July 24, 2011


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Went to the Malt sale and picked up a few things, including That Top Everyone Has. Chav does not have the correct boobs to look as nice in it as other people, so she is wearing this instead.

This is a flowy snowy top and cargoes from the sale, and boots from Bottle Bird which are shiny like plastic only for some reason they always refuse to make me some red PVC boots. I don’t know why, I think they would look smashing with almost any outfit.

Skin is Curio, hair is from Truth.


July 19, 2011

Bloomin marvellous innit?

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Today’s outfit is based around these epic bloomers from L’Abel. They’re part of the new “country” collection and I admit they are all I got from that but then I don’t really go pastel very often and anyway FOCUS ON THE BLOOMERS.

The hair is from Truth and the top is Pixeldolls only I think it might be retired for good now because I picked it up in a 10L sale a while ago. So you possibly not can has. Skin is Atomic, boots are Gos.

Pictures of late have been taken in various Babbage locations, because I like the textures there and it has a certain… not uniformity as such but it all goes together pretty well because of the fairly strict building code there.


July 17, 2011


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So here is a link, it will take you to me Marketplace store where there is some new stuff such as:

which are various prices but cheap at the moment until I decide to make them more expensive which might happen I mean I don’t know, it is hard to decide.

Also there you can find some old Dr Who outfits that I made because I am sad. It’s just that I went to a Dr Who sim and the stuff wasn’t all that great so I decided I might as well put them on the Marketplace for 25L each. So you can dress as Romana if you want.




July 16, 2011

Pixeldolls and Zaara

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Today the Chav is wearing them new jeans from Zaara and a bustle-jacket-thing from Pixeldolls. Both are excellent like um cake or something. They make me feel all fancy-yet-casual, which is a term used by the most elite of fashionistas in the worlds of real and second.

Boots are Gos, hair is Raspberry, skin is Atomic. So that is what things are.


July 15, 2011

Chav wears clothes

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Mostly this is the ‘Victoria’ outfit from Mayden Couture, which I found on the Marketplace. It is worn with boots from Gos and hair from somewhere called Raspberry that was at the Hair Fair.

I have not really been in the SL much lately, but I will try harder in future.