September 25, 2009

Fishy Strawberry

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fshstrawO hay, I bought a skin! This is “Lan” from Fishy Strawberry, and I got it after being influenced by Plurk. Oh, social media, how you encourage consumerism. I chose the most natural make-up just so that I wouldn’t clash with clothes, but the other make-ups were cute. To be honest I was a bit unsure because on my unmodded shape the lips were gigantic, but that might just be my shape and it’s easily fixed via the use of sliders. Anyway, it’s not like you’d buy skin without trying on a demo, is it? In the end, facial shape modding was done in a) making the lips less giant and b) uncreasing around the eyes because I had massive eyebrows on my normal settings. I share this in the interests of full disclosure.

It has a wee bit of that “face lighter than the body” thing, but nothing awful. Also if you look towards the womanly curves, you will see it is as bright as the breasts. I don’t know what that means. It has a nice arse and smashing tits. Those are the important things, I’m sure. I like the stomach and the knees.

Hair is from Why do they have a dot in their name? It’s like it’s got a subdomain attached to it.


September 23, 2009


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cupcakesYou know, I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything full price from Cupcakes, not because I don’t like the stuff but because there’s so many sales and freebies. Skins especially, I have a whole folder full of those that were group gifts. I mention this because I got this stuff on sale as well, 25L a dress in the upstairs bit. The stuff is so nice, it really is.  I got a couple of things I will probably never wear just because they were so pretty, like when I get mad things at Paper Couture. Only these are more sensible than that, I should emphasise. You could wear these clothes anywhere, and people would Inspect you and/or think you’re a pretty princess deserving of cake and Linden bears.

Hair is Gritty Kitty, Shoes from League, Skin… err… I think it’s Laqroki? I should take notes before I do these things, I’m so faily.

September 20, 2009

Rotten Toe, Apparently

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I don’t know why you would name a shop after Johnny Rotten’s feet, though clearly what we have here is a punk foot-fetishist. I’m not judging, just sayin’. Here I am modelling a variety of styles, from “homeless hooker” to “super-kawaii loli.” (Black undies are an old Shai freebie, so as not to reveal anything Mature.) I like when someone has gone to the extra effort to make something look old and broken, it makes SL seem more sinister and perverted than it… okay, it is sinister and perverted, I can’t lie about that. But the point is that most things look new and I like occasional old-looking things. Blame my Hobo roots and Arcadia Asylum’s builds.

These things were very cheap, so possibly I got lost in a discount section, but either way I am not complaining. I need to save my spacebux for the jewellery and skin fairs, yo.

SLURL time!

Shoes are from Canimal, skin is Pixeldolls,  black hair’s from Kin, pink hair is a group gift from Rotten Toe, which was totally worth one of my 25 spaces.

September 18, 2009

Dutch Touch and League

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blogdtleagueLook, a post! I have to post this today because one of the items is time-sensitive. Not in the way that Doctor Who is time-sensitive, in the way that it won’t be there anymore after 50 Linden Friday. That’s the shirt, which is from League. One of these days I should blog League, since I did go on a spree there once when my Ls had accumulated nicely. But not Steampunk Apocalypse, everyone has that, it would be unexciting.

Anyway, I had gone to Dutch Touch and picked up these jeans and that skirt, which are realistic but not scary (one of my main rules for SL clothes is that they should not look terrifyingly real like they are about to crawl out of the screen and kill me). Then I spent several days trying to find something to wear with them for this blog post thing. Luckily 50LF happened, hurrah! And of course before that happened I picked up other stuff that wasn’t remotely what I was supposed to be looking for, like a bunch of hair from Gritty Kitty, one of which is pictured here.

The overall look says “I work in a garage, but not as a mechanic. No, I am employed to lean over the cars in a sexual fashion and contribute to a culture of sexual harrassment in the workplace.” If you don’t want to go for that look, you may want to accessorise with huge violent boots and some knives.

Skin is from Pixeldolls, shoes from HoC. I should, err, probably obtain more than one pair of trainers, yeah?

September 11, 2009

Pixeldolls’ Ichigo Skin

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I had previously tried out skins from Pixeldolls but they looked weird on my virtual face. I don’t know why, no one knows why, it is a mystery of the ages. Is it better to have a shape that suits most skins so you get more choice, or one that suits fewer so you don’t spend as much spacemoney? In any case, I looked sort of flat in them and it was sad-making because they were pretty in the pictures. That does not happen with this skin, which leaves my face looking 3D. Which I have represented in a 2D jpg in a blog post. Um.

As I am not much of a skin expert I can’t explain all the technicalities of what I like about it. I will try, though. Um. It has the correct number of nipples, and the knees are in the correct place. There are no surprisng extra ears attached to the forearms. The eyebrows do not make me look like an angry supermodel who wants so badly to eat and hates everyone with an ounce of body fat.

Ichigo is sold for (I think) 250L per make-up, which comes with three skin tones. I tried on the demos, couldn’t choose, and ended up with the 1500L fatpack of many skins. I like this “several tones in one” concept, as one reason I never stick to a skin is changing my mind day to day how pale or dark I want the Chav to be.  I am fairly sure the picture shows tone number 2, which as you might imagine is in between 1 and 3 in terms of lightitude.

The undies are an old Xmas gift from Armidi, but I don’t own much underwear so there you go. I know that sounds slutty, but it’s not like I wander about in them doing gridwide hunts like some people I could mention. Hair is from Truth, eyes are Miriel. Which you can’t get anymore. Sorry. I will try harder in future to be less elitist.

September 8, 2009

Baby’s First Laqroki Skin

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mimablog copy

I have been in SL an awfully long time without ever buying a skin from Laqroki. But now the Portrait line is reduced to 900L a pack, so I went to have a look and picked up ‘Mima’. I had to mod my shape a bit about the lips but that is normal really. I went over a year in the same skin from Sin Skins and have only started buying skins in the last year and now I have Several. But the point is that I now have 9 almost idential skins for the price of one. Hurrah!

I got these skirt-trousers from BP* and punked it up slightly outfit-wise to match. T-shirt is obvs from Armidi, hair is from Gritty Kitty, and those are the HoC trainers that I always end up in when flats are called for. I did sort through my heels last time I was in SL, so higher shoes are likely to happen in future now that I know vaguely what each pair looks like. How many pairs of shoes are enough, anyway? It’s a bit like how I have over 300 hairs but keep ending up in the same ones. Perhaps a clear-out of my hair folder is in order. Am I really going to wear the ones I got from [name redacted]?

I think the outfit needs some bangles but it turns out I have hardly any of those so you’ll have to pretend I am wearing some in the picture. Perhaps you could print it out and draw some on.

September 4, 2009 sale

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O yay, a sale at! TFI… no, wait, everyone’s already made that pun. Never mind.

Today’s outfit includes stuff I bought in said sale, being a jacket, some denim shorts, and some hair. I have made an outfit out of this by adding shoes from HoC, a top from Pixeldolls, and err well the stockings are just ones I made myself (which you can get for free here). Skin is Tuty’s Elixer and the bangle is just a random thing I made. Oh dear, it has turned into me having made things. Still, that does happen.

Things are under 100L at the sale, in the Friday sim, so it’s worth going to have a look. I had been craving this jacket for a while but was too cheap to buy it.