January 31, 2011

Stuff! That you can buy!

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So I have put some things on Xstreet. I mean the Marketplace. Oops. Took me long enough to stop calling it SLexchange.

Here are some pictures!

I think I uploaded those pics properly, I shall have to check once this is posted.

Anyway, my Marketplace store with new stuff is here at this link.

In-world shop coming at some point, possibly by the end of this week. I shall let you know, because you’re cute.



January 30, 2011


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I sold my old land and got new land. And wow bots are fast. I didn’t get much for the old land, but it was something towards the newer land anyway. The land is in a Mature sim called Trimaxion, which is named after the ship from Flight of the Navigator according to Google.  I got Mature so that I could swear freely on my land, which is very important to me.

Got a shop from The Dirty Rat in Verdigris (I think it’s the build that store uses itself, or a version thereof) and have put furnishings in it but I have been too lazy to take pics for ads to put any actual for-sale things in the shop yet. So it is not so much a shop yet other than in name. I have some stuff I made this past week and some slightly older stuff that I think is still nice and I think this time I will sort it into outfits and sell it as those.  This is at least partly because I always seemed to sell more of things when they were part of something rather than on their own. I don’t know if other people have the same experience with that, but I suppose it saves people the bother of having to work out if they have anything that matches.  Oh and I just remembered I’ve got a couple of dresses in inventory that I never released in the old shop. I can’t even remember what they look like. Um. I think one of them is red. I know bustles were involved somehow.

I will be putting my sculpts in the same building, I think, possibly in the upstairs bit. One shop is easier to run than two shops, right? Probably will call the whole thing “House of Chav” for lols, or some other Chav-related name that I can come up with. I have a vague idea of opening by Friday, but I might make it before that if I stop procrastinating the effortsome parts of it all.

I just like having somewhere to put the things I’ve made. Even if no one buys a thing, they still potentially might and that makes me feel like there is more use to the things than if they just sat in my inventory and nobody else could use them. I don’t know if I should get hooked up with a subscribo, last time that was just in danger of becoming a money-sink once enough people had touched it. It was kind of lolarious, I’d send out a message and then people would show up to get off the list and nobody ever came for any other reason. Well, unless there was a free thing. People did sign up to get free things. I don’t know how to get a new one, it kept thinking it was my old one. Oh well, maybe there is a similar system somewhere else?


January 25, 2011

So anyway

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I seem to be more or less back in the SL at least for a while. Crashy crashy but I do like the dresses and the shoes and those are more important I am sure.

Tonight I made a clothes! I haven’t done that in months, I was relieved that I still remember most of the little I know how to do in Blender. Clothes is just based on a photo I saw and wanted the clothes from, have not yet quite decided what to do with it. If I sell it I kind of need a new shop. My sculpts aren’t for sale in-world at the moment because I sold my Nokomis land to a neighbour. So I’ll probably just build a really big shop and put everything in it. Separated neatly somehow. And I’ll need to make decent ads for stuff. That could be a project. Projecty things keep me in SL more than dancing and exploring, due to computer fail pretty much.

Speaking of sculpts, I bought a dress on Xstreet and when looking at it on I realised that I’d made one of the sculpts on it! (It still had my name as creator, I hope that doesn’t cause problems in the future.) I was all pleased that my stuff exists in the wild as it were!

Been catching up with people and stuff. And trying out Phoenix which is too red but it’s okay so far I suppose.

January 23, 2011


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I went to OS Grid. There… wasn’t really anything there. But it has search now, which it didn’t last time I was there which I suspect was 2008. Oops, failure to attend there.

Needs moar dresses.