May 19, 2014

Retro, bishes!

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rockinbee - ad1 - setteemidcen2sittingI been Blendering some retro furnishings, which are for sale somewhere on the SL Marketplace. Learned exciting LI-lowering tricksyness so hopefully no more 8 prim plates. I might put them on Kitely an all, I need to decide. I suppose I could on a might-as-well basis, but I have less need for Kitelybux because less people = less content to spend moneys on.

May do a shop on some spare tier that I have lying around. Shall decide. They never make much spacebux but it can be fun to decorate and etc.



June 22, 2013

Vintage 2013

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Still workin on stuff for whenever InWorldz gets mesh. Hope it is soon, suspect it is not.

I kind of hate putting things on the SL Marketplace, it feels like time wasted on futility but we shall see I suppose though I do not feel optimistical. Just want to cover me upload fees which add up something horrid really fast.

Also I learned that the SLink mesh hands will go almost as big as my standard hands are, so I am tempted but maybe they are too nice for me to have.

(Pix taken in SL, above Hobo Island sandbox. Hair is Truth, top is Artillei, provocative-visible bra is Armidi. Shoes? DECO.)

June 21, 2013


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…coming to InWorldz at some point. I hope. I’ve been makin stuff so that when mesh arrives I am ready for it. As you can see this one is a dress. I put it on the SL Marketplace in the meantime just to see if stuff still sells. It was so damn tempting to put it up as a template, but I am trying to be strong. Uploads that cost are awful, I am draining my spacebux with these things when I bring them into actual SL as opposed to the beta grid where I’ve been hanging out. But I am just so impatient to get to use the shit I made. I am getting better at mesh, though I am still nowhere near anything like an expert or Meli  “The Machine” Imako. Still it is fun to play with Blender, as well as super-annoying when something goes wrong with the meshing process.

I CAN’T WAIT I NEED MESH IN INWORLDZ NAO. As for the rest of OpenSim, most people use Imprudence, the dead viewer, and so they can’t see what you’re wearing anyway. That’s one reason I moved to InWorldz, where at least they don’t *have* mesh for me to be annoyed about such things. It’s in beta, I don’t know when it will leave beta, there are vague rumours that we might be getting a deformer. Imagine!

So anyway it’s a preview of sorts.


June 20, 2013

Awaiting Meshy Goodness

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InWorldz will be getting mesh “soon,” apparently. I am super-impatient waiting for it. A lot of people say we don’t need mesh, but it’ll help make some kinds of content easier to make (no more sculpting a torus into a cube, innit) and it does make some stuff possible/better that wasn’t before. Since there’s an official InWorldz viewer I’m hoping people will actually be able to see it. Cos yeah, probably the main annoying thing for me about OpenSim grids is how few people can see mesh because they’re using most likely Imprudence. For various reasons it’s more normal to build with standard prims on OS grids than it is in SL, and there is a certain resistance to mesh when people are barely using sculpts anyway. My own Secret Bunker build on Metro contained but one sculptmap among endless normal prims, and nobody thought this was odd or unacceptable in some way. Which is good but also suggests a lack of progress from the users rather than the technology. Why don’t people want mesh? I know it’s a scary thing at first, but by this stage it’s probably an annoyance to see so many people half-invisible.

(Don’t get me started, though, on the attitude some people seem to have of being somehow superior because they can’t see your hair.)

I do hope mesh doesn’t kill texture clothing like the craze kind of has in SL (mesh bras? really?) and I expect to be seeing flexiskirts for some time to come, but dammit I wants mah mesh. Since it’s “soon” I’ve started making some stuff that I can upload when the time comes. Nothing spectacular, but a few learning experiences that turned out pretty neat even if I do say so myself.

I suppose there is the question of whether mesh is a non-essential “shiny” like materials seems to be (I could be wrong on that, natch) but I am these days firmly on the side of the possibilities of mesh and the relative ease of working with it compared to Bloody Sculpties. I can make actual shoes with mesh, can’t with sculpties, and never could with real prims. So there has to be something to say for it in terms of not being  as bloody awful as the alternatives can be.

In the photo Chav is wearing sculpted earrings and torus hair. Yes.


April 9, 2013

Metropolis Gets A Geisha

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geishafront geishaside

Remember what I said about having to make everything yourself? Not entirely true, but true enough. After a few rigging disasters I finally got a mesh kimono to work (the sleeves were the problem, if you’re wondering) and made some shoes, hair, make-up, etc. Not out anywhere yet but if you see me and want any of this just ask. Not perfect, but it’ll do for now.

