August 6, 2011

Frocks omg

Posted in my own stuff, steampunk at 5:32 pm by Chav Paderborn

Here is some new dresses what I made. I seem to be in dress mode at the moment, hmm.

Excitingly! I have made dresses and outfits 150L on the Marketplace and in-world, so feel free to visit Chav’s and give me your spacebux. Pretty much all clothing is half price now, but furnishings and accessories have stayed the same. Though possibly new things will be cheaper, I don’t know yet. I think that is quite cheap for a dress but I am terrible at pricing things. Mostly I saw a couple of other shops made me look expensive and I don’t like feeling expensive it makes me worry I am ripping people off somehow. Still cheaper than certain other shops though. I won’t name them in case they get angry like I said they were too expensive which if you look closely I did not ever say.

I wish I knew what the “buy this no matter what” price was. Probably less than 0L these days. I used to buy lots of 0L or 1L stuff but then your inventory gets full and you have to stop doing that. Anyway, the Steam Hunt is coming up so I will be getting inventory fullage from that. I still haven’t finished sorting the stuff from Steam 3 and this will be Steam 5.  Should I hide the gear well or make it giant with a big arrow pointing at it?



August 5, 2011


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Made a couple of dresses just because I couldn’t find any to buy that were quite what I was looking for. They are in the shop and on the Marketplace, eh.

I really need to redo my shop layout at some point, there’s no room for anything new. I don’t know where to put things, I suppose I should put the furnishings and the frocks and the separates in all different places. For that would be remotely logical. I am just too lazy to move everything. I should get round to it though, it’s getting silly. I’ll have to get it done before the Steam Hunt as well, which is in September.