December 2, 2012

Okay, fine

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I do find it a bit demoralising when shops in events put in template stuff that isn’t even coloured in all that nice. I resent that you didn’t have the pain of rigging! But based on the Marketplace about 80% easy of mesh clothing is made from the same few templates. I do sell sculpts, but at least with sculpts you still had to, like, make most of thing item yourself. So I’m gonna swear off making mesh templates ever again, at least for clothes. Just because it feels like I’m undermining the peeps that make their own stuff. No wonder people despise me 😀

I have a shoe friend who has to compete with the pre-mades, so I feel glad mine were always awful. That’s a bright side, isn’t it? It always sucked when their shoes didn’t sell and the topsellers on the MP were from kits and barely even coloured in. (I don’t know what the top shoes are these days, so maybe that’s changed.) And probably people will tell me to STFU because capitalism, but I really do find it all a bit depressing in a weird way. I thought of giving in and buying some templates, but I can at least mod-up some Fate .daes and that feels like I’m doing *something* since if nothing else I have to rig the things.

It’s made me a bit suspicious of mesh clothing, because I go “Yay, bargain! …oh, someone else sells the exact same dress for half the price. Dang.” I second-guess my shopping, which sux. Very well done to them that know how to open Blender, since you’re doing a damn sight more than [redacted] and [redacted] who seem to be raking in the spacebux.

Relatedly, I need to cull my MP listings, but it seems like an awful lot of effort and the listing just stays there unlisted forever. I mean I’m kind of waiting for them to switch off Magic Boxes to save me the effort.



July 15, 2012


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So, yeah, I once again have a clothes shop in-world. It’s in Port Babbage, by the docks. Steampunky stuff and some Petites stuff that more or less fits the general theme. People don’t shop so much in-world anymore I suppose, but it’s nice to have a base of operations and all that. Please to drop by, so far nothing is over 200L and some of it is quite pretty I think.

July 14, 2012

PS: Hands

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Yes, I am aware that my hands are Abnormally Large, no it is not a Demo Shape or even copybotted as someone once assumed in a club. I don’t know what the “correct” hand size is but most of our hands are almost certainly too small, especially if your arms only reach to your waist. Which is a fine look but not as realistic as size-bitches seem to think. Size-bitches are the people who are A Realistic Height and go on about how you’re Freakishly Tall and that’s why they don’t even reach your boobs. Again fine but I don’t know why people are so bitchy about height in SL. I try not to be unless the subject is raised.

Unnamed Friend: “Lol Chav you’re so short.”

Me: “Actually you are 6’11”.”

Anyway I like my Huge Hands, they mean there is one feature where Chav isn’t exactly like everyone else. Hands are about all you can vastly change without needing to resize half your inventory. I really wanted a Huge Head but that involves resizing all your hairs and as we have established previously I have Far Too Many Hairs.

I would recommend Huge Hands to anyone wanting to explore the world of having large hands.

July 11, 2012

Template Madness Superfrenzy!

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Nothing is more lulsy than an event where two people have put in the same template item. Well also sad, because it means they edged out someone who was making their own stuff, but you know what I mean re lulsy. I speak here of mesh templates, not bits n bobs like sleeve sculpts or a denim texture or whatever.

Good Things About Templates:

– Allow people who aren’t good at everything to be good at something. We can’t all manage mesh and people want to buy mesh so needs must. Some people are excellentcakes at texturing but can’t model or rig, so this is their chance.

Bad Things About Templates:

– When you buy something and then see an identical one for half the price in another shop. Dammit!

– Creates competition that wouldn’t be there otherwise for them that are making their own. Not really that bad unless we’re talking access to events or something, I suppose?

– Means the feeds are a bit more boring with all the idential items.


So basically idk. I’ve been tempted by the templates but I know it’s better for me to learn the Blender a bit more in case I want something nobody else has. There’s something quite demoralising as even a nobody content creator when, for instance, I see a top blogged that’s the template textured with the ready-made texture that comes with it. Where was the effort and love that went into that one, eh? I know people didn’t like the blog that showed who was using templates, but it was kind of interesting to see at some of the lower-prestige events how many shops were putting out stuff they’d bought off someone else.

