November 6, 2009

50L Swagday!

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As a consumer I have almost no idea how 50 Linden Friday actually works, beyond that it is a weekly event where l33t Fashion FIC (lols!) people give me a chance to by cheap stuff. Through my Vast Inside Knowledge I am told there is some sort of massive waiting list, so I think it is a set of shops and if someone pulls out they get in someone else to make up the numbers? Whatevz, also it almost certainly wouldn’t work with many more shops, if only because I at least would become pickier about what I wanted to drop the vast sum of 50L on. Maybe it is to get freebie-hunters to spend spacebux? I know I met a woman on it once who said she has never paid Ls for anything yet has awesome stuff.

Anyway, the point is the swag! I picked up this dress from TY – Ty Zvezda and the cardigan thing from Milk Motion. I was tempted by other things, but a girl has to make tier, yo. I love this dress with one reservation. Okay, two. One is that the skirt and belt part are all one block so many poses eat the belt though I realise that my avatar is hugely fat. (Note: She isn’t.) The other thing is the glitchpants, in that there aren’t any. Normally I don’t buy dresses/skirts that don’t come with glitchpants, but it was only 50L and so 80s. Still, glitchpants are a good idea. An excellent idea, in fact. ALWAYS MAKE SOME, PLS.

Now onto things that were not 50L. I got this hair from Gritty Kitty today, even though it is a hat-hair. I just really liked the hat, what else can I say? I have also worn these smashing fishnets from Blowpop, which are among the best fishnets on the grid. These are they in ripped stockings, but you can buy them as unripped and as tights also. Or “pantyhose” as some nations hilariously call them.

The shoes came through the Maitreya Subscribe-o-Magic, they are not a style I would normally indulge in but a) free and b) seemed like they would go with the rest of the outfit. Skin is from lis_noir, see previous post.


September 18, 2009

Dutch Touch and League

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blogdtleagueLook, a post! I have to post this today because one of the items is time-sensitive. Not in the way that Doctor Who is time-sensitive, in the way that it won’t be there anymore after 50 Linden Friday. That’s the shirt, which is from League. One of these days I should blog League, since I did go on a spree there once when my Ls had accumulated nicely. But not Steampunk Apocalypse, everyone has that, it would be unexciting.

Anyway, I had gone to Dutch Touch and picked up these jeans and that skirt, which are realistic but not scary (one of my main rules for SL clothes is that they should not look terrifyingly real like they are about to crawl out of the screen and kill me). Then I spent several days trying to find something to wear with them for this blog post thing. Luckily 50LF happened, hurrah! And of course before that happened I picked up other stuff that wasn’t remotely what I was supposed to be looking for, like a bunch of hair from Gritty Kitty, one of which is pictured here.

The overall look says “I work in a garage, but not as a mechanic. No, I am employed to lean over the cars in a sexual fashion and contribute to a culture of sexual harrassment in the workplace.” If you don’t want to go for that look, you may want to accessorise with huge violent boots and some knives.

Skin is from Pixeldolls, shoes from HoC. I should, err, probably obtain more than one pair of trainers, yeah?