, and yet it is something almost all avatars need/use/have/etc. I think Chav is still wearing a Linda Kellie hair. I don’t want to be mean but Linda Kellie hairs are a bit… 2008? 2009? Some of them are better than others, but the lack of awesome hair is felt by someone with like 1000 hairs in SL. (This number is not a comedy exaggeration, I am pretty sure Chav does in fact have about 1000 hairs in Second Life.) Hairs mean FASHION! DRAMA! EXCITEMENT! I can’t make hair. I know various people who tried at hair and did better or worse but didn’t end up making it all the time because effort.

There is a fair whack of stolen hair on the OpenSim grids, which is pretty much why I have stuck with Linda Kellie hairs. The clue is usually they the hair in question looks more cutting-edge than Linda’s hairs do, yet they aren’t made by anyone you know of and/or who specialises in hairs. Exceptions exist, but we can generally get by with the rule that anyone who looks like they’d be fashionable in SL is probably covered in copybot. Sigh.

I am having a think at the moment about how much content there is on these “other” grids and where it comes from. I may have some words to say about that at some point. Alas from what I have seen it appears that innovation sticks to the commercial grids, and why would anyone move to a non-commercial if they were actually making the spacebux in SL?