February 28, 2011

New Things at Chav’s

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Here are some things that I made that you can get in Chav’s in Trimaxion or Mellor.

Also I’ve got some stuff out in Oculea on the “Hobo Space Land.” There’s some stuff from the shop and some old stuff that I’ve made freebie. So if you can find the place (it’s behind Tooter’s avatar place) then YOU TOO can have a laptop device, “motoring cycle” or a hoover hoverboard for free. Or all of them. There’s some textures there as well, but very old so not great but hey they’re free.



February 24, 2011


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First up, I’ve got a store on PG land now as well. It is here or thereabouts, in Mellor. It’s on estate land, so I didn’t have to up my tier and the rent is something I can cover, I think, I hope. Trying it out for a few weeks to see what happens.

In other news, I have made some more stuff.

I made this outfit but I can’t remember why, other than I saw a picture I liked and worked from that to make my own version. I try not to do anything too similar when I’m photo-referencing, so that it’s not just the same thing and in case anyone gets angry at me. Usually it ends up not looking that much like whatever I’m basing it on, which is nice. Anyway, this is a top and some leggings. As it, erm, says on the picture. Whatever, word count is very important to me and indeed to most people.

This is a sort of oversized hat because I wanted a hat like this. It’s a bit bulkier than I intended but I do like it like this. It’s mod so you could always play about with it to see if it can look more sensible.

As always, you can get these things at Chav’s in Trimaxion or on the Marketplace.

I know everyone seems to hate the Marketplace, but I quite like it. It’s handy for finding things and either buying them then or getting a SLURL to visit when I go in-world. It’s like if Second Life a) rezzed faster and b) had a decent search. Actually at the moment I am selling more on the Marketplace than in-world, which I understand is not usually the way. Maybe it is that the in-world shop(s) be new and the Marketplace is less requiring of people to already know who and where you are? I would like to think that in-world sales will grow for me, but I have failed many times in the past and am not one to be optimistic when pessimism can prevail. But to be honest it’s by my standards going pretty well so far, in that anyone has bought anything at all.

I am wondering about the effect of going into outfits more and less with the separates? I used to have almost nothing in outfits and now most of the clothes are already sorted for you into wee sets. So maybe people prefer that, or maybe it’s just nicer ads. I know my more recent stuff is better, but some of what sells is old stuff rebranded, so it can’t just be me improving over time. I shall wonder about this, any opinions and/or suggestions are welcome, because it interests me and of course helps towards buying a solid gold car.


Meanwhile, the skin in the ads is the Glam Affair (Mary?) one I bought at the Skin Fair the other day, and the hair is from Lamb if you were wondering about that.

February 23, 2011

Ho Hum

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I put some things on the marketplace, some sleeves and stairs and some big rocks basically. I shall see what happens. I hope people buy them because I spent all my spacebux on things. I got a Glam Affair skin at the Skin Fair, which was less laggy than I had feared. So now I need to keep what I have left for uploads, because I do get through a lot of upload fees. Wah, if only they were free. But then we’d… I don’t know, upload more things maybe. Maybe they fear that happening.

February 22, 2011

Skins, Comma, Lack Of

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I haven’t been to the Skin Fair yet because I can’t get in and I only have 1200 spacebux anyway, which I need for uploads. Obviously this means you should all buy my stuff so I can buy skin. Idk that I need skin at the moment anyway, I got the fatpack of Curio’s Jasmine not many days ago and I love that still.

I’ve been making things, I am trying to get started making skyboxes if only because I spent most of my spacebux on textures and want to get my money’s worth. Eventually I might be able to build a shop to my own specifications, because I’m starting to run out of wall space in the current one. So my shop now has a couple of skyboxes and some furniture, thanks to me learning how to apply a texture in Blender, for which I thank tutorials.


February 15, 2011

Subject Line

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I’ve been experimenting with the textureness of Blender, I have learned at least how to preview a texture and I think I have worked out how to do repeats. Both of these should prove useful. Picture is a jacket I made using my new knowings about Blender texture viewing. It shows me how it will look on the object, so at the very least I can do a trial-and-error thing so far.

