December 22, 2014


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T-shirts err on the Marketplace somewhere, also I didn’t think to make a SLURL but somewhere in the Junkyard part of the Wastelands.

I like making things look old and broken, that goes back to me old hobo days. It is sort of harder than making things look nice, but way more fun. It feels like I am ruining people’s lovely template meshes, but they probably don’t mind. I wouldn’t mind. I would be pleased.


Colouring In

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I like colouring in.

December 21, 2014

Yes I Forgot This Blog Again

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Still living in the Wastelands in SL, currently de-landing in OpenSim. OSGrid has been down since like August (?) with no idea of when it’s coming back.

I have been playing with mesh templates and colouring them in, which is way more fun than having to model and rig from scratch. Let someone else do all the efforts, yo.