February 15, 2011

Subject Line

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I’ve been experimenting with the textureness of Blender, I have learned at least how to preview a texture and I think I have worked out how to do repeats. Both of these should prove useful. Picture is a jacket I made using my new knowings about Blender texture viewing. It shows me how it will look on the object, so at the very least I can do a trial-and-error thing so far.

In other news I sold two dresses and celebrated by buying new skin. It’s Curio’s Jasmine in Wood, I already had the Pure ones of it and I like it a lot like I like apples and cake. It helps make Chav look a bit sophisticated I think. I hope.



February 6, 2011


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Here are pictures of the skins I got the other day. Too many skins, but they are all so pretty. I like how different you can look with different skins, even though in a way that is kind of creepy, isn’t it? I would recommend them to anyone who likes faces.

May 11, 2010

a red day

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Today is a bit of a red day, I don’t know why. The cute jumpsuit thing is from Pink Outfitters, which shop I love. I think I picked it up when there was a sale a while back, but it is totes worth all your spacebux. Or however much it normally costs. It shows your bewbs though so I have also worn this shirt from artilleri. Which, again, I got in a sale. Look, guys, sales work! Have more of them! Guess where I got the hair? I am pretty sure it was in a sale at fri.day. Well, I know for sure it was fri.day, and I just assume it was a sale. I, err, don’t know that I’ve ever bought anything there outside the periodic sales. That latter probably deflates my “sales work!” thing, since there are a few shops where I now just wait for the inevitable sale to get stuff. Probably there is a happy medium somewhere. A happy medium where I get cheap spaceclothes.

Things not in a sale, are the skin and shoes. I love these High Oxfords from Tesla, and so should you.The skin is Ling from Glance, a bit darker than Chav usually is but I like how it makes her look a wee bit posh. I almost certainly got this because of a sale! There was one of those “find the cheap/free thing” sales on and while I was there I picked up the demos for Ling. I mean the Devon one is nice but you may know how many SLAsian skins are based on Devon Aoki and really how many of those does one girl need? Not that she’s not a pretty lady, but there are limits. Now that I’ve said that someone else will put out a cute one and I will end up with it as well. Oh, how tragical.

February 24, 2010

Everyone else is wearing it, why can’t I

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Today’s proof of the power of brown is the combination of Izzie’s corset dress and the new Moite jacket from Nyte’n’Day. I like to think the jacket makes the dress less… erm… well, look, it’s very short and because of that I am a bit ashamed of how much I like it. But don’t worry, even steampunks are allowed to skank it up every once in a while! The dress and coat are everywhere on the feeds and I like to see them as an example of how you can, indeed, shop mainstream and still come out steamy. There were some layering issues as is so frequent in mix’n’match but I hope I got something together at least for photos. Anyway, I think either bit of clothing is cute and well-made, and would recommend them to people if anyone ever asked me about such things.  Together I am a modern steampunk business woman, ever alert for the call to initiate the hostile takeover of a rival pie factory.

The boots? Are pre-sculpty.  Yah, rly. I got them from Lassitude & Ennui back when the only way to make a shoe involved part of a cylinder. You can now pick up a full set of these boots (Asuka) and platform shoes for like 60L or something, and they’re frankly a lot nicer than some of the stuff people have done with sculpts so they’re worth at least a look-see. I really like these boots, because they make me look tall.

Skinwise I am rocking the Rockberry (Luan in natural). I dropped the spacebux for a fatpack of these because they’re so pretty. They also come with a cleavage option which I am not wearing because I thought that would be a bit much for this look. I mean, pretend I ever bother with the cleavage option and that I made a wise decision to avoid it in this case. Luan is available in four tones and six make-ups, so you have some options to choose from.

Hair is from fri.day because I forgot to change it, lols. Poses from Get Bent, eyes are my own.

December 3, 2009

Mei Li 2

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I have waited on this skin for ages. It was released at the KMADD Skin Fair but I was unsure about the make-ups and was all “would I wear this if I got it?” and skins are a big purchase so I am a bit cautious about them. But there are new make-ups of it now that are more like what I normally get. This one is “Yaoi” which is Japanese for “slash fanfiction” or something. As you can see it comes in both normal and BOOBS. That is where the breasts are pushed together to make them look like you’re in an amazing bra and the overall effect is BOOBS. I am not a huge fan of BOOBS on Chav but I like that there is the option. Other options include Pube Knickers as they are technically known in the business. You can choose from 4 tones in this skin, this is tone 2.

I wore Mei Li for a long time and so I was excited and pleased to finally get some Mei Li 2 action going on. I like that there is a bit less severity on the cheekbones, which was a skin trend I never really took to all that much. I like grown-up look it has, and the smashing arse among other features.

Hair is from fri.day (sale, yay!) and undies are from Xmas last year at Armidi so you no can has.

