August 31, 2009

Sugarcube and HoC

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One thing I learned from the hobos of Second Life is that making something look old/used/broken is harder than making something look new and intact. Case in point the use of alpha and sculpt in this new dress from Sugarcube, the methods required to make it look like it got attacked by a dog or an angry washing machine. I find this dress to be beautiful and deceptively simple.

The boots are from House of Curios, released at some point during my recent absence from SL. The stompy look went nicely with the dress and  some torn stockings from Canimal.

Skin from Tuty’s, hair from Armidi.


August 29, 2009

Inga Wind

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I got these fairy outfits off fellow hobo Inga Wind, so full disclosure that these come from someone on my friendslist. But that is not why I think they’re so amazing, that’s down to things like the fact that those pink wings? Flap. Moving wings, people!

The texturing on these outfits is nicely detailled and they’re a full package with extras like matching shoes and a magic wand that isn’t pictured here.  I am reliving childhood dreams of being a fairy.  I think my favourite part is the wings, which are floaty and just generally beautiful.  I AM A FAIRY, LOVE ME. I CAN DO MAGIC. Really, I can, I can fly and make cubes by pointing at the ground.

Hair is from Curious Kitties, skin is from Tuty’s.

August 28, 2009

Acid & Mala

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I went to Acid & Mala to get this nifty “Glam Punk Necklace” and ended up with that and also this supercute minidress which is I admit moderately slutty, but I think the cuteness overcomes that. It is amazingly short and has stockings, hurrah! It is available in a variety of prints, and as you can see I went for forest camo because that’s pretty hardcore. There was also a sort of frilly prim breast adornment, but I left that in the folder due to it not being a perfect instant fit and me being too lazy to attempt adjustment.

And look! Hair from Damselfly! I had never been there before but saw this one blogged erm somewhere and went and got it and another one that caught my greedy eye.  I totally broke my own rule about the amount of alpha I will accept in a hair. I am also starting to break out of my fear of sculpted hair, so many new adventures surely await me in the world of prim hair.

The boots are from J’s, they were a group gift at one point so may be unobtainable now, sorry.  Skin is Redgrave.

August 27, 2009


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Hello! Look at these pretty dresses I found at a store called Sugarcube! The brown one was a freebie, along with a blue stripey one that isn’t pictured here (err, obviously, you can see that, I don’t know why I felt the need to type that) and the red one was… 200L? 250? Not expensive, at any rate.

The shop was full of lovely things, but I liked this red thing best. Both make good use of the scultpy skirt, and the textures in general have a nice level of detail and a realism that isn’t too overwhelming.

Hair is Armidi, skin is Redgrave. I think everyone has this hair. I call it That Armidi Hair because it was blogged by about everyone back when it was new. Still, I think it is cute, so there.

August 26, 2009

Bare Rose

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This is “Young Mistress” from Bare Rose. The name might suggest leather thongs, but there is none of that here. This comes in I think four colours for around 150L for the set.  (And oops I seem to have unrezzed pants on the gold pic…)

It is so beautiful! And it was cheap, which just adds to how wonderful it is! I really like the texturing on the top, for instance. There are about a million sculpted parts with it but you don’t end up looking weighed down as can sometimes happen with BR stuff.

Hair is from Kin, skin is Adam and Eve.

August 25, 2009


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I’ve been away from SL from a while, one consequence of which is having accumulated Ls to spend on spaceclothes. Woot. I’m still getting back into it all, reading blogs and visiting shops that I like. My big purchase has been this coat from Slink, which has a lot of prims attached to it, but not so many that I get claustrophobic. In this post I am not wearing the “skirt” prims that make it ankle-length, but even with those it’s a lot less slutty than I feared. Maybe it would appeal to a stylish dominatrix. I am not one of those but I like the detailing and the shape.

I have made it into an outfit using some jeans from Zaara and a pair of calf-length boots from Paper Couture (one of the old collections, is probably upstairs in the Tableau shop). The boots are one of those items I bought after trying out on the Beta Grid, back when it had shops and was therefore fun. The sunglasses are from artilleri, worn to give the impression that I am someone who has to deal with the paparazzi.

Anyway, I’m back, from outer space, you just walked in to find me here with that… oh, never mind.

Skin -Adam n Eve Mei Li

Hair -ETD