November 30, 2012

bai mai stuf!

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I am terrible at remembering to update on stuff I made and where my shop currently is. Shop is here. It’s in the sky in Clockwork at the moment. It’s mesh clothes so far, and I have finally learned how to do sizes! Woot! So that’s probably helpful even though it means I have to pay for more uploads per item. And making sizes is a bit boring really.

Now I shall post some pics.

ADs - jacket

ADs - bowtop copy

ADs - pantz

I used the Damien Fate .dae template files and fiddled about until I got something I liked and then y’know coloured it in and rigged it and stuff. Everyone uses templates now except like three people who are actually good at Blender, so I don’t feel too much like I cheated at Blender.

I’m wondering if it’s worth getting into hunts and/or renting in a mall somewhere. It’s just really hard to get people to come to your shop even to look at things. That’s why you should visit, so you get to discover something new and you can be cool like a hipster.



A Thought re: Mesh

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One sort of sad thing about mesh (and sculpts, really) is how it takes us away from SL. I mean like how we spend ages in Blender and Photoshops, and then on the Beta Grid, and much less time in-world than when we had to build with prims. I sometimes kind of miss the days of building in the old Hobo sandbox (now gone) in Calleta. It was collaborative and fun, and you could meet people there and watch them build. Pretty much everything I know about prim building I learned from the Hobos. I used to play about with builds by Arcadia or Pavig and work out how they were constructed, and sometimes someone would talk you through, say, how to torture a torus. Good times, dude, good times.

It means if we’re as productive as we were then we spend way less time in-world. I suppose that’s something to consider when talking about hours spent on the Main Grid. Sometimes I Blend while talking on Skype, but that’s multi-tasking and it’s not really the same somehow.

Anyway, still learning to mesh clothes. Rigging can be a right pain, I just had a top rig itself to the eyeballs for some obscure reason. Never attach anything to the eyeballs except eyes. And possibly laser beams.

November 29, 2012

A life live online

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First of all here’s ma new house, up in the sky in Clockwork. Decorated mostly with POST, Lisp, and noctis. I may turn it into a shop if I get bored of it, but that hasn’t happened yet.

And now that bit where I list what The Chav is wearing lately:

Trousers from Kyoot, top from Schadenfrude (I think that colour was a Halloween special a while back?), hair from Exile at FaMESHed. Boots are ye olde Ribbon Boots from Shiny Things. Bolero is something I’m working on at the moment.

Skin is Curio, so there.


Remember Me?

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Basically I’ve been trying to learn mesh and mesh clothes are especially tricksy. Modelling, rigging, arg. But everything is mesh now so I have to catch up a bit. It’s that or templates and those make us all look the same a bit. But! — some of Damien Fate’s older models have been released FREE as .dae files, and they’re v useful for getting stuff made. I’ve been playing with those a bit lately. It’s like a template you can modify! Plus free!

Shall post again soonish. Probably. I should get back into the fashion diary habit if only for something to do in SL.