November 9, 2009

Skin and a very shiny frock

Posted in frocks, skins, spaceclothes at 9:57 pm by Chav Paderborn


Yay, skin fair! Erm, the one at Vanity Universe. Which is the… third one this year? Anyway, it’s a skin fair! I bought two skins thus far, though I totally cheated and just went to the main stores after trying demos picked up at the fair. This is Lion Skins’ Yin skin, which is perhaps sliiiiightly weird around the eyes but I don’t care. There are Yin and Yang skins, with sensible or weird make-ups respectively. Like a girl I got one of the sensible ones. It makes me look a bit more grown up than usual, which is nice.

The dress is from TGIS which I believe stands for Trashy Girls In Style. I like when shops are descriptive like that. It is… either a photograph or terrifying. It looks scarily reflective and has little arm reflections painted on the back, which obviously will look a bit weird if you wear dark skin. I am fairly sure it was free, and I love it because it is like being wrapped in tinfoil and thus safe from M Linden’s mind rays.

Shoes are old Paper Couture (should be upstairs now?) and the hair is from Cherry Tokyo’s Kimonos, which does indeed sell things other than kimono.


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