May 6, 2010

a posh day

Posted in frocks, precious jewels, spaceclothes at 2:09 pm by Chav Paderborn

Today the Chav is dressed up fancy with a dress from Veschi what has a big bow on the back. I am pleased to see people still doing good with the system skirt, that maligned but useful clothing layer. This is about the perfect length for the system skirt, I reckon. Also the bow will help hide how huge it has made your arse look, if you worry about things like that. I believe Veschi has some sort of sale on at the moment, I went and bought half the shop like a day before that but I don’t regret it. (Though who else just waits for the sales these days? I know it can’t just be me.) IT HAS A GIANT BOW ON THE BACK! How can you resist that, eh?

Also check out these smashing sunglasses from JE*Republic that cost less than I had feared/expected. What we need is more bits of metal stuck to our sunglasses. At least I think that’s bits of metal. Whatever it is it looks lovely, you should have these so you can feel like some sort bes.  s person hiding your identity from the plebes.

Hair is from Lamb. I am sort of in love with Lamb hair lately, I like the updo thingys. They have a nice look to them. I need all the hair, I needs it like meat needs salt, only more so. It is not right that I am deprived of it. Shoes are Paper Couture from a bit ago, skin is Tuli’s Sayuri which I should get around to blogging about one of these days.



  1. I bought stuff from Fri,day the other day in non-sale shocker. Although I save buying random frivolous colours for sale days and only bought black, grey and pink items. For I have found that is my spaceclothes palette of choice.

  2. Chav Paderborn said,

    But they *want* us to wait for the sales!

  3. midge said,

    how big it makes your arse look? make a skirt shape lassie!
    (sorry, came over all scots for a minute, mind you I am, so it’s not my fault)

    it does make a huge difference though, having a shape with a zero sized arse for system skirts. What I’d like to know is, why did I need to learn about that trick from a guy…

  4. Chav Paderborn said,

    I COULD make a skirt shape but that would be giving in to The Man. So I will have huge arse instead.

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