August 19, 2010

I aten’t dead!

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THE CHAV IS BACK. I had some issues taking photos in the SL and then some IRL health stuffs, but here I am with more pictures of crap you don’t need.

Today the Chav is punkin ur steams with this nice dress from G*Field. I think I own most of that shop by now, or at least most of the shoes. This look is “superkawaii loli does steampunk” or something, I think. The dress is available in colours other than brown but I do not see the point of other colours if you are being all steamy about it.

Boots and necklace are both Paper Couture, old stuff available on Xstreet if it’s gone from the main store.  Hair is Lamb I am fairly sure. Goggles are a freebie from Belle Belle Fantasy that should still be there because it would be sad if they weren’t. I tend to be a bit of a bitch about goggles and steampunk and the overuse of them in it, but I admit that sometimes they are good for completing your look.


May 17, 2010

two looks oooooh

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Here we have Chav in black and Chav as SUPER KAWAII LOLI DESU.

Black outfit is trousers from Armidi and a black bodysuit that’s out soon at House of Chav. Shoes are… I am fairly sure they’re Shiny Things. They are “classics” anyway. Hair is from Gritty Kitty and skin in both pics is from Fishy Strawberry. That’s what I was wearing exploring the Al-Andalus sims where I saw no one and some buildings. Well, there were a couple of people but they were afk being medieval or something. It’s a medieval sim, right? No one yelled at me to speak Ye Olden Arabic or Spanish though. So the better class of Ye Olden sim, and you’re even allowed to fly. Overall not as OMGEVIL as I had been led to believe by Certain People. You’re probably fine if you don’t go naked. But then naked is almost never appropriate, is it? Unless you’re demoing in Laqroki or something.

Second outfit is a frock from Nylon Outfitters that I’m sure I’ve blogged before but hey. Then stockings from League which are 75L for Project Themememememeory or whatever it’s called, and shoes from Lassitude & Ennui that last I saw were available now in a super bargain fatpack because they contain – wait for it – NO SCULPTS OF ANY KIND. Yes, I am rocking it old skool. The outfit then sort of demanded bunches, so here’s a Zero Style, erm, style that you can’t has because it was a CSR prize several goes ago. Ha ha! You can, however, has the dogtags from Abyss and the sunglass which are here on Xstreet for 80L. Yes, they are the Lady Gaga specs I bought today or yesterday or whatever day it was. It was at least one sleep ago, I know that much.

How do you feel about people blogging things that you not can has? It makes me VERY ANGRY, if you were wondering. Because that is almost always the item that you want. I promise the House of Chav thing will be out soon, if that helps any. I was wearing it to test it. It is entirely black, because black is the new black.

I like this skin, I do. Sometimes I put it on and think “what a weird colour it is” but that isn’t mostly, mostly I think The Chav looks wonderful and pretty and more better than she did before. It has a version with a hair base, but apparently that’s old-fashioned now that we’re supposed to be using 2.0 instead of a nice viewer. How is Emerald these days? Is it true they break into your IP address and upload yiff porn to you? (Hi, I am techno-ignorant.)

May 6, 2010

a posh day

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Today the Chav is dressed up fancy with a dress from Veschi what has a big bow on the back. I am pleased to see people still doing good with the system skirt, that maligned but useful clothing layer. This is about the perfect length for the system skirt, I reckon. Also the bow will help hide how huge it has made your arse look, if you worry about things like that. I believe Veschi has some sort of sale on at the moment, I went and bought half the shop like a day before that but I don’t regret it. (Though who else just waits for the sales these days? I know it can’t just be me.) IT HAS A GIANT BOW ON THE BACK! How can you resist that, eh?

Also check out these smashing sunglasses from JE*Republic that cost less than I had feared/expected. What we need is more bits of metal stuck to our sunglasses. At least I think that’s bits of metal. Whatever it is it looks lovely, you should have these so you can feel like some sort bes.  s person hiding your identity from the plebes.