November 13, 2009


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Patience Xie is awesomecakes, and she has been modding those Eloh skins like unto a woman possessed. Here is “The Fighter” which is beaten up. I am not normally sure how I feel about beaten-up skins, esp as they cause Drama, but as you can see from the name I won the fight. The other guy is like totally worse-looking than this. Pati’s shop is here and she also has green witchy skin and silvery robot skin. She likes Halloween a lot.

I obtained the skin as Blogger Swag, which btw I love HINT HINT and I feel I should mention that so that you know I am a) liek totally FIC and b) showing you something I didn’t have to pay for. Obviously it is most important that you know how Liek Totally FIC I am, because sometimes I feel left out not really knowing many fashion people. Woe is me.

To go with it I am wearing these combat trousers from Abyss, where I also got these dogtags. They are parts from one of those full avatar sets they sell, now available in pieces for those of us who don’t want to have to buy a shape or skin we don’t really want anyway. I think they should do this with more of their sets, but I assume they must sell as-is or they wouldn’t keep making them.

Corset is from Lovelace/Pixeldolls for that girly touch (EDIT: may not be available anymore? Woe.), and the boots are from Catnip. But I am not a neko, no. SEE, NO TAIL. Hair is a Truth one I am in love with, called Isle.

EDIT: Here is an alternate location for Pati’s skins. They are on a cart, apparently. EDIT AGAIN: Cart at the first place, oops.

November 12, 2009


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The other skin I picked up at the Skin Fair was Idiosyncrasy’s Devon, which I almost didn’t get because I was like “what is this weird brightness between the boobs?” but in the end I did anyway and isn’t it pretty? As you can see it has arms and legs and all the usual bits. Well, I don’t know about the bits bits, as I didn’t look. It is not my way to stare at my avatar’s bits. If it matters to you you can get a demo, so there. I will probably mess about with my shape around the lips, but otherwise I didn’t do any alterations to fit. This is it in “Base” (“Sunkissed” tone) because I seem to be overly worried about getting make-ups and them clashing with things. So this is her simplest form and the pretty is still there so I call that a win.

I still wonder why the Skin Fair turned off fly, but the build was nice so maybe it was to make us appreciate it by making us go past it slowly.Less low-lag than that other skin fair at KMADD, but not as whatever-it-was as the Hair Fair. My second visit wasn’t very laggy, so it seems it quietened down fairly fast.

Hair is from Truth (old freebie I think), undies are from the hunt at the Cupcakes sim opening.

November 9, 2009

Skin and a very shiny frock

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Yay, skin fair! Erm, the one at Vanity Universe. Which is the… third one this year? Anyway, it’s a skin fair! I bought two skins thus far, though I totally cheated and just went to the main stores after trying demos picked up at the fair. This is Lion Skins’ Yin skin, which is perhaps sliiiiightly weird around the eyes but I don’t care. There are Yin and Yang skins, with sensible or weird make-ups respectively. Like a girl I got one of the sensible ones. It makes me look a bit more grown up than usual, which is nice.

The dress is from TGIS which I believe stands for Trashy Girls In Style. I like when shops are descriptive like that. It is… either a photograph or terrifying. It looks scarily reflective and has little arm reflections painted on the back, which obviously will look a bit weird if you wear dark skin. I am fairly sure it was free, and I love it because it is like being wrapped in tinfoil and thus safe from M Linden’s mind rays.

Shoes are old Paper Couture (should be upstairs now?) and the hair is from Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos, which does indeed sell things other than kimono.

November 6, 2009

Underwears as Outerwears

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I got this skin a while back and have not been that good at finding looks that go with it. But I feel I have achieved with this “fell out of bed and went out into the world” ensemble. It is the underwear bits from a Paper Couture dress (old collection, look upstairs for it now) and the Gattina hair from Tiny Bird that I picked up back at the Hair Fair. So don’t worry I didn’t buy any of this on the day when I am supporting creators by depriving them of the spacebux they need to make tier. 🙂

The skin is from lis_noir, where there are two lines of lovely drawn-looking skins. I like looking slightly less than real, it makes SL seem more fun somehow. Not that there’s anything wrong with photorealism, I totally wear photo or hybrid skins a lot of the time. Just that I have always wanted something along these lines and the FD/NO ones have never quite suited me (though stay tuned for if I ever blog the one FD skin I found that worked on the Chav). This look aims for “I just woke up, this is what I look like under all the make-up.” This is helped by the hair which speaks of hobo hairdressers in Calleta. Though nowadays they live on Hobo Island, but there is an old school vibe to me that makes me think of those glory days of a sim that crashes every five minutes.

Oh and the shoes, which I lusted after for ever such a long time before finally buying them. It’s that they don’t really go with much that I own but still I wanted them because they are beautiful and made me weep with their gorgeous. They are also from PC, you need to own them so you can feel like a magical princess.

November 1, 2009


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You know, I would rather skin had no bits than it had bits that look scary. You know, the wee thin line of what I assume is pubes leading to a weird slash of “womanhood”. And sort of somehow held open so you can see the ovaries. Mmm, ovaries.


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