I probably shouldn’t say anything, because I might get comments about how template clothes are the best thing ever. But it’s made me kind of wary of shops I don’t know when they turn out mesh, because I *think* I recognise the most common templates but I don’t want to end up with something that’s going to be everywhere for 5L if I just waited long enough.


February 14, 2012

I need to insult you again

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Drama causes comments. Who knew, eh?

Anyway, today I shall address the idea that you have the right to make your av look like whatever you want. You totally have that right! Go on, be a furry or a dragon or two feet tall or a blingy giant! That’s freedom of expression, and it’s smashing. The other side of such a freedom is that other people can think you look hilarious and are allowed to say so. I am not in fact stopping you looking like a wasp-stung midget. I have no power to stop that even if I wanted to. I’m just mentioning that it amuses me vastly that 95% of all SL bloggers currently look like that. And they wear layers and layers of clothes like hipsters do. And… well, anyway, freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism.

It’s odd, looking back. There were so few SL fashion blogs and they all blogged Dakota Buck but apart from that I could tell them apart, ish. Nowadays I like the ones that have words on them though obviously pretty pictures are valid as well. Just that words are also nice and an important aspect of blogs, which is why my blog is so shit. (Don’t worry, I know I’m not very good at blogging.)

And today I made my av a bit shorter. I wasn’t hugely tall, but Chav was in a weird height where she was giant to some people and tiny to others. A medium height, if you will. Though apparently she was 6’6″ in heels, which is ridic. I don’t want to be someone who goes on about Wrong Avatar Heights all the time, but damn it can be hard to make things that fit a “normal” avatar when there is no “normal” height. I had foolishly assumed that 50 on the height slider would be a sensible height. I know better now.


December 13, 2010


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I think I’m gonna miss tier this month. In December, month of people buying stuff. Oh well. I haven’t even spent anything cos I haven’t been in SL for months. I haven’t made anything in a while, but I don’t know how important that is. I can’t really be bothered sculpting at the moment and it’s going to be mesh soon anyway, isn’t it? Clothes, I… well they never sell anyway so no point there.I just like making them. Sometimes I think I should just give them out free, but they don’t shift much better when I try that.

My thing is, it’s got harder to give stuff away in Second Life. What do nooby noobs do to learn how to make stuff now? Do they just… accumulate stuff without ever trying to share it with people? The quality level these days is so high, I don’t quite get what people do before they reach that point. Anyway, it’s like this:

“Do you want this thing I made, for free?”

“No, it doesn’t have sculpted feet and flexi bits all over, and it is not made of solid gold.”

“But it’s free and you’re two days old.”

“I only want the best things! For free!”

So I don’t know how useful that is economically for people who aren’t me. I suppose these days the done thing is to sue Linden Lab because the only way you’d not be making what you made in 2007 is content theft on a supermassive scale. I myself can just get rid of some land and have lower costs, I suppose.

That suing them over stolen sex beds thing sort of scares me. I can think of various ways The Lab could prevent theft, and I don’t like the sound of any of them. I am biased after SLUniverse (I think?) had a post about that time Wanker Snakey sued a 19 year old and how oh noes if only they had been able to take his house! …yeah, a 19 year old having a home is much less important than a millionaire making more money from porn. I think that was the case that brought damages of… $525.  Either way it’s not a big amount, is it? That’s all anyone could prove had been made in lost sales to Strokey. Who probably makes that in a day. To me that says “I just really enjoy suing people, it makes me feel important and special.”

Okay, now everyone hates me. Oops. For my next trick I will tell you why 50L Friday is the spawn of Satan himself!

