December 5, 2012

A free thing!

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ads - freeharnessthing

This thing is free at the main store in Clockwork. Just a bit of steamnonsense, really. But it’s important that free things happen. Because, err, reasons.

Also added another corset, but that’s not as exciting as FREE! STUFF! is it?

Today’s been quite a productive day, really. I did a lot of Blending and Photoshopping and whatnot. This will hopefully make up in part for those days where nothing goes to plan. I even successfully weight-painted! Ermahgerd!



February 14, 2012

Oh, look, it’s clothes!

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I’m kind of surprised that when I ask where to find steampunk frocks people don’t say “Destiny’s Designs.” They say BlakOpal or Curious Seamstress or whoever, but I like Destiny’s best. They’re kind of fun, is why. She also sells a lot of Star Wars clothes, so worth popping by if you’re looking to cosplay. (If you can’t find it in Search try Karmas Destiny’s Picks. It’s in the south-east corner of Hanbok, if that helps.)

This came with glasses, but I was already wearing the KAZE goggles so it seemed like eye-related overkill. And speaking of eyes, I am wearing mesh ones from Izzie’s. Mesh eyes have the advantage of higher resolution textures and also of being mesh so that about 30% of the SL population will just think you have creepy toruses for eyes, which I count as a win.

Hair and hairbase are Truth, skin is from Curio. Not seen in pic — undies from Ooh La La, and boots from Lassitude & Ennui at the Back to Black event.

January 31, 2012

Back and Mesh is Great

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I haven’t been in SL properly for a bit, but then that happens sometimes.

Anyway, here is some mesh stuff, because mesh is still cool because it hasn’t over-saturated yet. The frock is from Sn@tch and it has a mesh bodice on it. I mean sure you could do that without mesh but MESH IS COOL. I just like it a lot, okay? I don’t own as much Sn@tch stuff as I think I do, which is confusing to me. Chav is wearing the small size so be sure to try the demos first.

Boots and hair are also mesh, Lassitude & Ennui and Elikatia respectively.  I like long hair more when it is mesh and thus less likely to stick through your boobs.

Skin is – as usual – Curio’s Jasmine, make-up is from L.Fauna.



July 17, 2011


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So here is a link, it will take you to me Marketplace store where there is some new stuff such as:

which are various prices but cheap at the moment until I decide to make them more expensive which might happen I mean I don’t know, it is hard to decide.

Also there you can find some old Dr Who outfits that I made because I am sad. It’s just that I went to a Dr Who sim and the stuff wasn’t all that great so I decided I might as well put them on the Marketplace for 25L each. So you can dress as Romana if you want.




July 16, 2011

Pixeldolls and Zaara

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Today the Chav is wearing them new jeans from Zaara and a bustle-jacket-thing from Pixeldolls. Both are excellent like um cake or something. They make me feel all fancy-yet-casual, which is a term used by the most elite of fashionistas in the worlds of real and second.

Boots are Gos, hair is Raspberry, skin is Atomic. So that is what things are.


July 15, 2011

Chav wears clothes

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Mostly this is the ‘Victoria’ outfit from Mayden Couture, which I found on the Marketplace. It is worn with boots from Gos and hair from somewhere called Raspberry that was at the Hair Fair.

I have not really been in the SL much lately, but I will try harder in future.


August 19, 2010

I aten’t dead!

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THE CHAV IS BACK. I had some issues taking photos in the SL and then some IRL health stuffs, but here I am with more pictures of crap you don’t need.

Today the Chav is punkin ur steams with this nice dress from G*Field. I think I own most of that shop by now, or at least most of the shoes. This look is “superkawaii loli does steampunk” or something, I think. The dress is available in colours other than brown but I do not see the point of other colours if you are being all steamy about it.

Boots and necklace are both Paper Couture, old stuff available on Xstreet if it’s gone from the main store.  Hair is Lamb I am fairly sure. Goggles are a freebie from Belle Belle Fantasy that should still be there because it would be sad if they weren’t. I tend to be a bit of a bitch about goggles and steampunk and the overuse of them in it, but I admit that sometimes they are good for completing your look.

May 18, 2010

IRL Rezday!

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It is my IRL rezday and I have a toe infection as well. Hurrah! My plan is to buy myself something nice off Xstreet, which should be easy what with all the identical slutwear on constant “promo”! I was also rewarded with a sale at artilleri, which was in no way just coincidence! Exclamation mark! But I have an awful lot of artilleri from the anniversary sale so this time I mostly picked up white shirts and a full-price hair that looked cute. This is them, also the tattoos are from artilleri. I love sleeve tattoos, but I don’t have that many because I get squicked by the chest tattoos that almost always go with them. I suppose I should get round to making some of my own someday, once I magically learn to draw.

I always seem to see Famous People in artilleri, and this time it was Kellie Iwish from Elate, who is super-nice and you should buy her stuff.  I mean nothing will ever be as amazing as seeing Swirly Cyclone at Fleur (now 5th & Oxford) one Christmas, but then that is SWIRLY and I love Swirly and wish she would marry me but she is only interested in men with Payment Info On File. Anyway.

