September 10, 2013


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So InWorldz has both mesh and a deformer now. It’s had them for a while but I couldn’t be bothered to post about this stuff earlier because I kind of didn’t make anything for a while so… yeah.

Here we see a basical dress made in Marvellous Designer 2/Blender. MD2 is a fantastic way to cheat at mesh clothes, where you can make in minutes what could be hours in Blender. I’m still learning it, so this basic thing is as good as you will get to see for the moment. Hopefully I will eventually make stuff good enough to sell for people for some meagre wage with which to buy shooooes and haaaaairs.

The deformer is… a bit weird on some things, and you still need alpha layers, but it’s a lot better than the nothing that we have in SL. I’m liking it, at any rate.