July 14, 2012

When Posh Went Punk?

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I’m not sure what this look is, but when you wear this Armidi hair with pretty much anything you end up looking like Posh Spice. Posh is pretty amazing, being the least talented but the most successful of the Spice Girls. I will never quite understand that. I suppose she got in a good stylist when it really mattered. (For the record my favourite is Ginger for being bolshy despite a chronic inability to sing particularly well.) So maybe it’s if Posh Spice was some sort of gothed-up punk.

As is the law, I must ask Whatever Happened To Armidi? Nobody seems to know, every Plurk I’ve seen on the issue is answered with vague promsies that they’re making stuff At Some Point. I don’t know when we get to declare it dead. I assume it’s in that state where the Sim is turned on as long as it’s profitable and after that it’ll go away forever. I will never understand why, since it was terribly successful in its day and they made nice stuff.

Also I have just noticed that I left in a bit of bluescreen ONOSE MY SEKRIT IS OUT.


Skin: Glam Affair (Dressing Room); Lipstick: A&A; Shoes: Shiny Things; Leggings: Ibizarre (closing sale?); Corset: Bare Rose; Earrings: LaGyo (Dressing Room); Hair: Armidi; T-Shirt & Tattoos own make (not for sale due to copyrights, IM me for a free copy if you really want them).



December 23, 2009

Finally a poast!

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I’ve been having trouble taking snapshots without crashing. And uploading, it took me like eleven crashes and three viewers before I finally managed to upload my most recent sculpts. But anyway, I got some pictures taken, finally.

Here I am “showcasing” a jumpsuit thing from the Pink Outfitters 50L sale. Ah, another shop where I owned almost nothing before I bought a million things in a sale! I suppose that means sales must work, yeah? It comes with an undershirt/tank but I am wearing this Armidi t-shirt instead, from the long-off days when Armidi actually released anything ever. (And the recruits seem to be doing their own thing again now, so is Armidi dead now?) Actually is London Dailey London Armidi? It is similar in style and craftage, no?

Anyway, here also is hair from Clawtooth from a recent sale that is now over. Things were half price, which made me happier than paying 300L for hair. Maybe if I didn’t wear black and thus usually end up with four almost identical shades of black when I buy hair? Man, hair used to be so much cheaper. Except for the people that were expensive, but who cares about them? See also the newest trainers from HoC which are low-top so they don’t fight with your trouser legs for Precious Attachment Points. The skin is an expensive purchase from Cake, and I do love it. As usual, tattoos are from artilleri. Which, erm, also had a sale. Basically there have been a lot of sales. I don’t know whether to thank Xmas or the failing SL economy.

I myself have currently stopped selling clothes to people apart from like templates and stuff. It is less stressful thus makes me happier.  So now I am all poses and textures and basic sculpts. It makes me happy, I can basically make anything and then shove it into the shop. Also I have a house now! A wee house full of furnitures!

But anyway, SL fashion. It is very serrius bizness, like how [redacted] looks an awful lot like [redacted] from last year. Or how [removed] may not be able to make shoes after all.

December 9, 2009

look of the erm day?

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O hay, it’s that jacket from Kyoot! Which I love, I cannot lie. It’s just so nice and has that demented collar. You can get it in a dark brown for free if you find the wee book in the shop that’s for the Down The Chimney Hunt. I reckon that hunt is worth doing, there’s some good things in it.  Tank is a fri.day freebie (group gift?) and the trousers are ones I picked up the current sale. I admit, I did indeed see them when they came out and thought “I will wait for the inevitable sale.” fri.day stuff is not exciting as such, but they do make very good basics. It’s just sometimes you stand in that half-empty shop wishing for a bright pink dress with bizarre sleeves. Since that shop is run by alts I a wee bit wonder if someone who makes mad stuff wanted to make fast spacebux with stuff anyone would wear because it’s so standard. In any case the frequent sales (not as frequent as Cupcakes sales, but what is?) are a good place to pick up standard pieces like jeans and denim skirts and tank tops.

For shoes I was a bit stuck and went with this slightly odd look which is the lower half of the Bad Boy Scout boots from [CIVVIES]. Those boots were probably one of my best SL deals since I wear them an awful lot. Sadly the top half and the prim cuffs couldn’t both exist so I had to compromise.

