June 23, 2009

Tattoos make you look cool and hard

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So I got sent some tattoos from NXS Tattoos. Yay, blogger swag! I have truly arrived! In this post I will be scatily-clad to show the magic ink and the Hana skin from Redgrave, so here is a simple black bikini that was free from Casa del Shai or whatever it’s called. (Hair is fromthe  recent Magika sale, in case I forget to mention that.)

I like these tattoos, they make me feel like I am a hard bastard who smokes and shoots people in the legs. I broke a cardinal rule by putting on the middle one, as you should never write on your body without knowing what it means. Luckily in SL such things are transitory and optional, so it’s all good.  I put them on over a skin purchase from Redgrave, so that I looked slightly less like the million other people who have this skin.



June 13, 2009

The Mystery Dress

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I don’t know where this dress came from. Obviously it was in my artilleri folder, but I have no memory of buying it. Was it in a sale? Was it a freebie at Xmas? Did fairies bring it to me? It has a neck/tie look I don’t generally go for, but I don’t know I kind of dig it here. With this on I wandered a Linden road and felt terribly summery.

I do remember the shoes, they are from Kookie and I got them in a sale. I decided that I had to have these be-bowed shoes in brown and then… never wore them because I couldn’t think what to wear them with. Sometimes I have considered getting rid of them, but they are so beautiful. See how I have composed this image to show how I gaze at them adoringly while wondering what they could possibly match.

I know for a fact that the hair came from one of those ETD sales where everything is supercheap and I end up with most of them. I was actually going to go with a short style from ::69:: but again my head is ABNORMALLY HUGE and I couldn’t face editing all the prims.

Let us ponder the philosophical questions raised by the Mystery Dress. Where did it come from? Where is it going? Where do we, as avatars, go when our human is not logged in? Where are we at the moment of teleport? Why don’t we have brains?

Skin is from Sin Skins, natch.

June 12, 2009


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I got this dress from Surf Couture after seeing it on the feeds. It comes in a number of colours, but I chose yellow which is not a colour I usually pick but isn’t it lovely and sunny like a lovely, erm, sun? I really like this dress, it has detail and realism but it’s not crossing over into creepily real. I like the implied movement in the sculpted skirt, and the sheer yellowness of the colour.

Heels weren’t working with it, so I went for the HOC (House of Curios) trainers and some stockings from the Ella dress from League. These protect my knees from pixel radiation and the eyes of triangular men.

Hair is from Ingenue. I like retro hair sometimes, it has a certain silly dignity. It is made largely from spheres, which are the most comfortable prim after the torus. It’s maybe not nice to compare prims to each other, but I think they understand that we have our reasons.

Bangles are apparently from Fishy Strawberry,  I think I got them for free. They are made of wood. Mostly in these pics I am basking in the yellowness of the dress, and didn’t want accessories that would compete for eyeball space.

Skin – Sin Skins

June 8, 2009

Very Much Classy

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I went on a search for boots this week and ended up buying some Armidi ones I have previously been amused by. They have a slightly odd, elongated foot shape, but I can live with it. They have sculpties for the buckle holes whereas normal people use a torus. I assume a torus was not good enough for some reason. That or someone went mad with hubris.

Further from Armidi is the t-shirt, which I got in the sale of pinkness a while back.  It was one of those things you like but not enough to pay the full price. Look how it makes me seem knowledgeable about fashion! Because it has place names on it!

The skin is Sin Skins Sakura Bisque which I wore constantly for like a year or something before being swayed by others. Last time I checked it was supercheap, but it may be sadly retired by now. I changed it because the body isn’t that detailed, but I like it anyway. So this is a Classic Chav.

Hair is from Junwave and I had to embiggen it quite a bit because my head is too large for it. I didn’t think I had a large head but apparently I do,  or else hair-makers have a recent trend for tiny heads like man avatars and Gorean slaves. *cough*men*cough*

SUNGLASSES. From Nylon Outfitters, which I am pretty sure I ended up buying after having them on the Beta Grid and falling for them as a shot bird falls to the ground to land sadly, wings beating as it dies.

Shorts are from Second Wave Apparel, being black because the leopard print ones were just Too Much with the boots.

June 4, 2009

These things are old

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The best thing about downsizing your SL land holdings is that you get many spacebux to spend on clothes. (I am now in Nokomis, if anyone wants to visit, which they won’t.)

I built this obviously stunning look around the Second-Hand Jacket from Truth. I have hair from Truth but  this is the first time I have purchased a non-hair thing there. It was very confusing to me. It is not hair, what’s with that? I ended up choosing the peach colour as most convincingly like what you wear when you never wash. Which is a good look.

The hair in the picture is not from Truth, it is from Magika. Because there is a sale on.  I got a couple of nice hairs but I had to mod them for my apparently huge (size 50) head, so I dunno if I will go back to impulse-buy in future. Yes, I am that lazy. One great thing about black hair is that I can’t actually tell on my monitor if the textures are any good, so I assume these ones are but even if they aren’t I don’t care because I don’t know. Um, that was not me dissing Magika, it was me sharing a story. I am sure Magika is a fine legitimate business with many fans.

The jeans are “vintage” ones from Celestial Studios, in the discount section. They are cheap because they are old and no one likes old things. I did not wear a shirt because the thing I would have worn was a brown corset from Lovelace but the layering of the outfit wouldn’t work. Oh well. At least this way you get to see part of my breasts. LOOK AT THEM ARE’T THEY NICE?

The shoes are from Tesla and were bought for me by my SLWife Miriam Woyseck, so that I could have 100 pairs of shoes. That partnering thing was totally worth the 10Ls that symbolise our undying love. I love Tesla shoes, they are pretty and made of those sculpty things that Stiletto Moody invented back when all we had was default-textured  cubes.

Ah, the skin. The skin is Jia from Skin Within. Ages ago I got the demos but went for Alasyia instead because this one was a bit darker than I wanted. Since then I have got some slightly darker skins and have changed my face sliders, so I spent some mad spacebux on a skin. I may go back for an almost identical make-up that I liked as well.

June 2, 2009

HI Appeal Zhang Skin

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Here is the skin I was wearing in my previous post. It is Zhang from H. I. Appeal which I had never heard of before. Still, it appears to be a Legitimate Business, with many skins in various tones of ethnicity. The skin was 700L each, if you’re wondering.

I was a bit unsure about the big drawn-on eyelashes, but they haven’t bothered me like I thought they might.  Shape alteration for this skin was in the form of embiggening the lips slightly.  I am a wee bit unsure about the heaviness of the shading on the torso, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. I think it’s a hybrid, though I am not very good at spotting such things. Certainly parts of it were once photographs, but I don’t find the overall results too Uncanny Valley.

Mostly I wear skins that were made specifically Asian rather than just a tone of a skin line, so it was nice to find the demos for this one while I was browing XStreet. As you can imagine it means I don’t buy as much skin as I otherwise might, due to looking for a niche. Is this the case with darker skins as well? I really don’t know.

Hair is from Truth, lovely undies from artilleri. I love artilleri undies because they actually cover your bits. If you want sensible underwear you should totally go to artilleri.