Nah, even were that true it’s not as interesting to me right now as people biting the hand that feeds them. What if LL hadn’t made SL in the first place and these people had made no money at all from it? Content theft isn’t nice, but it’s probably the cost of doing business in SL. “Tier, uploads, people stealin’ mah stuff.” What you need to do is invent a prim animal that needs to eat $L10,000 of food per day.  It doesn’t even have to be attractive, I mean look at those chickens. A wonder of scripting that may as well have been in a plywood box. The wee rabbit ones are cute but they were launched in such a blur of EXTREME CAPITALISM!!! that it was a bit off-putting.

I shall stop typing now as I have angered almost everyone. Sorry.

May 16, 2010

Hello again

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I must accept that I am some sort of SL snob and that stuff on the feeds and Xstreet will often make me LOL. Who started this trend for jeans that hang down like they’re broken? We have to find that person and punish them. I suppose it means you can show off your skanky knickers to everyone instead of just your SLartner. Is that the appeal? See, you might think I should have bought some and taken a picture, but no that is not going to happen.Don’t expect that to happen.

So today I visited the Oil Rig with the people behind Bottle Bird and got to see the new shoes. That is the life of a superelite SL model-slash-blogger. Okay so it wasn’t Maitreya but these will probably cost less than a Barnesworth prefab. (I like the Barnesworth prefabs, my shop is in one because the main thing I can’t build is buildings. Oh, and hair, but that’s less shaming somehow because so many of us can’t make hair and I include a couple of shops into that.) I don’t know, I always thought I was OTT when I got those 750 Bax boots (the short ones, not the other pair. You know, of the two shoes that shop sells, and what’s with that?) but no there is The Stiletto Moody Effect which is where shoes get more and more expensive until Moody has to raise her prices to keep up.  Get G*Field shoes, those are cheap! And kawaii! And they have roses on them almost certainly! Or maybe you want to visit Cheese sim and get the new ones from Rachel Breaker. Anyone who is anyone will be wearing Breakers this season, dahling!

Hmm. Yeah, I am still getting used to blogging, trying to find my voice and think of something more interesting to say than “I like this dress.” Man, it’s a hard virtual life.I will just empty my brain onto the page and hope that works. I hope I don’t get banned from places like Pennelope Thiessam did. I don’t know her, but I will always think of That Waistcoat From Schadenfreude as “THE VEST” from now on. (I have it in blue, I think. Has it been red yet? I want it in red. But I disgress.) People are a bit sensitive about these things, they wouldn’t last five minutes on Fandom Wank. I’m going to be very nice about things so that I don’t get banned from shops that I like. Please don’t ban me for hoping I don’t get banned.

Anyway, today I found a Lady Gaga shop, apparently after everyone else because it seems someone *had* a Lady Gaga shop and has sold it for resale now. As you might imagine it contains nothing but reproductions of clothes worn by Lady Gaga. I like that, it shows balls and good taste in batshittery. I didn’t actually buy anything, but I did get some sunglasses off Xstreet that are like ones Lady Gaga wore that one time. See, I’m only talking about Lady Gaga so that my blog gets more hits. At the moment I only get hits from people looking for “chav blog” and “tattoos make you look hard.” I mean I am vaguely aware that updating five times a day would help but I crash a lot when taking snapshots so you know there’s that. Is it okay to just post a pic of what The Chav is wearing that day? Do I have to dress her up nice each and every time?

Speaking of Xstreet, I like that I don’t have to transfer funds to buy things there anymore, even though I still prefer shopping in-world. But there is something nice about logging in to presents from Xstreet servers. (BTW, it is my IRL rezday soon, what are you getting me?)

So I think the theme of this post is that I have no idea what I am supposed to be writing about. What do people like to read about apart from Skin Theft Drama that will be forgotten as soon as they release something with harsher cheekbones? I like to read gossip but I don’t really know any. Does anyone reads this? If so, pls to tell me what you like to read in SL blogs, because frankly I have no idea what to type into this space and let’s admit that it shows.   But then SL blogging has been dead to me since Swirly Cyclone left us.