June 5, 2013

Inworldz as well?

Posted in inworldz, opensim at 10:35 pm by Chav Paderborn

Snapshot_018 Snapshot_019

Pics are of Chav at SF Design (who you may know from SL) and in the welcome area place that my home is set to.

I signed up for Inworldz years ago (March 2011, apparently) but I’ve only really spent any time in it the past day or so. Basically it has a currency and I only just felt like dropping some realbux to get the spacebux to properly explore the world in an avatar that doesn’t look like shit. (No offence to Inworldz, everyone has shit-looking starter avs as though to encourage you to get out there and buy/copy stuff.) So shoes and a jacket from SF Design, hair from Damselfly (another SL oldbie), skin from Pulse, and the rest of clothes I just uploaded. Uploads are free, which is nice. Very nice, actually. It means I can keep Chav in textures.

You may notice that it looks better than most of OpenSim, which I sadly suspect is because there’s money involved, but fear not it has its share of places that look like shit as well. This is a world that appeals to SL people who enjoy shopping, clubbing, etc rather than necessarily building. And why not? There is a place for all of us. I myself made a shop in IW for lols and to see if people do actually spend much there. It’s nothing serious, just some clothes I made fast and from my own templates of older stuff. As we all know, I was shit at commerce in SL, so I expect it to go pretty much the same way here. No big deal.

I hear rumours of Terrible Cliques and so on, but I haven’t met any of that yet. These things are all cliques anyway, right? Small grids, small number of admins and so on. I should be fine as long as there’s not a repeat of the OSGrid disaster (btw Metro is still cut off from OSG on the Hypergrid. Sigh.) Oh, there’s no hypergrid here, which is probably because moneys or something. I can see people not wanting their bux-making stuff to end up accidental freebies on another grid, so fair enough.




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