June 20, 2011

G*Field Yay!

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Skirt, top and boots from G*Field. I love G*Field because the stuff there is super-cute as well as nicely made. I have about a million shoes from there and a lot of clothes. She does tend to shove roses onto anything that moves, but I can’t complain because I still buy the things. Hair is Lamb. skin is from Tuty’s, necklace is Mynerva (10Ls!), goggles from KAZE.

In other news I am now living in an abyss in a snow sim. Yeah, I got rid of the wee town. It was stressing me, I’m weird like that.



June 16, 2011

New Skiiiiiin

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Went back to look at Tuty’s, where the skintones seem to have got a bit more natural than they were before, and picked up some skins. This is the Zhang skin what is based on Zhang Ziyi. Idk why but Tuty’s skins look less ZOMGPHOTO than most photoskins. Maybe he draws over them or something, I don’t know how these things are made. Anyway, I got the fatpack of this one and also one that promises to make Chav look like Gong Li. Which it does a bit but there are no pictures here to prove that so I could be lying to you for luls.

Clothes are from Sweetest Goodbye. I wanted this outfit for a while but worried it would look skanky but it doesn’t. The skanky part is that the AO pose makes it look like she has her hands down her pants. But what can you do, eh?

June 12, 2011

White Dress

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I got this dress on the Marketplace from ~hanamachi~ which sells all sorts of pretty girly things. Then I ruined that with biker boots from Redgrave and some daft socks/stockings that I made myself. The boots have invisiprims and it really is hard to go back to those after alpha layers have happened to you (I’m in Imprudence these days).  Still, they look nice and that’s what counts.

The clock necklace I found here, again on the Marketplace. I wanted to be like Flava Flav and this was as close as I could find. I know what time it is, yeah boyeee.

Hair is lamb, skin is Belleza, goggles from KAZE and poses are from Luth where everything is half price now and it might be closing at some point if the shop stops covering tier, so run there fast and stock up on delicious cake I mean poses.

And then after I took this photo I went and bought some new skin, so Chav is not actually looking quite like this at the moment. Perhaps I will post about the skin next time.

June 9, 2011

Steamy in Zaara

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There’s a sale on at Zaara, so I picked up some stuff. But not the pretty kurta that looks so nice on everyone, cos I realised I’d feel weird wearing it. It’d just sit in the folder with the saris I got last time. I dunno, I think it’s that it’s not Chav’s fauxthnicity. But! Other things! I got this top and shorts there. I ended up with three colours of these shorts, which probably means something. Actually I think it’s pretty awesome that Zaara can make money with Indian-style stuff, but then she is pretty amazing with the drawing. Anyway as you can see I have attempted a vaguely steampunk look by wearing brown and brown-like colours. Possibly this is not how you are intended to wear these things, but hey at least you can’t see my knickers or my arse hanging out of those creepy jeans that have no obvious way of staying up. Man, those things freak me out. It’s bad enough when trousers in SL are too low and you have to wear something long over them to get rid of the Visible Arse.

Jacket is from Aoharu, who did not have brown but beige will do in a pinch. Just as long as you don’t wear entirely beige, I would think. Like all sculpted things it can look a bit odd in some poses, so I had to stand about until Chav did something where it looked right. Always something to bear in mind. (I have just read a WTF marketplace review of a Mon Tissu item that complained that the sculpted sleeves didn’t flow. Because everyone else has flexisculpts, amirite?)

Boots from Shiny Things, skin is Glam Affair’s Sakura. (Googles, hair, see previous post.)

I did not intend this post to be so arse-based, sorry about that. It was meant to be about how great Zaara is at the drawing and how all her stuff makes me salivate. I am sure Zaara has an arse, but I have never seen it. I don’t know what she wears in SL. Oh noes, I am digging myself ever deeper here. I mean Chav has a smashing arse but there are limits to how much I want other people to see it. That limit is “not at all unless they fly past when I am changing and they live forever haunted by the sight of it.”


June 8, 2011


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Hello, still in Atomic skin and Lamb hair. I like blonde-with-dark-roots a lot, you see.