The boots are from Kookie, which you can still get even though these ones I got on 50LF a while back. They look comfy, I am going barefoot IRL at the moment because shoes hurt my infected foot. Don’t worry I have drugs for it now, which may give me stomach upset apparently. (I’m sorry, benevolent bacteria, but I have to massacre you to kill the bad ones.) Then I am still wearing the Themeoerryryryr stockings from League. Shorts I cheated because they are House of Chav things I just made rather than buying skankwear. They are approximately the size of the sensible sort of underwear you can get at 5th and Oxford, which is my Underwear Place apart from artilleri. But then in SL it seems like the more you wear underwear the more likely you are to be a hooker, because who is going to see it and you could be doing other stuff with those layers. Like wearing pube pants. Back when I started I got given a top with nipples on it. I think that must have been from before we had skins. Or maybe not.

BECAUSE! It is also coincidentally my half-rezday as well! I am three and a half now! I know we don’t celebrate the half-rezday, but I always seem to forget my actual one and the next one is four which is ancient. I should dig out old pics of me, I have one from when I was a pole-dancer for a week and made a total of 69L and an interesting discussion about nuclear disarmament. I have a pic from those days of that “Destiny” freebie hair showing system hair underneath. Aww!

Finally, skin from Fashionably Dead. I find fd skins can work to remove sluttiness from an outfit you’re not sure about. I like that.

May 17, 2010

two looks oooooh

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Here we have Chav in black and Chav as SUPER KAWAII LOLI DESU.

Black outfit is trousers from Armidi and a black bodysuit that’s out soon at House of Chav. Shoes are… I am fairly sure they’re Shiny Things. They are “classics” anyway. Hair is from Gritty Kitty and skin in both pics is from Fishy Strawberry. That’s what I was wearing exploring the Al-Andalus sims where I saw no one and some buildings. Well, there were a couple of people but they were afk being medieval or something. It’s a medieval sim, right? No one yelled at me to speak Ye Olden Arabic or Spanish though. So the better class of Ye Olden sim, and you’re even allowed to fly. Overall not as OMGEVIL as I had been led to believe by Certain People. You’re probably fine if you don’t go naked. But then naked is almost never appropriate, is it? Unless you’re demoing in Laqroki or something.

Second outfit is a frock from Nylon Outfitters that I’m sure I’ve blogged before but hey. Then stockings from League which are 75L for Project Themememememeory or whatever it’s called, and shoes from Lassitude & Ennui that last I saw were available now in a super bargain fatpack because they contain – wait for it – NO SCULPTS OF ANY KIND. Yes, I am rocking it old skool. The outfit then sort of demanded bunches, so here’s a Zero Style, erm, style that you can’t has because it was a CSR prize several goes ago. Ha ha! You can, however, has the dogtags from Abyss and the sunglass which are here on Xstreet for 80L. Yes, they are the Lady Gaga specs I bought today or yesterday or whatever day it was. It was at least one sleep ago, I know that much.

How do you feel about people blogging things that you not can has? It makes me VERY ANGRY, if you were wondering. Because that is almost always the item that you want. I promise the House of Chav thing will be out soon, if that helps any. I was wearing it to test it. It is entirely black, because black is the new black.

I like this skin, I do. Sometimes I put it on and think “what a weird colour it is” but that isn’t mostly, mostly I think The Chav looks wonderful and pretty and more better than she did before. It has a version with a hair base, but apparently that’s old-fashioned now that we’re supposed to be using 2.0 instead of a nice viewer. How is Emerald these days? Is it true they break into your IP address and upload yiff porn to you? (Hi, I am techno-ignorant.)

May 11, 2010

a red day

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Today is a bit of a red day, I don’t know why. The cute jumpsuit thing is from Pink Outfitters, which shop I love. I think I picked it up when there was a sale a while back, but it is totes worth all your spacebux. Or however much it normally costs. It shows your bewbs though so I have also worn this shirt from artilleri. Which, again, I got in a sale. Look, guys, sales work! Have more of them! Guess where I got the hair? I am pretty sure it was in a sale at Well, I know for sure it was, and I just assume it was a sale. I, err, don’t know that I’ve ever bought anything there outside the periodic sales. That latter probably deflates my “sales work!” thing, since there are a few shops where I now just wait for the inevitable sale to get stuff. Probably there is a happy medium somewhere. A happy medium where I get cheap spaceclothes.

Things not in a sale, are the skin and shoes. I love these High Oxfords from Tesla, and so should you.The skin is Ling from Glance, a bit darker than Chav usually is but I like how it makes her look a wee bit posh. I almost certainly got this because of a sale! There was one of those “find the cheap/free thing” sales on and while I was there I picked up the demos for Ling. I mean the Devon one is nice but you may know how many SLAsian skins are based on Devon Aoki and really how many of those does one girl need? Not that she’s not a pretty lady, but there are limits. Now that I’ve said that someone else will put out a cute one and I will end up with it as well. Oh, how tragical.

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