In other news I sold two dresses and celebrated by buying new skin. It’s Curio’s Jasmine in Wood, I already had the Pure ones of it and I like it a lot like I like apples and cake. It helps make Chav look a bit sophisticated I think. I hope.


February 13, 2011


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This is like a dress thing.


And this is a shiny coat because I just really wanted one.

Both can be got at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Trimaxion/224/225/40/


February 12, 2011


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I feel slightly cheap, as I have made a Holiday Item. It is V-Day underwear, um. It is a dollarbie and can be got from Chav’s or from the Marketplace. So. I have previously avoided making such things because they’re so time-sensitive, but it was something to do. It has hearts on it and everything.

February 10, 2011

New Things at Chav’s

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Here are two things I made today that I have put in the shop just now. I am blogging about them so you can see what they look like, as people like to know what things look like, I find.

First I made a dress which looks like so:

So as you can see it is red. I like it and plan to wear it a lot. You can obtain it for spacebux on the Marketplace on this page.

The next thing I made was not a dress, even though it has a top and a skirt. But don’t let that confuse you.

The sculpt on that skirt was a right bugger, let me tell you. I had to change it like three times after I thought it was finished each time. I had trashed the whole thing at one point, but I made some changes and am quite pleased with the final result. It can be got here on the Marketplace.

Items can be purchased in-world at Chav’s in Trimaxion.  Which now has a Midnight Mania with a dress in it. It’s set low so you’ll probably be able to get it if you TP in a few friends. I have to set it low cos I have low traffic, but I am sure that one day the item will actually be won.

So yeah that is what I made today. It was a productive day.




I made a dress

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Here is a dress that I made this morning. To make it relevant I shall talk now about the other things in the picture.

The skin is the new one from Curio, which I think is smashing. Hair is from fri.day who I thought weren’t making hair anymore or maybe they just have lots that I hadn’t seen before. Well, anyway, it is nice. The boots are from Shiny Things, I think they are sculpted shoes from before those were invented by Stiletto Moody, if so then they are Historically Interesting and do not exist. Fallingwater Cellardoor is too talented it is not right.

Oh look, I failed to do any sort of Review Element there. I don’t really have strong opinions about these things? I mean I like them and all, possibly even love, but there is not much to say about them and I’m sure most people have seen this stuff before. I think everyone has these boots, or at least they should.

So, anyway, a dress. I shall think what to do with it. People don’t really come to my shop, but I suppose I could put it in that Midnight Mania thing that I bought ages back and that nobody ever won because I didn’t get enough traffic to make it give out the prize even when I set it low. I mean that is kind of sad, isn’t it? That people didn’t get the free stuff because of my failures. I shall give it another go though, that thing wasn’t cheap if I remember right. And I suppose I could put in a Lucky Chair? Do people still like those things? It’s all boards now, no one wants the effort of having to sit in something anymore, right? I think I alway have a MobVend but they’re kind of evil in a way.

February 9, 2011

A Thing

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Here is a thing I have made that I am quite pleased with:

It is a sculpted jumper (“sweater”) thing with optional buttons and a medal and stuff on it. I am still learning Blender and trying to work out how you are meant to texture sculpts with it. Possibly not helped by the fact that I can’t draw without Photoshop to hold my hand and make encouraging sounds.

Another thing I made is this:

…which is a new jacket with sculpted parts, over a recycled old undies set which is now called a bodysuit to make it sound more exciting.

Both these things are available now at Chav’s in Trimaxion. Yes, I am just calling it “Chav’s” now, because naming shops is an awful pit of despair. At least for me it is. Plus it means I can just shove everything into the one shop and not have to run more than one to keep up with making too many kinds of things. Which also saves on Classified costs.

This new age of not-as-rubbish-as-before is thanks to me finally learning how to get the avatar mesh into Blender so that I can build around it. Thus my sculpted clothing parts can be more accurate. Now I just need to figure out that Vertex Paint Mode thing which is so far eluding me and making me flail my arms in frustration and fail.

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