May 20, 2014

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Spending time in Blender and Sandbox Artifex, making stuff for a possible new spaceshop. Just because that’s lols. And kind of disheartening, but most of the time it’s lols.

Upload fees are killing me a bit, even with A Magical Trick to cut LOD at Far Away and thus save on Land Impact and upload costs. That 10L per texture really adds up, you know. Probably not so much if you are rich like idk Truth or someone like that, but for me it is an annoying cost that makes me angry. Most OpenSim grids give you free uploads, which I have become a  bit used to. You sometimes forget that SL is Horrifically Expensive by comparison even aside from land costs.

And then I am like “I NEED THOSE SHOES” which is another source of having no spacebux. I have like one thing on the marketplace that sells anything like regularly and I have no real idea why people want it. Oh shit, if I make a shop do I need to make a group and a Flickr and send Review Copies and so on? I am shit at marketing, that may be why I have no spacebux to speak of. I wish I could just make stuff and hand it over to someone who somehow turned it into moneys. (Accepting applications as of now.)

I do like Blendering though. It’s quite enjoyable and usually relaxing unless weird shit like flipped normals or whatnot. Maybe I could teach people Blender. I could teach YOU Blender if you mention this post to remind me that I made the offer.



May 19, 2014

Retro, bishes!

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rockinbee - ad1 - setteemidcen2sittingI been Blendering some retro furnishings, which are for sale somewhere on the SL Marketplace. Learned exciting LI-lowering tricksyness so hopefully no more 8 prim plates. I might put them on Kitely an all, I need to decide. I suppose I could on a might-as-well basis, but I have less need for Kitelybux because less people = less content to spend moneys on.

May do a shop on some spare tier that I have lying around. Shall decide. They never make much spacebux but it can be fun to decorate and etc.


May 12, 2014

oh yeah i have this blog

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Back in SL for a while, mostly cursing Upload Fees as I attempt to import meshes made for Kitely Etc. I am living on the mainland in the snow next to a big empty club that can’t possibly be paying for itself. Which is kind of sad.

Dust is still on Kitely for the moment, but I’m dropping from Premium so if you want to see it (and/or collect the prize eggs) now would be the time to do that. I do like Kitely, but it’s quite empty or at least seems to be empty. I will probably return eventually as the people I have met are quite nice and I like the marketplace a lot.

In SL I finally gave in and got SLINK Feet and the hands as well because they were amusing to me for some reason. The feet are becoming a bit essential since everyone and their dog makes shoes for them now instead of for standard avatar feets. This meant an excuse to get a new skin, because Appliers. Got “Kumi” from Pink Fuel, which is pretty. Possibly I should have provided a picture of that, umm. I do love Curio’s Jasmine but it’s a bit old now and I am suck at matching attachments to skins.

Went to Collabor88 and spent alllll my spacebux because it’s basically a rockabilly theme and I like that shit. Rest went on BLOODY UPLOAD FEES.