May 26, 2011

Laboratoire Paderborn

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Have been making myself some lab equipment for above my shop in Babbage. That bit used to be a flat, but I’m gonna live in the downstairs of my workshop in the sky. I have decided that if I have an RP character then she has a lab of shadowy evil. Sculpting means fewer prims, so I’ve been doing that. Put them on the marketplace as well because I might as well since I’ve already paid the upload fees to make them. It’s fun so far, I will stop when it becomes effortsome. I like having a wee project to do in SL, it motivates me a bit.

Also at some point I should put my furnishings in the shop. I know people say shops shouldn’t have too many things in them, but lots of people do clothes and decor, right? Sculpts remain solely on the marketplace since they didn’t tend to sell in-world anyway and they take up space and look weird compared to all the stuff that’s coloured-in.

I’ve been spending more time in Babbage than in Caledon, which I think is because Caledon is less “me” and also your group tag says “Aristocrat” which I don’t like. Babbage looks nicer as well, because it’s got a harsher building code so it’s more coherent. Though Caledon is nice for a wander as well, obvs, and I like that I managed to make something that looks nice enough to be there. (Linden Homes textures ftw! You really should pick those up from the LH infohubs, though it can be a bit of a hunt to find them.)

When the lab is done I’m gonna do some wee posters for me walls, I think. Oh, and I need to get an old-looking periodic table from somewhere, as all labs need one of those. You know, with about three elements on it because they hadn’t discovered most of them yet. Actually idk when those were invented, maybe I won’t need one after all. I should wiki it and find out. Anyway.


May 22, 2011


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Today I am not wearing brown. Well, I wasn’t when I took this photo. The dress is from tram, a shop that I had never heard of but I saw it blogged and went there and IT IS FULL OF PRETTY THINGS I MUST HAVE THEM ALL. It got me ignored in Babbage, so it can also function as a cloak of invisibility. I think it was invading Caledonians, they might have killed me if they’d seen me. Then I went to a snow sim to take pics. Wengen is where I first rezzed and this was walking distance from there. The boots are from G-Field. You can tell because they have roses on them. Hair is from Truth and I was for once pleased that black and white usually share a hair pack. Whee.

Skin is Curio’s Jasmine, which I like for the being all hand-drawny.

Eh, I can’t think of anything else to say. Byes.

May 21, 2011

Kickin It Old Skool

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Hello and welcome to A Post About Spaceclothes That Chav Is Wearing!

At some point when I was a noob I made a helmet and proceeded to wear it all the time. It was fun, I learned it by ripping apart a helmet sold to me by a dude who was trying to raise funds for his SL military. Anyway, now I have a similar but much better hat from DECO. Which you not can has, because it was an exclusive for 50L Friday that has just been. It’s weird, btw, how I buy less now at 50LF when I used to just get pretty much everything on the grounds that it was at least cheap. I have been trained, it seems.

The other thing you not can has is the skirt from Canimal. For a while I too could not can has it, but then I was given it as a present and I am very happy and grateful andI HAVE A SKIRT. It’s a shame that Canimal is gone, change confuses and frightens me. And now Starley is going as well, leaving only the rebranded ETD and… I assume Archange is still around? Has anyone ever bought anything from there, if it is?

What you CAN has is the tattoos from artilleri and the top from The Sea Hole. The Sea Hole is pretty amazing, even though I often end up not wearing the things I buy, but I dun curr, they are pretty things. The boots are from Shiny Things, which are both excellent and work in 1.23 which I am on out of hoping I will crash less in it. I took the pics on Hobo Island because the hat put me in mind of the olden days at Calleta. Hobo Island has changed as well, with a bit of a rebuild.

There is indeed hair under that hat, it is Cricket from Kin. Kin is also pretty old skool, I remember it was the first time I had ever encountered Really Nice Hair. Hair is pretty much why the Chav is rarely in hat, boo.

Skin is new to me, my first Belleza skin. I got it at the skin fair and erm I forget what it is called but it has an Asian-sounding name. Everyone else already has Belleza skin, I am catching up. It took me years to get anything from Redgrave or Laqroki, so you can see I am pretty slow in terms of skins. (The other one I grabbed demos of was Sakura from Adam and Eve which looked really nice but there wasn’t a tone I really liked so I didn’t get it. It looked pretty neat though, it had like lipsticks and eyeshadows with it.)

1.23 is a strange land now that I am used to alpha and tattoo layers. If it doesn’t make me less crashy-crashy I’m going back to Imprudence.

