December 2, 2016

Chav Shop items

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New items have been added at Chav Shop both in-world and on the Marketplace. I shall show you some pictures and then you can decide what you think of them, okay?

These are mesh scarves, rigged to more or less move as you do. They are in dirt colours as I am on a Wastelands kick at the moment.

This is system layer clothing.YEAH, I KNOW, SO OLD SCHOOL! *hi5* Can be worn by “Classic” avatars which is to say not mesh ones because making appliers take approx ages and I have enough hassle just boxing things and putting them on the MP. So there.(Srsly though, if you do have a specific appliers request pls feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do.)


This is probably the best thing, it is a lovely crown made of things that you might find at a landfill site. Unrigged mesh, makes you look important.






December 1, 2016

chav shope RE-OPENED in-world

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Chav Shop(e) is now open again in-world in Second Life. It’s gonna be all new items, but you can find most of the older stuff on the SL Marketplace if you are looking for something from days gone by. The SLURL to the virtual brick’n’mortar is this link here, or you can wander The Junkyard region until you find it.

So yeah it’s a mix of clothing and accessories. The clothing shall be mesh and also some things on the ye olde system clothing layers, cos I still wear that stuff occasionally and it can’t just be me, rite? I shall try to be quick about adding new things to it so that it can at least sit there half-full when my attention inevitably wanders to other hobbies for a while.

Oh! And there is this now as well:


The Poopseum is located in the building behind Chav Shop(e) and is as it says a history of stuff in Second Life as told by poops of historical importance &tc. Each display case will spit out a notecard on touch, telling you THINGS about THE PAST. There are so far seven (I think…) exhibits, so make you sure you run like the wind to view the museum.

If that doesn’t appeal (WHY THE HELL NOT??) then there’s always the Atomic Teahouse next to Chav Shope where you can sit for a while and pretend to drink tea.

Anywho, that’s what’s been happing in my SL life.