I thought about wearing sunglasses but decided that would be Too Much.

Hair is from Tiny Bird, skin is Adam n Eve’s Mei Li II.

November 6, 2009

50L Swagday!

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As a consumer I have almost no idea how 50 Linden Friday actually works, beyond that it is a weekly event where l33t Fashion FIC (lols!) people give me a chance to by cheap stuff. Through my Vast Inside Knowledge I am told there is some sort of massive waiting list, so I think it is a set of shops and if someone pulls out they get in someone else to make up the numbers? Whatevz, also it almost certainly wouldn’t work with many more shops, if only because I at least would become pickier about what I wanted to drop the vast sum of 50L on. Maybe it is to get freebie-hunters to spend spacebux? I know I met a woman on it once who said she has never paid Ls for anything yet has awesome stuff.

Anyway, the point is the swag! I picked up this dress from TY – Ty Zvezda and the cardigan thing from Milk Motion. I was tempted by other things, but a girl has to make tier, yo. I love this dress with one reservation. Okay, two. One is that the skirt and belt part are all one block so many poses eat the belt though I realise that my avatar is hugely fat. (Note: She isn’t.) The other thing is the glitchpants, in that there aren’t any. Normally I don’t buy dresses/skirts that don’t come with glitchpants, but it was only 50L and so 80s. Still, glitchpants are a good idea. An excellent idea, in fact. ALWAYS MAKE SOME, PLS.

Now onto things that were not 50L. I got this hair from Gritty Kitty today, even though it is a hat-hair. I just really liked the hat, what else can I say? I have also worn these smashing fishnets from Blowpop, which are among the best fishnets on the grid. These are they in ripped stockings, but you can buy them as unripped and as tights also. Or “pantyhose” as some nations hilariously call them.

The shoes came through the Maitreya Subscribe-o-Magic, they are not a style I would normally indulge in but a) free and b) seemed like they would go with the rest of the outfit. Skin is from lis_noir, see previous post.

November 2, 2009


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I got these trouser things in the black stuff sale at Fishy Strawberry, which you have missed but I hope you didn’t, I hope you found out from somewhere and went. Black things were cheap, I obtained many black things. These trousers were especially welcome as I had wanted them when they came out but was being cheap that week I think. Skin was also in the black sale, so now I have two make-ups of this skin, which is Lan in Cappucino tone.

T-shirt is Armidi (back when they released stuff ever) and the wee jacket thing is from Paradisis I think the name is. It was free or some few Ls and it has paw prints on it like I am some sort of neko. Note lack of tail. Awesome boots are cheap from Duh! They are nice big scary boots that will put off noob-cocks and make cool people want to be your friend. Hair is from Truth, a recent release I think, called Isle or something along those lines.

October 18, 2009


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kurumi copy

So I went to the Kurumi opening sale and got some things that are pink. Very pink. PINK, even. Obviously there were colours that are not pink, but today I do not quite understand what those colours are for. They’re just not essential, darling.

I did have to move around attachments that were giant on me, but isn’t that part of the charm? Anyway, I like this… creation that is available as a jumpsuit or a dress. It has either collar or hood, depending on your choice of attachment. I don’t see why you would need both, but some people might get sad that they can’t.

I should also apologise for not blogging in what seems like a year, this is because I have been building and neglecting my appearance dreadfully.  Other than changing hair every five minutes, obviously. Isn’t hair special?

Shoooooz are from ETD, skin is Redgrave, hair is Muism when they had a sale so everything was less expensive. Tattoos from artilleri.

September 23, 2009


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cupcakesYou know, I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything full price from Cupcakes, not because I don’t like the stuff but because there’s so many sales and freebies. Skins especially, I have a whole folder full of those that were group gifts. I mention this because I got this stuff on sale as well, 25L a dress in the upstairs bit. The stuff is so nice, it really is.  I got a couple of things I will probably never wear just because they were so pretty, like when I get mad things at Paper Couture. Only these are more sensible than that, I should emphasise. You could wear these clothes anywhere, and people would Inspect you and/or think you’re a pretty princess deserving of cake and Linden bears.

Hair is Gritty Kitty, Shoes from League, Skin… err… I think it’s Laqroki? I should take notes before I do these things, I’m so faily.