December 30, 2009

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Still tending to crash with snapshots, which is not fun. And printscreen is too old school and bothersome. In other news I have been learning to make sculpted shoes, which is awfully hard. I think I’m doing something wrong when I make soles but I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing there so it’s basically a game of making it up as you go along. One day someone will make a tutorial and I will learn. I hope. Meantime I have a million extra pairs of shoes now, not all of which are that nice.


December 23, 2009

Finally a poast!

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I’ve been having trouble taking snapshots without crashing. And uploading, it took me like eleven crashes and three viewers before I finally managed to upload my most recent sculpts. But anyway, I got some pictures taken, finally.

Here I am “showcasing” a jumpsuit thing from the Pink Outfitters 50L sale. Ah, another shop where I owned almost nothing before I bought a million things in a sale! I suppose that means sales must work, yeah? It comes with an undershirt/tank but I am wearing this Armidi t-shirt instead, from the long-off days when Armidi actually released anything ever. (And the recruits seem to be doing their own thing again now, so is Armidi dead now?) Actually is London Dailey London Armidi? It is similar in style and craftage, no?

Anyway, here also is hair from Clawtooth from a recent sale that is now over. Things were half price, which made me happier than paying 300L for hair. Maybe if I didn’t wear black and thus usually end up with four almost identical shades of black when I buy hair? Man, hair used to be so much cheaper. Except for the people that were expensive, but who cares about them? See also the newest trainers from HoC which are low-top so they don’t fight with your trouser legs for Precious Attachment Points. The skin is an expensive purchase from Cake, and I do love it. As usual, tattoos are from artilleri. Which, erm, also had a sale. Basically there have been a lot of sales. I don’t know whether to thank Xmas or the failing SL economy.

I myself have currently stopped selling clothes to people apart from like templates and stuff. It is less stressful thus makes me happier.  So now I am all poses and textures and basic sculpts. It makes me happy, I can basically make anything and then shove it into the shop. Also I have a house now! A wee house full of furnitures!

But anyway, SL fashion. It is very serrius bizness, like how [redacted] looks an awful lot like [redacted] from last year. Or how [removed] may not be able to make shoes after all.

December 9, 2009

look of the erm day?

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O hay, it’s that jacket from Kyoot! Which I love, I cannot lie. It’s just so nice and has that demented collar. You can get it in a dark brown for free if you find the wee book in the shop that’s for the Down The Chimney Hunt. I reckon that hunt is worth doing, there’s some good things in it.  Tank is a freebie (group gift?) and the trousers are ones I picked up the current sale. I admit, I did indeed see them when they came out and thought “I will wait for the inevitable sale.” stuff is not exciting as such, but they do make very good basics. It’s just sometimes you stand in that half-empty shop wishing for a bright pink dress with bizarre sleeves. Since that shop is run by alts I a wee bit wonder if someone who makes mad stuff wanted to make fast spacebux with stuff anyone would wear because it’s so standard. In any case the frequent sales (not as frequent as Cupcakes sales, but what is?) are a good place to pick up standard pieces like jeans and denim skirts and tank tops.

For shoes I was a bit stuck and went with this slightly odd look which is the lower half of the Bad Boy Scout boots from [CIVVIES]. Those boots were probably one of my best SL deals since I wear them an awful lot. Sadly the top half and the prim cuffs couldn’t both exist so I had to compromise.

I thought about wearing sunglasses but decided that would be Too Much.

Hair is from Tiny Bird, skin is Adam n Eve’s Mei Li II.

December 5, 2009


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Since I missed my Rezday and didn’t have a sale I’ve made stuff in idk ( be 10L for bits and 20L for dresses. I don’t know how long that will last, if it is forever or not. I would like people to have my things more than I would like many spacebux from it (though spacebux would be nice, obviously). Partly it is because Xstreet are getting rid of free stuff and that annoyed me because I had so many free stuffs there. 10L is not free but it will hopefully cover the upload fees.

December 3, 2009

Mei Li 2

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I have waited on this skin for ages. It was released at the KMADD Skin Fair but I was unsure about the make-ups and was all “would I wear this if I got it?” and skins are a big purchase so I am a bit cautious about them. But there are new make-ups of it now that are more like what I normally get. This one is “Yaoi” which is Japanese for “slash fanfiction” or something. As you can see it comes in both normal and BOOBS. That is where the breasts are pushed together to make them look like you’re in an amazing bra and the overall effect is BOOBS. I am not a huge fan of BOOBS on Chav but I like that there is the option. Other options include Pube Knickers as they are technically known in the business. You can choose from 4 tones in this skin, this is tone 2.

I wore Mei Li for a long time and so I was excited and pleased to finally get some Mei Li 2 action going on. I like that there is a bit less severity on the cheekbones, which was a skin trend I never really took to all that much. I like grown-up look it has, and the smashing arse among other features.

Hair is from (sale, yay!) and undies are from Xmas last year at Armidi so you no can has.