September 20, 2009

Rotten Toe, Apparently

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I don’t know why you would name a shop after Johnny Rotten’s feet, though clearly what we have here is a punk foot-fetishist. I’m not judging, just sayin’. Here I am modelling a variety of styles, from “homeless hooker” to “super-kawaii loli.” (Black undies are an old Shai freebie, so as not to reveal anything Mature.) I like when someone has gone to the extra effort to make something look old and broken, it makes SL seem more sinister and perverted than it… okay, it is sinister and perverted, I can’t lie about that. But the point is that most things look new and I like occasional old-looking things. Blame my Hobo roots and Arcadia Asylum’s builds.

These things were very cheap, so possibly I got lost in a discount section, but either way I am not complaining. I need to save my spacebux for the jewellery and skin fairs, yo.

SLURL time!

Shoes are from Canimal, skin is Pixeldolls,  black hair’s from Kin, pink hair is a group gift from Rotten Toe, which was totally worth one of my 25 spaces.


September 8, 2009

Baby’s First Laqroki Skin

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mimablog copy

I have been in SL an awfully long time without ever buying a skin from Laqroki. But now the Portrait line is reduced to 900L a pack, so I went to have a look and picked up ‘Mima’. I had to mod my shape a bit about the lips but that is normal really. I went over a year in the same skin from Sin Skins and have only started buying skins in the last year and now I have Several. But the point is that I now have 9 almost idential skins for the price of one. Hurrah!

I got these skirt-trousers from BP* and punked it up slightly outfit-wise to match. T-shirt is obvs from Armidi, hair is from Gritty Kitty, and those are the HoC trainers that I always end up in when flats are called for. I did sort through my heels last time I was in SL, so higher shoes are likely to happen in future now that I know vaguely what each pair looks like. How many pairs of shoes are enough, anyway? It’s a bit like how I have over 300 hairs but keep ending up in the same ones. Perhaps a clear-out of my hair folder is in order. Am I really going to wear the ones I got from [name redacted]?

I think the outfit needs some bangles but it turns out I have hardly any of those so you’ll have to pretend I am wearing some in the picture. Perhaps you could print it out and draw some on.