Hair is from Lamb. I am sort of in love with Lamb hair lately, I like the updo thingys. They have a nice look to them. I need all the hair, I needs it like meat needs salt, only more so. It is not right that I am deprived of it. Shoes are Paper Couture from a bit ago, skin is Tuli’s Sayuri which I should get around to blogging about one of these days.

February 24, 2010

Everyone else is wearing it, why can’t I

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Today’s proof of the power of brown is the combination of Izzie’s corset dress and the new Moite jacket from Nyte’n’Day. I like to think the jacket makes the dress less… erm… well, look, it’s very short and because of that I am a bit ashamed of how much I like it. But don’t worry, even steampunks are allowed to skank it up every once in a while! The dress and coat are everywhere on the feeds and I like to see them as an example of how you can, indeed, shop mainstream and still come out steamy. There were some layering issues as is so frequent in mix’n’match but I hope I got something together at least for photos. Anyway, I think either bit of clothing is cute and well-made, and would recommend them to people if anyone ever asked me about such things.  Together I am a modern steampunk business woman, ever alert for the call to initiate the hostile takeover of a rival pie factory.

The boots? Are pre-sculpty.  Yah, rly. I got them from Lassitude & Ennui back when the only way to make a shoe involved part of a cylinder. You can now pick up a full set of these boots (Asuka) and platform shoes for like 60L or something, and they’re frankly a lot nicer than some of the stuff people have done with sculpts so they’re worth at least a look-see. I really like these boots, because they make me look tall.

Skinwise I am rocking the Rockberry (Luan in natural). I dropped the spacebux for a fatpack of these because they’re so pretty. They also come with a cleavage option which I am not wearing because I thought that would be a bit much for this look. I mean, pretend I ever bother with the cleavage option and that I made a wise decision to avoid it in this case. Luan is available in four tones and six make-ups, so you have some options to choose from.

Hair is from because I forgot to change it, lols. Poses from Get Bent, eyes are my own.

November 9, 2009

Skin and a very shiny frock

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Yay, skin fair! Erm, the one at Vanity Universe. Which is the… third one this year? Anyway, it’s a skin fair! I bought two skins thus far, though I totally cheated and just went to the main stores after trying demos picked up at the fair. This is Lion Skins’ Yin skin, which is perhaps sliiiiightly weird around the eyes but I don’t care. There are Yin and Yang skins, with sensible or weird make-ups respectively. Like a girl I got one of the sensible ones. It makes me look a bit more grown up than usual, which is nice.

The dress is from TGIS which I believe stands for Trashy Girls In Style. I like when shops are descriptive like that. It is… either a photograph or terrifying. It looks scarily reflective and has little arm reflections painted on the back, which obviously will look a bit weird if you wear dark skin. I am fairly sure it was free, and I love it because it is like being wrapped in tinfoil and thus safe from M Linden’s mind rays.

Shoes are old Paper Couture (should be upstairs now?) and the hair is from Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos, which does indeed sell things other than kimono.

November 6, 2009

50L Swagday!

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As a consumer I have almost no idea how 50 Linden Friday actually works, beyond that it is a weekly event where l33t Fashion FIC (lols!) people give me a chance to by cheap stuff. Through my Vast Inside Knowledge I am told there is some sort of massive waiting list, so I think it is a set of shops and if someone pulls out they get in someone else to make up the numbers? Whatevz, also it almost certainly wouldn’t work with many more shops, if only because I at least would become pickier about what I wanted to drop the vast sum of 50L on. Maybe it is to get freebie-hunters to spend spacebux? I know I met a woman on it once who said she has never paid Ls for anything yet has awesome stuff.

