May 5, 2016

special magic bargain low price oh yes

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Only 25 spacebux on SL Marketplace, other colours available at 99 spacebux. It is four sizes cos I never met anyone smaller than XS size, maaaaaay work with a mesh body but don’t hold me to that (I’ve been wearing on Maitreya Lara in the pix). ITS RED OKAY.



new underwears for buy

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The Undies - Red - AdTexture

Other colours coming probably at some point.


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I already had the clothing appliers pack for Slink Physique, and today I collected the Maitreya and Belleza ones. I have crafted the above undies (shown on Slink) to get started with hopefully doing some applier clothes. I shall also be doing the system layers I expect, because why not? It will (I expect) be quite fun to play with system stuff again. I mean I can make mesh clothing to a certain degree, and I can certainly colour in other ppls ones, but I still miss the way we used to make spaceclothes.

Anyways, Imma workin on this. It will give me something to do. Yay.