May 20, 2011

New Stuffs and so on

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Can be bought here in Babbage or on the Marketplace.

I was thinking t’other day how Xstreet/OnRez sales used to be a percentage of what I sold in-world and now it’s kind of flipped round. I can see why people wonder if they’d be better off not having an in-world store. I do a fair bit of shopping on the Marketplace meself, because my PC is too slow for the alternative much of the time. IT’d be a shame though, and trouble for estates.

Discussion was happening on Plurk about prices going down in SL. I think probably it’s more competition and so on, though there’s still a few places where I covet the clothes and go “Oh, piss off” at the prices, so I suppose there is room for all sorts. I am not sure if hunts and “X Linden Y Days!” have become part of the problem. As you may know, Bob, I think the quality and number of freebies these days has turned against us somewhat. It’s all very well and kind of true to say “Your freebie should be your best quality stuff” but if I got your best stuff for free why do I need to give you any money after that? Even skins can be got under 100L these days, which is both good for my alt and worrying for them what make their living off skins. It’s a complicated world, innit? The economics of SL fashion interest me, which is probably sad but STFU. I know I’ve thought more than once “oh, this shop does X event/location, I’ll wait until it’s 50L.” Which is bad of me, I know.

There is one shop I am thinking of that does do events but always seems to put out really old stuff. And yeah I’ve thought “missing the spirit here a bit, eh?” but it might be a wise choice, I mean that shop seems to make moneys.We get free stuff and the owner doesn’t have to knock herself out constantly making stuff to give away for the upload fee. (Though the quantity of sales does, I am certain, more than make up for the low prices.) And then some people never have sales and seem to do okay, and I suspect any financialĀ  need for the Armidi sale was from not having made anything new for years now. (FFS, Armidi, I own everything I want from you! Make new stuff or I shall declare you dead!)

Anyway, them are some of my thoughts.

May 19, 2011

Hi! (and clothes)

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Not been in that much lately except for as an alt. I am thinking of dropping my house that I rent what has a waterfall and just staying in Caledon and Babbage. I don’t tend to put on my group title for Caledon cos it’s “aristocrat” and that annoys me, but I do live there honest. Well, I have a shop there. In Babbage I have a flat above my shop so I suppose that’s where I live, though my home is set to a workshop on the mainland with a plywood floor.

See, I tend to go off and on with steampunk. I just get really sick of brown sometimes. But I did like back when I blogged what I was wearing steam-wise, so I might try to get back into that. At the moment I think Chav is wearing a dress I made, but when I change I will take pics hopefully. And did you know that nobody has made a brown kimono with gears on it? I know, shocking. But there’s always To-a-T’s slightly strange kimono/bustle thing that I love but tend to feel a wee bit over-dressed in.

I’m missing Wardrobe Trunk, I think the owner has left the grid šŸ˜¦ For a while she had a sim but last time I went looking she just had a tiny place in Caledon. It’s older stuff but I think it stands up fairly well. But then I sometimes wear pre-sculpty boots, so what do I know? (Pretty much Shiny Things, Lassitude & Ennui, and the Bad Boy Scout boots from Civvies are the only ones I kept from a recent clean-out, though.) But yeah that’d be where I sent people new to the Victoriana sims AKA “Steamlands” as I think we’re supposed to call them. Where else? Umm. Well, I tend to shy away from photosourced as looking odd in SL, so that limits me. DiamonX makes a nice set of ye olden dresses, and there’s some steampunkery at Wishbox which is always nice. Destiny’s designs does both, not cheap but they feel worth it. I think I found that shop on a steamhunt. I really shouldn’t list in case I offend someone. Anyway I think my point was older shops that went away or sort ofĀ  wound down. I miss those shops. It’d be nice if someone missed me and thought I was gone. You’d be surprised, sometimes I have Hobos recognise me from my old freebies.Ā  (Oh, and if you can find it, some of my older steam-builds like the hover-vacuum are now freebies in Oculea, just behind Tooter’s avatar shop.)

But I love spaceclothes! I buy a lot of brown things. Ankle boots are a must, I like the G-Field ones for cheapness and loveliness. I have a pair of Bax boots, but everyone has those given that she hasn’t actually made a new shoe for like… two years now? That’s kind of sad too, though they were always a bit expensive for my purse. You should also check out the shoes and stuff at Bottle Bird, btw. I know them so I am biased, but Filthy makes some weird-ass shoes that are also great. Dirty does cute clothes and is in Themory because she is like FIC or something I expect. They are nice peoples.

Anywho. I should probably go in-world and buy moar dresses and hairs and shoes and…