October 27, 2013


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hop://hypergrid.org:8002/Dust/111/21/24 — latest free OpenSim clothes by the Chav.

I so much prefer working on free grids where there’s no upload fees so I can just give stuff away like so. It is way less stressful than having to deal with being A Business in Second Life.



October 26, 2013


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( I believe the “not-SLURL” is hop://hypergrid.org:8002/Dust/119/82/21 )

Here’s ma region on Metropolis grid! Sort of a concentrated and more focussed version of the old Chavtopian wastelands. This is the view from the Chavtopian settlement up on the hills. The region has an Exciting Backstory and contains many freebies of all sorts. 

As you know, Bob, I like having a project to be getting on with. I’ve built some new stuff along with rezzing older builds that fitted the theme. It is going to be my home and shop and whatever else it needs to be. Pls to visit, thanx in advance.


October 22, 2013

Metro Again

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Back in Metropolis Grid for at least the time being. I reckons grids with spacebux just stress me out, I’m ultimately happier on those evil commie freebie grids. This means I need to rebuild Chavtopia, or something like it. Have vague plans to see about getting a sim over the weekend, until then am building in an empty sim with the gracious permissions of Han.

Being a Post-Apocalyptic Urchin is always fun. Maybe the huge hands are a mutation, maybe they are the result of an experiment gone wrong. Who can say?

Metro is small and friendly and feels like a sort of home. I like it there. Sorry, InWorldz 😦