March 17, 2010

My own stuff, sorry

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Here is a lovely picture of things you can get at Ugly Doll in Harbeng. I say in Harbeng but we only have one location so far even though we looked at other places. Though to be honest I don’t shop much at malls in SL because a) on my PC it’s like swimming in glue and b) most of them are the same shops as every other mall. I think it is because obviously you want cool people, and there are only so many cool people in SL. But I digress. Lookit the lovely clothes! There are sculpts involved, and sculpts make everything approx. 500 times better than it would be otherwise. At least so the prices in other shops tell me. The big secret of sculpties is that if you just want shading it’s actually easier than normal prims, because Blender will do it for you rather than you having to guess as with a normal prim.

I am Trying To Push Myself Artisically by including such things, because they have always scared me. To be fair so do most things, but sculpties are especially scary even though a basic one isn’t as hard as people seem to think. There is a whole industry in SL based on people not being able to sculpt, and I will own up here and say that’s what pays my tier in SL, rather than the clothes that people don’t tend to want. The clothes are just for giggles and fun. I think I would hate being a sim-owner with a shop, where you have to worry all the time about selling enough spaceclothes to make your tier payments. Actually I am surprised more shops haven’t closed with The Economy in the past year, though there was a lot of down-sizing, some sudden closures, and a lot of sales. I don’t really know if the sales mean people weren’t making enough spacebux, but that is what I tend to assume. Or they’re incredibly generous like Santa.

So, erm, buy my stuff, it’s nice. …man, I am rubbish at selling things in text. I know you are meant to go on about fabrics and quality, but I wouldn’t want to lie to people and also there is a picture so you can see for yourself. I am equally bad at selling other people’s stuff, that is why on this blog I tend to ramble and try not to spread unsubstantiated gossip. But who doesn’t love unsubstantiated gossip?

Now I have to go and remake all my ads to be prettier. That’ll be fun for the first five minutes or so.

NEXT TIME: Probably a post about stuff I have bought with the endless spacebux I made from selling these things to people.


March 15, 2010

Two birds, one stone

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This post will be serving as both “Omgfashion” and “see what I made!” since I just shoved this coat on over what I was already wearing, which was stuff I made myself. This is terribly lazy of me and I should try not to do it again.

So hay, I got this coat from *DP*yumyum or wherever the *s go. It is a complex sculpted creation and I discovered near the end of photo-taking that because of the construction you can remove the body part and wear it as a cute short jacket. I do wonder how the coat looks on an avatar taller than the Chav, but that is not of great concern to me since I am not those avatars.  Basically it is hella cute. As usual I am wondering what I can say that isn’t obvious from the picture. How do people manage to SL-fashion-blog?

Hair is from the same shop, where they do a lovely black that doesn’t just look matte on my screen. You know the sort, the ones that come in four shades of completely pitch black. The hair bow obviously makes me look exactly like Lady Gaga, but slightly more pixellated. I mean, she is almost real and Chav is just an avatar. It is unfair I feel to compare us.

Yeah I was lazy and didn’t bother to make an outfit, so I am just wearing a top and skirt that I made for Ugly Doll and was still messing with at the time. Isn’t a large part of making your own spaceclothes about saving money by having to buy less stuff? Yes, yes it is. I hope I have not besmirched the good name of *DP*yumyum by thus associating myself with the awesome, and I promise that in future I will try to separate posts about what I made and what other people made.

Skin is Rockberry, shoes from HoC. Note to self: change shoes soon.

March 13, 2010

Nylon Outfitters and stuff

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Okay, Chav, just pretend you never went all niche for five minutes before running out of things to blog about. It’s cool, no one minds. Let’s move on like it never happened.

So! I have been in a Tableau mood the past day or so, probably because of my shiny new skin from Fashionably Dead. And my new shape. I haven’t changed my shape much in like years, beyond tweaking the face and toying with the hips/shoulders ratio some. It is sort of refreshing and liberating in a strange way to alter your shape a lot. Obvs I kept a copy of my old shape Just In Case.

Today’s clothes are from Nylon Outfitters, a place I like to occasionally go to and just look at the things and feel intimidated by the skillz of drawing involved. Okay some things are a bit too hand-drawn for me to carry off but that is my fault for not being cool enough. I still much prefer such things to photosourced clothes which creep me out in general because I like to look cartoony rather than like a page of Google Image results. But I digress. Or do I? Basically I am not sure this outfit would go well with, say, Redgrave skin, but if you go for the whole look with skin and so on you will look exciting and beautiful and like you are A Person To Know.

Tableau is maybe my favourite Sim now that the hobos are no longer in Calleta (visit Hobo Island! It is tops!) and it has hugely influenced my own crafting by saying it is okay to look drawn and to have fun rather than trying to look like something from the Uncanny Valley. I am sure these people could do super-realism if they really wanted to, but they don’t want to and that impresses me vastly for some reason. If you’re in Tableau looking for something a bit more realistic I would say drop by Paper Couture even though it is a bit gowny this season and in some ways is being out-coutured these days by places like Lelutka. *manages to avoid mentioning Renderosity*

I don’t know how popular drawn is as opposed to photosourced but I know which I like best most of the time at least in clothing. Skins are different, I think, since you need a certain blandness to suit a range of avatars. I mean it has taken me three years to get skin from Fashionably Dead, and it took a change of avatar shape before I went for it finally. I must resolve to investigate drawn skins more, as they are whimsical and cute.

