October 20, 2011


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I decided my avatar would look better with an abnormally large head. I don’t know if she does but I like it so far. Makes her look less real. Hopefully no other cosmetic surgery will take place. I have included before and after pics to show the head enlargement.

(Tattoo, top and glasses are artilleri, shorts are Ingenue, skin is Curio, hair is Clawtooth.)



October 19, 2011

Two of Chavs

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BEHOLD my amazing Photoshop skillz!

Chav the past few days has been in a kimono or the 1950s, so here’s the latter. Outfit, tattoo and glasses from artilleri (pre-tattoo-layers! OLD SKOOL!), shoes from Ingenue, skin from Curio and hair from Clawtooth. I think the huge-hands-and-ginger thing is working for Chav, though possibly other – foolish – people disagree.

I also picked up a fab AO from Oracul in Kuso. It’s supposedly for kids but I find it’s actually quite sassy and rather to sexual for the wee ones. (Urchin!Chav has a custom-built AO with the least sexual poses that could be found in 2007.)

What have I been making? Urchin clothes and stuff that allows people to dress as River Song. Neither is in my normal shop, but the urchin stuff is on the Marketplace. I’m not doing custom work so much as working with people and looking into new areas at the suggestion of others.


October 16, 2011

Chav’s New Look

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The new thing should be big hands, so I have given Chav the hands and arms of Urchin!Chav from years back. Plus she is a ginger now. I have always thought she’d make a nice ginger.

Clothes from artilleri, hair from Lamb, skin from Curio.

I don’t know how long the hands will last but I think that make her look perfect in all ways.


October 15, 2011


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Been quite busy making stuff for various things. One thing that happened is that I am soon to open a shop for wee urchins in Mieville… I think Mieville Wells, but I could be wrong about that. So I’ve been making some wee urchin clothes. This means the return of Urchin Chav, last seen regularly around 2007, with her freakish monkey arms and her giant hands.

Chav looked like this for ages until making stuff required becoming tall so often that it was easier to just keep her as an adult. I will not be becoming a wee child full-time, but I feel quite nostalgic dragging her out of inventory for some modelling and building.

So we’ll see how the urchin stuff goes. There’s a fair few urchins in the steampunk sims, after all. The stuff is on the marketplace and will be available in-world probably in the next few weeks, depending when I get the building I’m gonna be moving into.


October 7, 2011

Blender Tutorial Thingy: Extruding

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I can’t embed here I think? Anyway:

Quick tutorial sort of thing about extruding in Blender, which is one of the ways to add new vertices and so on. Hopefully useful for people learning to make meshes.

I sound all shy in it!

October 6, 2011


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Lately I have been ALL ABOUT THE MESH, spending too much time in Blender trying to make mesh clothes and so on. It is going… well, it varies. Sometimes I completely fail and sometimes I achieve a bit like in the above picture. My shop has mesh stuff in it upstairs now, and also on the Marketplace.

I really wish there was a way to resize a rigged mesh though. You can only do so much with an alpha layer, after all. And I hate making alpha layers, let me tell you. The Lindens must hate us or want us all to wear the Ruth shape or something. Like in Blue Mars, as far as I understand Blue Mars.

So anyway, I’m learning a lot about Blender. Retopologising today. I might make some videos about how to do some of the basic clothing-making stuff in Blender, but I need to work out how to make me recordy thing work properly first.