July 14, 2012

When Posh Went Punk?

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I’m not sure what this look is, but when you wear this Armidi hair with pretty much anything you end up looking like Posh Spice. Posh is pretty amazing, being the least talented but the most successful of the Spice Girls. I will never quite understand that. I suppose she got in a good stylist when it really mattered. (For the record my favourite is Ginger for being bolshy despite a chronic inability to sing particularly well.) So maybe it’s if Posh Spice was some sort of gothed-up punk.

As is the law, I must ask Whatever Happened To Armidi? Nobody seems to know, every Plurk I’ve seen on the issue is answered with vague promsies that they’re making stuff At Some Point. I don’t know when we get to declare it dead. I assume it’s in that state where the Sim is turned on as long as it’s profitable and after that it’ll go away forever. I will never understand why, since it was terribly successful in its day and they made nice stuff.

Also I have just noticed that I left in a bit of bluescreen ONOSE MY SEKRIT IS OUT.


Skin: Glam Affair (Dressing Room); Lipstick: A&A; Shoes: Shiny Things; Leggings: Ibizarre (closing sale?); Corset: Bare Rose; Earrings: LaGyo (Dressing Room); Hair: Armidi; T-Shirt & Tattoos own make (not for sale due to copyrights, IM me for a free copy if you really want them).



June 23, 2009

Tattoos make you look cool and hard

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So I got sent some tattoos from NXS Tattoos. Yay, blogger swag! I have truly arrived! In this post I will be scatily-clad to show the magic ink and the Hana skin from Redgrave, so here is a simple black bikini that was free from Casa del Shai or whatever it’s called. (Hair is fromthe¬† recent Magika sale, in case I forget to mention that.)

I like these tattoos, they make me feel like I am a hard bastard who smokes and shoots people in the legs. I broke a cardinal rule by putting on the middle one, as you should never write on your body without knowing what it means. Luckily in SL such things are transitory and optional, so it’s all good.¬† I put them on over a skin purchase from Redgrave, so that I looked slightly less like the million other people who have this skin.