June 20, 2013

Awaiting Meshy Goodness

Posted in inworldz, mesh, opensim at 5:39 am by Chav Paderborn


InWorldz will be getting mesh “soon,” apparently. I am super-impatient waiting for it. A lot of people say we don’t need mesh, but it’ll help make some kinds of content easier to make (no more sculpting a torus into a cube, innit) and it does make some stuff possible/better that wasn’t before. Since there’s an official InWorldz viewer I’m hoping people will actually be able to see it. Cos yeah, probably the main annoying thing for me about OpenSim grids is how few people can see mesh because they’re using most likely Imprudence. For various reasons it’s more normal to build with standard prims on OS grids than it is in SL, and there is a certain resistance to mesh when people are barely using sculpts anyway. My own Secret Bunker build on Metro contained but one sculptmap among endless normal prims, and nobody thought this was odd or unacceptable in some way. Which is good but also suggests a lack of progress from the users rather than the technology. Why don’t people want mesh? I know it’s a scary thing at first, but by this stage it’s probably an annoyance to see so many people half-invisible.

(Don’t get me started, though, on the attitude some people seem to have of being somehow superior because they can’t see your hair.)

I do hope mesh doesn’t kill texture clothing like the craze kind of has in SL (mesh bras? really?) and I expect to be seeing flexiskirts for some time to come, but dammit I wants mah mesh. Since it’s “soon” I’ve started making some stuff that I can upload when the time comes. Nothing spectacular, but a few learning experiences that turned out pretty neat even if I do say so myself.

I suppose there is the question of whether mesh is a non-essential “shiny” like materials seems to be (I could be wrong on that, natch) but I am these days firmly on the side of the possibilities of mesh and the relative ease of working with it compared to Bloody Sculpties. I can make actual shoes with mesh, can’t with sculpties, and never could with real prims. So there has to be something to say for it in terms of not being  as bloody awful as the alternatives can be.

In the photo Chav is wearing sculpted earrings and torus hair. Yes.



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