January 14, 2014

T-Shirts, available on Kitely Market

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January 12, 2014

Just Thinking This Out (Rights and Stuff)

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I suppose the difference between real and digital goods is that when I make/give a copy, I still have my original copy exactly as I found it.

For the seller this means I can sell unlimited copies of the original product with only whatever fees are in the marketing/supply costs. (Obvs I don’t need to make a new space-t-shirt every time I want to sell one.) I can impose deliberately limited supply but that always just strikes me as wanky. I have an unlimited supply ready to ship at any time.

Anyways, I have charged a bit more for things on Kitely because of the Export option for Hypergrid. I feel I need to explain this in some way, so. First up the convenience factor, and the minimum of 1USD that I can charge for things in real currency. (I have some cheaperer things buyable in Kitely Credits only.) And then I just kind of assumed that once it hits the Hypergrid the perms can be cracked open and it may/will end up as a full-perms freebie. So I may as well make something off it while I can, especially if someone down the line is going to decide to sell it themselves. It’s more expensive than SL because it’s more useful/portable. I’ve always thought of my SL stuff (or whichever closed/commercial grid) as being “licenced” for use there only, so it made more sense to charge less, given the limited use you were getting out of it compared to an asset that could be transferred between grids.

I like full perms stuff as a buyer, because I can drop copies on people and mod them as I feel like, but I can see why people send stuff out with limited perms. I know why things in SL are copy rather than transfer (old assest server problems, if I remember my history right), to the point where I don’t quite trust no-copy objects not to disappear on me.

I kind of fear being accused of the maddest capitalism, but whatever I’m charging for my work which may be a hobby but aspects of it are boring or effort.



January 11, 2014

Kitely Kitely Kitely

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I am in Kitely now, mostly to experiment with the Kitely Marketplace as a way to distribute OpenSim content, as apparently it will soon be able to deliver across the Hypergrid. Exciting. I have put some things there, a bit less cheap than normal because of the Export permissions which mean you can take the stuff anywhere with you. But they’re not like horrifically expensive or anything. Some of it can be buyed in USD, otherwise Kitely Credits because I am saving up for a pair of shoes. (I have 13KC so far. I feel very rich but I can’t actually afford anything yet.)

I must say though that it’s a very quiet world. You can use the website to see where there are people, but that (so far) usually means one person. I have met three entire humans thus far, though. Just not all in the same place at the same time. So if you’re looking to socialise you’d probably be better with somewhere like InWorldz.

Uploads and listing on the marketplace are free, so you can import your content without ending up broke, and then put it on the shop for to become rich enough to buy shoes. I’m told the marketplace is a lot more active than the public areas.


January 10, 2014


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New shoes! They can be purchased on the marketplace or inworld for a mere 10L spacebux a pair. They’d be free but ALAS! upload fees exist in SL.


January 7, 2014


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The worstest thing about Open Sim/”the free metaverse” compared to Second Life is that you end up having to make pretty much everything your damn self because people haven’t moved in and made stuff because there’s no spacebux. I mean it’s good in that it pushes your abilities and makes you try stuff you wouldn’t have before, but it also sucks when you want something and have to make a barely-okay version for yourself.

Course, I could never start most of my OS projects in SL, because of the need for spaceland and how ridic expensive that is in Second Life. I am paying 20 USD a month for three sims with a shared prim count, which works for me because I tend to build low-prim and/or in mesh anyway.

So anyway I have all these Ideas for Projects and then I have to start from thing one making it all myself, unless it’s a theme other people have touched in which case just most of the things by myself. I suppose I am learning and bettering my skills because I can’t just hop to the Marketplace, throw Lindenbux at someone, and start out with much of what I am going to need.