May 17, 2010

two looks oooooh

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Here we have Chav in black and Chav as SUPER KAWAII LOLI DESU.

Black outfit is trousers from Armidi and a black bodysuit that’s out soon at House of Chav. Shoes are… I am fairly sure they’re Shiny Things. They are “classics” anyway. Hair is from Gritty Kitty and skin in both pics is from Fishy Strawberry. That’s what I was wearing exploring the Al-Andalus sims where I saw no one and some buildings. Well, there were a couple of people but they were afk being medieval or something. It’s a medieval sim, right? No one yelled at me to speak Ye Olden Arabic or Spanish though. So the better class of Ye Olden sim, and you’re even allowed to fly. Overall not as OMGEVIL as I had been led to believe by Certain People. You’re probably fine if you don’t go naked. But then naked is almost never appropriate, is it? Unless you’re demoing in Laqroki or something.

Second outfit is a frock from Nylon Outfitters that I’m sure I’ve blogged before but hey. Then stockings from League which are 75L for Project Themememememeory or whatever it’s called, and shoes from Lassitude & Ennui that last I saw were available now in a super bargain fatpack because they contain – wait for it – NO SCULPTS OF ANY KIND. Yes, I am rocking it old skool. The outfit then sort of demanded bunches, so here’s a Zero Style, erm, style that you can’t has because it was a CSR prize several goes ago. Ha ha! You can, however, has the dogtags from Abyss and the sunglass which are here on Xstreet for 80L. Yes, they are the Lady Gaga specs I bought today or yesterday or whatever day it was. It was at least one sleep ago, I know that much.

How do you feel about people blogging things that you not can has? It makes me VERY ANGRY, if you were wondering. Because that is almost always the item that you want. I promise the House of Chav thing will be out soon, if that helps any. I was wearing it to test it. It is entirely black, because black is the new black.

I like this skin, I do. Sometimes I put it on and think “what a weird colour it is” but that isn’t mostly, mostly I think The Chav looks wonderful and pretty and more better than she did before. It has a version with a hair base, but apparently that’s old-fashioned now that we’re supposed to be using 2.0 instead of a nice viewer. How is Emerald these days? Is it true they break into your IP address and upload yiff porn to you? (Hi, I am techno-ignorant.)



  1. I have the shoes on the right I think they’re L&E, still love em!

  2. Oops!! I know you know…sry!

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