February 28, 2010

I’m an avatar, get me out of here

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Sorting through my inventory I rediscovered this Castaway dress from Canimal. It is beaten and discarded like my soul. I got it ages ago, off of OnRez. Yes, remember OnRez? It was pretty but had nothing on it. The preference for XStreet is one of the great mysteries of life. Indeed, remember Canimal, last seen with I think it was a bone tiara last year sometime? Anyway, the dress appeals to me in various ways, not least because it is steamable like you’ve just stumbled from a broken airship with your eyebrows singed and your pride in tatters like the dress. This dress is your pride. So today’s look is post-apocalyptic and slightly broken.

I also dug out this Hana skin from Redgrave. I don’t know which celebrity it is based on. Maybe it’s just a random person, I don’ t know. I wish I did know, so that I could be informative as well as endlessly entertaining. Which I am. Just… not here. Or there. I like how in the close-up my avatar looks all out of it like she’s on something. Can I say that here? Well, I just did so let’s hope. That’s not the fault of the skin but of my lack of SL photography skills. Um, let’s pretend she is “smouldering” rather than “stoned,” okay?

The hair is from Tiny Bird, boots are… possibly not available anymore? They are from an old Paper Couture collection, I picked them up after falling in love with them on the Beta Grid back when you needed a separate viewer for it. I like to think they are still available, because they are my favourite mid-height boots and one of the few shoe things I have left from the days before sculpties.

Necklace is from Bliensen + Maitai and I know you can still get it because I was just there looking at what else they have. I got it at I think it was last years Jewellery Fair, where precious rubies shine like the eyes of a small child who has just been given a puppy. It’s all cogs and gears and I made one a bit like this once but this one is much more attractive so you should buy it instead. It is part of a set that includes earrings and a bracelet, which you can buy separately or as a set.


February 27, 2010

Selling out to the man

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Armidi. Corporate, confusing, and they haven’t released anything in approximately nine years. But today I am wearing this shirt-shorts-vest outfit in an off-white that speaks of both archaeology and colonialism. A lady adventurer, seeking out lost treasures and stealing them back to Blighty like we stole the Elgin Marbles. Im in ur culture, takin ur stuffs. These boots from Shiny Things complete the look, with a dash of practicality that obviously is less important than sheer style. It’s the sort of look that steampunk too often forgets to subvert in some way, though attitude is enough I feel.

Armidi’s own colonialism never emerged, so there is a bit of irony here. Sure they gobbled up some designers, but they’re back in their own shops now with Armidi’s complete failure to do anything new in the past year or so. I myself resisted for at least ten minutes before their website made shopping easier and I bought a bunch of stuff.  Because, well, it’s nice and it’s very well-made. Realism without creepy photorealism. And they have those wonderfully skanky Kyoto boots. But mostly our fears never materialised and they’re just a big shop with nice clothes and good hairs. And they are more interesting than fri.day, though the latter have recently put out Actual Dresses with like colours and patterns and non-boring stuff like that.

Hair is from lamb, skin is from Cake. Yes, I am still in my recent Big Hair phase.

February 26, 2010

Hucci and A Hat

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Today I am wearing the “twink” outfit from House of Hucci. I know that “twink” means “boy in gay porn who looks underage” but I don’t know if that is the meaning intended here. I don’t think it is? I like how this outfit presents the boobs as a gift to the viewing audience. Apart from that it is both practical and attractive, which are both things that I like in a virtual garment. I mean you don’t want prims getting in your face when you’re building, y’know?

The hat is from Schadenfreude. I was actually about to make a lace-up hat but then this was released so I both didn’t have to and couldn’t anyway. Umm, you can’t actually see the back here, but trust me it laces up like some sort of corset or something. It comes with a HUD to change the colour, which is complicated to simple people like myself but there are pictures to make it easier.

The shoes are from A-Bomb and are colour-change which I usually don’t go for but these turn brown so obviously they are win and worth walking about with pointless scripts on my avatar. Yay!  They are like half-price this week only I believe.

Necklace is from Shiny Things, I hope you can still buy it there. Skin is Devon from Rockberry, hair is from Abyss.

February 24, 2010

Everyone else is wearing it, why can’t I

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Today’s proof of the power of brown is the combination of Izzie’s corset dress and the new Moite jacket from Nyte’n’Day. I like to think the jacket makes the dress less… erm… well, look, it’s very short and because of that I am a bit ashamed of how much I like it. But don’t worry, even steampunks are allowed to skank it up every once in a while! The dress and coat are everywhere on the feeds and I like to see them as an example of how you can, indeed, shop mainstream and still come out steamy. There were some layering issues as is so frequent in mix’n’match but I hope I got something together at least for photos. Anyway, I think either bit of clothing is cute and well-made, and would recommend them to people if anyone ever asked me about such things.  Together I am a modern steampunk business woman, ever alert for the call to initiate the hostile takeover of a rival pie factory.

The boots? Are pre-sculpty.  Yah, rly. I got them from Lassitude & Ennui back when the only way to make a shoe involved part of a cylinder. You can now pick up a full set of these boots (Asuka) and platform shoes for like 60L or something, and they’re frankly a lot nicer than some of the stuff people have done with sculpts so they’re worth at least a look-see. I really like these boots, because they make me look tall.

Skinwise I am rocking the Rockberry (Luan in natural). I dropped the spacebux for a fatpack of these because they’re so pretty. They also come with a cleavage option which I am not wearing because I thought that would be a bit much for this look. I mean, pretend I ever bother with the cleavage option and that I made a wise decision to avoid it in this case. Luan is available in four tones and six make-ups, so you have some options to choose from.

Hair is from fri.day because I forgot to change it, lols. Poses from Get Bent, eyes are my own.

February 23, 2010

Casual Tuesday

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SO, here we go with trying to have an SL steampunk fashion blog. I am starting out casual though, to break us in slowly and because this is what I felt like wearing. Ha ha you can’t stop me. I have used the corset and stockings from League’s Ella outfit to steam up some generics. The shirt is lovely and is from Pink Outfitters, with shorts from fri.day. It is quite amazing what a corset can do to an outfit. I only have about eighty thousand of them. I’m not really sure about the shorts with this outfit, but they look nice and thus my avatar is prettier than I am and isn’t that what matters most in Second Life?

Hair is from lamb, which I have recently started going to despite initial doubts since it cost several Ls more than other shops. I am right into big hair at the moment, unless hats demand otherwise. I’m gonna be harsh here and say that most of the steampunk/Victorian hairs in SL suck compared to what the mainstream hair stores produce. They’re like something I’d make, and that isn’t good. So really you’re going to Armidi for hair anyway, you might as well pick up a waistcoat while you’re there. Because frankly it’s going to be better than some of the stuff in your inventory, don’t deny it.

Maybe this is selling out, but I like to think that it isn’t. The reason I opened my shop (.steampunk.) the other day was because I couldn’t find things to wear that I wanted and so I just made them myself and thought maybe other people would like them as well. I like to mix and match a bit, and shop all over the place. And, you know, evening gowns aren’t for everyday.

Boots are from Miel, they were 100L to Haiti when I got them the other day. I love boots. Boots will steam things up nicely, I find. You can get them in other colours for more Ls and less charity. Colours!

Skin is from Cake (Bella), eyes are my own.

Some Changes Will Happen

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So I seem to be able to take snapshots again and I have been thinking about how to make this blog less generic and in keeping with my most recent interests in buying stuff in SL. I am thinking going steampunky and showing things I bought and things I made to save me making a new blog for .steampunk. which is my new shop which you obviously want to visit. It’s at… err, somewhere in Harbeng.