Hair is from Clawtooth (an old 50L Friday?) and shoes are from HoC because really how many pairs of fake Chucks does any one avatar need?

March 12, 2010

Things I Made

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I made some shorts and a jacket for Ugly Doll which you can find at Harbeng 140/110/104 and which is obviously a wonderful shop full of amazing things that you will like. I am having fun experimenting with prims and sculpts and the like. These days people shove sculpts onto everything so I need to get more confident about texturing them and indeed making them in the first place. Also you can get free stuff if you join the group in-world. And then you can leave immediately, I don’t mind, I just wanted to distribute freeness.

It is shaming how many shops I have had in SL. I tend to get bored of their failure and just start over, or I want to play in a new genre so I again just start over. Or else they do okay and I just get bored generally. I will see how long I can keep this one open, I have told myself I don’t care if no one buys anything because the rent is being paid by sculpts anyway.  But a couple of things have sold, which for me is like being epically successful.

Next I promise to blog things made by other people that are nicer than these things. BUT! You can see that I have changed my shape and am mostly wearing Fashionably Dead skin! Isn’t that exciting? I don’t know if the new-look Chav will last but I am enjoying it so far.

March 10, 2010


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Changing my blog again because I changed my shape. Or something. I am just going to post whatever I want, mwahaahaha.

March 4, 2010

A dress! Yay!

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After a long search I finally found a dress! This is the Steamship Dress from Destiny’s Designs, which is 400L and comes with various parts including a hat. One thing I especially like is that the bustle is separate from the skirt so you can wear it alone, which I… didn’t think to take a picture of. But you can imagine and/or use your hand to cover the skirt in the above picture. It is a dress that makes me want to save up and buy other things from the shop, which would be a big deal if I didn’t buy so much stuff in the SL that I don’t in any way need. I like the texturing and effort of detail, something I found lacking in Certain Other Shops that will remain nameless.

You can also grab a gear from the current Steam Hunt at the shop. It wasn’t hard to find, which is always a relief on hunts. And this is another thing I originally found on XStreet, which again shows the value of listing your stuff there. Only downside is the Sim has what looks to be some model-bots in it, but I overcame my distaste because there were pretty dresses to be had.

Hair is Kin, skin is lis_noir.

March 3, 2010

Rotten Toe (Eww)

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They may have the most minging name in Second Life, but I love the clothes from Rotten Toe. Dirty, broken, torn and damaged. It’s a style I was introduced to by Arcadia Asylum (remember her?) and so I know it’s harder to make old things in SL than new things. Old and broken require a detailling and imagination often missing from clothes in SL. I have tried it and it is r difficult, so I admire and envy the skill displayed here. These clothes are wonderfully distressed and are exactly the sort of thing you shouldn’t wear around Caledon lest someone see your ankles and faint. This is the Rottenesque outfit which was only like 200L and is epic win. It comes with top and bloomers and skirt and stockings and prim bits for your bloomers. There is also if I remember right a group that gives you free stuff occasionally.

I ended up there via Xstreet, which is good for browsing and stuff like that even if I almost never actually have the spacebux there to buy anything. But I think it’s very useful as a catalogue for finding stuff to go look at and buy in-world.

Boots are from Kookie last (?) 50L Friday but you can buy them in other colours at a normal price now I believe, hair is from Kin and skin is from lis_noir. I felt a hand-drawn look to the face was needed for this outfit, so lis_noir it is.

I was actually going to wear a big fancy dress for this post but I’ve still to find one that I like enough. That and I’m not very good at doing posh. I am more Babbage than Caledon, y’know? But I did look in good faith and I hope to someday be able to wear a big dress here, even if it means digging out something from Wardrobe Trunk and kicking it old school. BTW, Wardrobe Trunk seems to have downsized from a sim to a tiny shop in one of the Caledons, which is a bit depressing but I suppose it is at least partly that nothing new has been released in ages. Anyone know what’s going on there?

But, erm, yes, Rotten Toe. Ignore the disgusting name and revel in the disgusting clothes.

March 1, 2010

When all else fails, turn to Bare Rose

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I was going to get a dress for this post, but I couldn’t find one that I liked enough. Suggestions are welcome, especially if they aren’t full of Gorean stuff as well. Because they hate our freedom. In the end I put on most of ‘Steam Rocket’… Something from Bare Rose, which is old but gold. I dispensed with skirt and fluffy neck thing and just wore the shirt, jacket and trousers. Sometimes you have to shun skirts in the name of people not seeing up your skirt when you fly over them in your airship.

Hair is from Inorite, but I have the feeling that’s closed? I certainly bought it during some sort of sale, and didn’t think to check it’s still around. Oops, sorry, my bad. Is it me or is it surprisingly hard to find a nice bob in this style? I have a couple, but I’m not entirely happy with any of them. I need to shop for more hairs. Which I do anyway, but now I have a purpose beyond just that of buying things that I don’t need.

Boots are from Shiny Things, an old fallback of mine, and the skin is Lan from Fishy Strawberry.