October 25, 2009

I hate you, Blender

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Blender so far is not as impossible as people claim, thanks to tutorials explaining how it works, but I am hitting the wall that is my lack of artistic talent. And I’m not sure what to make. But I can make vases. Anyone need some vases? As you might guess I am getting sick of vases. I have moved on to pots and hats that don’t work. Some day I hope to make something amazing like a shoe. I made some awful shoes for my wyfe, but she has yet to recieve them since she is not on that much at the moment due to having a life. They are very awful shoes, but I suppose they are proof of concept? If you want sculpts you should buy Rachel Breaker’s, she can do awesome things with Blender.

Rezday soon, which I expect to forget like I always do. I will be three. Did you know we die when we hit ten? It was coded into SL at the very start and it cannot be removed without removing our feet as well. This is part of the prim feet conspiracy, but the point is that we will die and there is nothing anyone – not even Torley – can do about it.

FASHION? I don’t know, just I am horribly tempted by LeLutka things and we know why that is bad. Will there be new Paper Couture at some point? I hope so, they make the best things. Unwearably best, but still best.


October 24, 2009

A Plan

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I am thinking I should do more with this blog, since really I am not that good at taking pictures of spaceclothes and finding things to say about them. Though obviously I plan to continue doing that, as it is amusing to me. Perhaps I can also pimp out stuff I made, speak of interesting places I went to, and say occasional controversial things because isn’t that what everyone wants to read these days?

On the first point I reduced prices in my shop, though I, erm, don’t have a SLURL handy. I will find one and shove it in on the blog page somewhere.  I am hoping to hit the level of “impulse buy” while still covering costs. I tiered down so I need less spacebux to do that now, which is something of a relief due to rarely selling anything. I closed The Steamstress for now, but there may be a small one of that opening in Babbage if we ever get round to building my wyfe’s house there. It’s all still on Xstreet, which reminds me that I need to reduce the idk stuff over there. Bah, effort.

SecondSecrets got banned from Plurk, which was really just a matter of time. It wasn’t even that interesting anyway, since there were no anon comments and thus it was just someone saying something drama-mongering and then other people telling them to go die. I don’t know if it would have been better if there had been more dramas, but it might have been more interesting. Heh heh, dramas. Now there is someone who claims they “bust SL fakes” though what exactly that entails seems to be commenting on Second Secrets to call people names.

Anyway, that is my plan, I would like to hear what people think of it.

October 18, 2009


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kurumi copy

So I went to the Kurumi opening sale and got some things that are pink. Very pink. PINK, even. Obviously there were colours that are not pink, but today I do not quite understand what those colours are for. They’re just not essential, darling.

I did have to move around attachments that were giant on me, but isn’t that part of the charm? Anyway, I like this… creation that is available as a jumpsuit or a dress. It has either collar or hood, depending on your choice of attachment. I don’t see why you would need both, but some people might get sad that they can’t.

I should also apologise for not blogging in what seems like a year, this is because I have been building and neglecting my appearance dreadfully.  Other than changing hair every five minutes, obviously. Isn’t hair special?

Shoooooz are from ETD, skin is Redgrave, hair is Muism when they had a sale so everything was less expensive. Tattoos from artilleri.

October 5, 2009

Dominance, Mwahahaha

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blogmistresschavGreetings, peons, I am Mistress Chav. Today, at least, when I am wearing this “Dominance” outfit from Bare Rose, which is easily the best shop in the Second Life game. If I was Mistress Chav this is how classy I would try to be. My slaves would spend all day trawling shops looking for equally fashionable outfits, because leather thongs just look sore and lets not even talk about nipple chains. Can I say such things on WordPress? I would hope so.

Hair is from Magika, which I always confuse with Maitreya, shoes are ankle boots from Bax, skin is from Redgrave. I actually first of all bought this skin in orange out of stupidity, but I could see that it was pretty enough that the less orange tone would be smashing. I like to think there’s a lesson in that for all of us, even if it’s just “WTF since when are humans orange?”

This concludes this blog post.