Sentences are hard. Um. Most of this stuff is from Marketplace purchases. Let us start at the top. Goggles are from Kaze, earrings from Mandala which is not Mandela even though sometimes I get confused. It would be weird if it was Mandela. Top from insanya, corset is Pixeldolls. Skirt from Phoenix Rising, stockings are from !gO!, boots are me old CIVVIES faves.

So basically it is a day of wearing brown, which is to steampunk as black is to goths. Pics taken on Hobo Island.

June 7, 2011

Gosh Darnit

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Still wearing this Lien skin from Atomic. Yay, it is pretty. Lamb has this new hair out and I bought the blonde-with-roots one because Chav is not so much a natural blonde and yet it kind of suits her. So, compromise. And see how my hands are EATING EACH OTHER in this pose. It’s times like that when you wish all avatars were the same size, then you remember being in There for five minutes and are glad that they’re not. (There is coming back but you have to give them money up-front. I never found anything I wanted to pay for in There.)

Outfit is Sweetest Goodbye, stockings are still Blowpop, boots are from Gos where I took the pictures.

So yeah there *may* be slightly more posts here now that I can run SL, PS and Firefox all at the same time.

June 6, 2011


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Got a new skin. It’s “Lien” from Atomic, in the Honey tone. Yeah look at me all hardcore with my almost no hair and my ciggie! The mohican is from DeeTalez and I am wearin it with some hairbase that came with a skin. I’m not settled on which one to use yet, but this is from “HS” which I think is HeartSomething. Heartsick? You know, the skins shop.

Clothes-wise I just bought a fair bit from Sweetest Goodbye. The no hair is to offset the sexualness in case creepy mans start coming on to me. I hope it works. Torn fishnets from Blowpop, boots from Shiny Things. The wall is just a wall.

June 5, 2011

Now With Pictures!

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Here is Chav in some clothes, in Wollstonecraft Place. That’s the cloistery bit across from Madame Adored’s House of Enthusiasm, in case you weren’t wondering. What are the clothes? I shall tell you the clothes! Jacket and glasses come from Ladies Who Lunch, and them other goggles on me head are a marketplace find, they’re called Kimiko Goggles if that helps. Bodysuit is from OhMai! which I couldn’t find when I looked earlier, hmm. Skirt is part of an outfit from Secret Shelf, boots are Lassitude & Ennui, tights are Blowpop. Hair from Wasabi Pills (another Marketplace find, check out the hair with balloons on it!) and skin is Sakura from Glam Affair, I think with a lipstick layer from either the Dressing Room GA skin or from Launa Fauna.

And now for moar pics of my land. Because you care.

View from near the teleport point, which is in that wooden structure on the left.

One of severa arches in the town.  They’re not massively high because I used the Babbage building rule that 5 or 6 metres is tall enough for one floor thank you.


View down a street from under a stone arch-slash-tower thing.


Looking out a window down another street.


Oh alas that hovertext doesn’t show in snapshots. The prims aren’t really breedable, it is all a bit of “humor” as the Americans say.

Let me know if you need/want a free shoplet and think you can vaguely fit the theme. Land is in Tyranz, at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tyranz/67/80/33/ which is on the mainland but hey it could be worse. Even if you don’t want a wee shop or have any ideas about filling the buildings, feel free to drop by and visit sometime.


June 4, 2011

Wollstonecraft Place, Steampunk Utopia

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So for the past week I have been working on building a wee steampunky town on a 1/4 sim in Tyranz, on the mainland (one of the newer continents). I build like 40 buildings or so, I think. I’ve been working on detailling it, but I’m not sure what to add so I’m just declaring it technically open and there’s more stuff to come when I can think of/get round to it. No pics yet as I am on a new PC, but I promise it is worth visiting if you have nothing better to do. It will be open to roleplayers if you like that sort of thing, or you can just look round. I will see about planning an Opening Event at some point. Will have to investigate the phenomenon of DJs in SL.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tyranz/67/80/33/ is where it is. Free clothes are available at the landing point if you want to match the buildings and don’t have anything to wear, but obvs you can wear whatever you like, it’s not Gorean or anything like that.

Now to go and test saving snapshots to disc on this PC.