December 7, 2011

DollCoco new stuffs yay

Posted in dollcoco, mesh at 2:48 am by Chav Paderborn

Chav is a doll sometimes these days, because the DollCoco one is cute and pretty and all those things. Here she is in a red Greek Dress and hair from the sale at Analog Dog. I don’t own much AD hair but it is cheap and black hides the issues that sometimes crop up with such hairs in lighter colours.

Here’s the red dress again (obvs), and a brown cloak and the new Flat Boots. I love mesh, mesh is great. I also hate mesh when I try to make my own mesh clothes in Blender, but when I am not doing that I love mesh.

A dress, it is a nice dress. You’re meant to wear it with the cloak but as you can see I am not doing that because I am a bad person.

I don’t know why I like the DollCoco so much, I think maybe that it looks not too different from my normal av, allowing for the fact that it is a mesh doll that looks nothing like my normal av. You can get the body for free and a head is 450L, though obvs then you will need to get clothes for it, which range from free to expensive.  Still if you stay as a doll long enough it will save you spacebux because you can’t buy all sorts of other things since the won’t fit your new mesh self.