March 21, 2011


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While I remember, my shop SLURLS are:





March 19, 2011

Dress and Stuff

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That is a new dress I made that you can get in my shop. (I’m in Port Caledon and Academy of Industry, should be findable in Search until I remember to get the SLURLs, oops.)


New Dollarbies are out at the Babbage store and on the Marketplace. I am thinking I will put them free in the Group Notices as well out of love or something like that.

Now to try making some precious jewels. Or procrastinating, whichever.


March 16, 2011


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I have made dresses, which are here and here on the Marketplace. Not in-world yet, I am still setting up in Babbage. Here are some pictures!

This one is a bit more posh than I usually do, but maybe I will have a posh event to go to at some point. Or maybe for a sunny day, who knows?

This one is less posh but I suppose it is quite posh in its own way. They are 300 pence I mean spacebux I mean Linden Dollars each, which I hope is not too expensive. I don’t know, I am terrible at pricing things.

I may also have, erm, rented a wee shop in Caledon, out of hubris and lols. It means I have to be an “Aristocrat” which I don’t like but oh well these things happen. I’m in Caledon Kittiwickshire or however you spell it, SLURLs to follow when I remember to write them down.

March 13, 2011

Moved (Again)!

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I have moved to Babbage, shop is open there pending my build being okayed as not too shite to exist there. It’s in the Academy of Industry sim, SLURL will happen at some point when I know what it actually is. But if you can find the Brunel Hotel it’s across from that on a corner.

I’ve made some things, but I haven’t boxed them yet so there’s that still to do. And some decor in the new shop and whatnot. I’m thinking crates and pipes maybe.