Anyway, the point is the swag! I picked up this dress from TY – Ty Zvezda and the cardigan thing from Milk Motion. I was tempted by other things, but a girl has to make tier, yo. I love this dress with one reservation. Okay, two. One is that the skirt and belt part are all one block so many poses eat the belt though I realise that my avatar is hugely fat. (Note: She isn’t.) The other thing is the glitchpants, in that there aren’t any. Normally I don’t buy dresses/skirts that don’t come with glitchpants, but it was only 50L and so 80s. Still, glitchpants are a good idea. An excellent idea, in fact. ALWAYS MAKE SOME, PLS.

Now onto things that were not 50L. I got this hair from Gritty Kitty today, even though it is a hat-hair. I just really liked the hat, what else can I say? I have also worn these smashing fishnets from Blowpop, which are among the best fishnets on the grid. These are they in ripped stockings, but you can buy them as unripped and as tights also. Or “pantyhose” as some nations hilariously call them.

The shoes came through the Maitreya Subscribe-o-Magic, they are not a style I would normally indulge in but a) free and b) seemed like they would go with the rest of the outfit. Skin is from lis_noir, see previous post.

October 18, 2009


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kurumi copy

So I went to the Kurumi opening sale and got some things that are pink. Very pink. PINK, even. Obviously there were colours that are not pink, but today I do not quite understand what those colours are for. They’re just not essential, darling.

I did have to move around attachments that were giant on me, but isn’t that part of the charm? Anyway, I like this… creation that is available as a jumpsuit or a dress. It has either collar or hood, depending on your choice of attachment. I don’t see why you would need both, but some people might get sad that they can’t.

I should also apologise for not blogging in what seems like a year, this is because I have been building and neglecting my appearance dreadfully.  Other than changing hair every five minutes, obviously. Isn’t hair special?

Shoooooz are from ETD, skin is Redgrave, hair is Muism when they had a sale so everything was less expensive. Tattoos from artilleri.

September 23, 2009


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cupcakesYou know, I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything full price from Cupcakes, not because I don’t like the stuff but because there’s so many sales and freebies. Skins especially, I have a whole folder full of those that were group gifts. I mention this because I got this stuff on sale as well, 25L a dress in the upstairs bit. The stuff is so nice, it really is.  I got a couple of things I will probably never wear just because they were so pretty, like when I get mad things at Paper Couture. Only these are more sensible than that, I should emphasise. You could wear these clothes anywhere, and people would Inspect you and/or think you’re a pretty princess deserving of cake and Linden bears.

Hair is Gritty Kitty, Shoes from League, Skin… err… I think it’s Laqroki? I should take notes before I do these things, I’m so faily.

September 20, 2009

Rotten Toe, Apparently

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I don’t know why you would name a shop after Johnny Rotten’s feet, though clearly what we have here is a punk foot-fetishist. I’m not judging, just sayin’. Here I am modelling a variety of styles, from “homeless hooker” to “super-kawaii loli.” (Black undies are an old Shai freebie, so as not to reveal anything Mature.) I like when someone has gone to the extra effort to make something look old and broken, it makes SL seem more sinister and perverted than it… okay, it is sinister and perverted, I can’t lie about that. But the point is that most things look new and I like occasional old-looking things. Blame my Hobo roots and Arcadia Asylum’s builds.

These things were very cheap, so possibly I got lost in a discount section, but either way I am not complaining. I need to save my spacebux for the jewellery and skin fairs, yo.

SLURL time!

Shoes are from Canimal, skin is Pixeldolls,  black hair’s from Kin, pink hair is a group gift from Rotten Toe, which was totally worth one of my 25 spaces.

August 31, 2009

Sugarcube and HoC

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One thing I learned from the hobos of Second Life is that making something look old/used/broken is harder than making something look new and intact. Case in point the use of alpha and sculpt in this new dress from Sugarcube, the methods required to make it look like it got attacked by a dog or an angry washing machine. I find this dress to be beautiful and deceptively simple.

The boots are from House of Curios, released at some point during my recent absence from SL. The stompy look went nicely with the dress and  some torn stockings from Canimal.

Skin from Tuty’s, hair from Armidi.

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