I’m finally building a hanamachi in the Hanamachi sim, so the name becomes less random. There’s quite a few geisha in SL, but I’m not aware of any in Metropolis yet and there seems to be one dead group over on OSGrid. Perhaps we shall get some, who knows. The build itself is just normal prims, mesh will be in the details and decor.

Perhaps I will be able to build up a new roleplay character, or perhaps I will get bored and move onto another theme next week. Who can say?


February 11, 2013

Meshin’ around

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I know only about three people on the grid will be able to see it, but I made a wee mesh coat. It is urchin-sized.

Actuallly it’s been a bit bothering me how few people can see mesh and whether that is going to hold things back artistically. Imprudence is still a popular opensim viewer, and it can’t really do anything that happened in the last couple of years. I love mesh, mesh is easier than sculpts and that makes it good. Mesh clothing is horrible difficult but can work very well if you can make it work properly. Anyway, I will just look a bit invisible to most people. This affects how I build, like how I am making the Secret Bunker be real prims and a single sculptmap so  that absolutely anyone can see it. It’s actually harder in some ways than building with mesh, but quite fun.

It would be nice if there was greater opensim adoption of mesh viewers. I used to worry about mesh but then it turned out okay so then I stopped worrying about that so much. I mean, prims and avatars are a kind of mesh, right? Or something, I don’t really know technology. Mesh is probably The Future and the longer we hold back on it the less cool stuff will get made.

February 3, 2013

mesh problems and the build

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It occurs to me that this build may never actually be finished. It’s an ongoing construction, so I’m not sure when to declare it “open” as such. I’ve started putting stuff in the buildings, which is a move towards completion I suppose.

Another thing is trying to do without mesh. I don’t actually know what percentage of the grid is still using Imprudence, but it seems to be a fair few people. Yes, all this time later people still can’t see mesh. This is a problem if I want people to be able to see the stuff I’ve made. Some things I pretty much have to make in mesh because I don’t know how else to make them, but I’ve been using normal prims a lot more than I have for some time. Mesh is great, I love mesh now. It’s not perfect for everything, but for shapes that you can’t manage with real prims it is magical. Plus it makes texturing easier because materials in Blender. I seem to have forgotten quite a lot about sculpties, having had no real use for them in a while. I kind of hate sculpts, mainly having to rebuild the entire thing inworld annoys me vastly and sometimes I can’t get it right.

So. I don’t know how much mesh to use and when.

December 12, 2012

Sneak Peek

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Here’s a bit of what I’ve been building on OSgrid. It’s a dystopian 1984-style city-state. Or something. Basically the dictatorship of Chav. It’s irony, I swear. And no, it’s not unrezzed, those are the actual textures. I used blank textures for the main architecture, partly for lag and partly because it seemed to fit the them. It is a grey place. Essentially it’s a shopping centre with a backstory and props. I am especially pleased with the news stand and the polling station.

It’s on a hosted sim, so should be there 24/7 even when I’m not awake. Couldn’t possibly have done anything like this on SL with the tier prices there. Actually I haven’t used all that many prims yet, but it’s a question of space. Needs more decoration and props, shall have to think what stuff to put in it. But most of it is one texture and four colours, three of which are shades of grey. Oh, and there’s glow. Never been a fan of glow in builds but I like to think it adds something to this one. So far the architecture is all normal prims, for various reasons, and it’s quite nice to be building like that again. I sort of forgot how but it’s coming back like when a fish rides a bicycle. Been building mostly in sandboxes for the occasional bit of company.

Anyway, it will have clothes and shoes and furnitures and any other stuff that I make. Freeeeee stufffffff.


December 11, 2012


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Turns out mesh hair is harder than you’d think…

December 6, 2012

Things I Wonder

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Does the average avatar know how to wear more than one alpha at a time?

And basically I wonder what people know about mesh, having just read a Marketplace review complaining that a rigged mesh item “won’t stretch” even though it’s mod. There’s also a lot of complaints about things not fitting properly, even when there’s 5 or more standard sizes provided. Which is why there are demos, surely. Do people out there know the limitations of mesh that we what make stuff are so painfully aware of? No, it won’t stretch even if it’s mod. No, it can’t possibly fit all sizes since we still don’t have the deformer and there’s a seemingly infinite variation among av shapes. At the moment your best best really is to adapt to one of the standard sizes and to make sure you try the demos.

I don’t *like* that we need standard sizing, but it does seem to be about the only workable option until hell freezes over and we get that deformer.

Anyway, it’s been interesting watching the world adapt to mesh. Remember not that long ago when people would complain that you were invisible and wearing a torus?

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